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Spring cleaning: This site will self destruct in 2 months, March 17.
It will come back, and be familiar and at the same time completely different.
This does not necessarily mean downtime, it means a blank slate.
All content will be deleted. Backup anything important.
--- Staff

Well, it seems no matter how hard I attempt to disappear from here, I find myself coming back. Why not make some use out of that, shall we?

I am currently seeking a roleplay partner that fits my preferences/requirements as listed below. If you feel you have met these requirements/preferences then feel free to private message me.

-I prefer not to do romance currently, that is just my current preference.
-I request you are at least semi-lit. Do not private message me if you are only going to write one sentence per post. I prefer at the bare minimum three to four paragraphs. If you are a very literate roleplayer and are looking for someone that can write a book report long reply, please do not contact me unless you are fine with someone that replies with four to five paragraphs.
-I have a fucked up life. That is just the sad truth. I won't be active all the time, and my reply speed may vary from a few minutes to days or even weeks. Please do not contact me if you are not fine with such timing. I am not trying to make this something I stress about like it has been in the past. I would rather enjoy my roleplay experience.
-Try to have a plot or idea of what you want whenever private messaging me.

Feel free to private message me anytime. I will try my best to respond whenever I am online.
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