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Cherry Blossoms in Winter

By SinisterSufferings

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Its the middle of a long and cold winter in Japan, Y/C bumps into M/C, A tall dark haired male who looks a tad older than Y/C but seems nice enough. Kirinu Izaki turns out to be his name, after apologetically excusing himself, the two part ways. A few days later, the two once again bump into each other.

This is meant to be a 1x1 MxM slow moving romance roleplay. I enjoy the "journey" more than the destination, hence it being slow moving. Ages aren't a big problem, though Kirinu is 24, so any characters under the age of 18 are a no go. Im looking for a semi-lit writer who can give me at least three sentences. I say three because i prefer quality over quantity. I absolutely adore details UwU.
I also absolutely adore placing my chars in awkward situations, especially in romance roleplays XD
I also prefer animated or drawn character pics over realistic ones.

PM me if interested or have questions.

Bonus info:

Name: Kirinu Izaki
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7
Appearance: Dark, almost jet black, messy hair. Tall thin yet muscular stature. Brown eyes.
Bonus Info: Cat person, doesnt really like dogs. Has a grey Persian named Nobu.

Thanks for reading! ~Sin.
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Kirinu walked down the street. He gave a tired sigh as he was leaving his job for the night. He worked at a local bar, and though it had been fun at the beginning, listening to drunken people rant about their problems got tiring after a while. He shoved his hands in his pockets, not paying attention to the people around him.
thouxanbanTaibana, Toji   1y ago

Taibana was just closing up shop for the night. He worked at a local sweets and flower shop for his family. It was a long day, it being the holidays and all. Before leaving, he locked the door behind him.

[b “Man it’s cold!”]
He practically yelled, pulling his hood over his head as he went down the sidewalk. A sudden gust of wind blew his hood over his eyes.
[b “A-ah..!”]
Yelling once more as he suddenly bumped into someone.

Kirinu was jolted out of his thoughts as he gave a surprised sound, something like "Aghmmf" He grabbed at the light-pole, barely catching himself on the slick, frost covered surface. He struggled to straighten back out though eventually succeeded before looking at the person he had bumped into.
thouxanbanTaibana, Toji   1y ago

Taibana paused before saying anything. His eyes scanned the person in front of him. Tall, dark hair, a nice face- his type nonetheless. He shook his head so he could gather his thoughts back.

[b “P-Pardon me, I wasn’t watching where I was going..!”] He exclaimed.
Another hard gust of wind and snow hit, nearly knocking him over again. Embarrassed, Taibana quickly scurried away.

Kirinu tilted his head, he had planned to help the other male up it was his fault afterall.... After standing there a moment longer, he he set off one again on his way back to his small home. This time paying more attention to the people around him on the bustling sidewalk.
thouxanbanTaibana, Toji   1y ago

He slammed the door shut, taking in a deep breath before locking it.
[b[i “Get yourself together man!”]]
Taibana slapped his cheeks until they turned pink.

He slide his bag off of his shoulder then placed it on the floor. Next, he took off his shoes. His apartment was quite cozy; a one bed one bathroom apartment- he lived alone. His usual nightly routine consisted of making dinner, cleaning up, showering, then hoping on the game with his friends for a few hours. Him and his two friends played Call of Duty til 2am. Taibana politely excused himself from the game before hopping in bed. He looked up at the ceiling, lost in thought about the random person he bumped into but before he knew, he was asleep.

Kirinu finally made it home, unlocking the door and stepping inside. He was greeted by his cat, who rubbed against his leg with a polite meow. He laughed lightly, reaching down and patting the feline's head before taking his shoes off. Afterward he began his own nightly routine. Make Nobu some dinner, then his own. Eat, clean up, and shower. Afterwards he would usually have a few hours before bed, though tonight that had been cut short about thirty minutes. He sat down on the couch, turning on the small tv, also the only one in his small home, and flicking through the static-y channels.
thouxanbanTaibana, Toji   1y ago

The sun shone through the curtains. Sun beans hitting his face, he rolled over letting out a groan. seems like there weren’t enough hours in the day for him to get a good nights rest or do anything at that. Taibana rolled out of bed and place his feet on the cold floor, giving him goosebumps. he got out of bed then began starting his day.

Today was different, he was able to rest since he was off but that didn’t stop him from doing his daily routine. Taibana made himself breakfast: Waffles, eggs, bacon, with a glass of orange juice on the side. Once he finished, he cleaned up his mess, then headed out for the morning. To switch it up, he decided to go for a walk. He snatched his headphones off the counter before leaving out.

Taibana put on his headphones and began walking. A petal fell from a tree whose branches were hanging over the sidewalk. He noticed how the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Beautiful. He stopped for a moment to snap a picture.

Kirinu woke with a startled gasp as the sun practically blinded him. He had fallen asleep on the couch, "Im late!" He growled as he jumped up, dropping some food into Nobu's bowl swiftly before making his way to the bathroom in a hurry. Being lat would never stop him from properly practicing good hygiene of course. He showered and brushed his teeth, completely ignoring his hair as always. After getting dressed and throwing his shoes and jacket on, he ran outside, locking the door and swiftly walking down the side walk with an exasperated sigh.
thouxanbanTaibana, Toji   1y ago

Taibana snapped a couple more pictures. Apparently, tomorrow was going to snow after the rain that was coming that night; snow would more than likely cover everything with a white sheet. Winter weather wasn't his favorite time of year, only thing he honestly enjoyed was the hot chocolate.

After he finished, he locked his phone the put it in his back pocket. Taibana turned to be on his was but accidentally bumped into someone, AGAIN. He stumbled back, rubbing his head. [b "I'm sorr--...."] Taibana paused, noticing it was the man from last night, AGAIN! [b "We have to stop meeting like this..."] he mumbled.

Kirinu looked at the other male curiously, giving a slight chuckle, "Sorry, You ok?" He asked, tilting his head slightly. His messy black hair once again fell into his eyes, though he was so used to it by now that he didn't bother to move it.

He narrowed his gaze, a habit of his, at nothing in particular. "Do I need glasses? Or is it you?" He asked teasingly, not entirely realizing this might have been rude, or unrealistically friendly, for him anyway- social interaction was not exactly one of his strong suits.
thouxanbanTaibana, Toji   1y ago

He nodded.
[b "I might be the one who needs glasses."] he said as he laughed nervously. Taibana tried to keep his cool as best as he could.
[b "Uh.. are you in a rush or something? I honestly don't want to hold you up."]

"Im late for work, but it isn't really a problem- the drunks mostly come out at night." He said amusedly, before shrugging. "Is your head alright?" He once again narrowed his gaze, glancing at the spot the other male had rubbed on his head before quickly returning his gaze to his face.


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