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Final Fantasy II: Alternate Timeline

By Cat22
The night surrounding the small village was dark and full of stars that made it seem rather peaceful. There was a calming yet unnerving silence in the air as well as an 18 year old boy with silvery white hair and brown eyes stood amidst the silence. He was waiting for something or rather someone to come hence the reason why he was almost completely motionless. There was nothing but silence for miles until something broke that silence. What that thing was just so happened to be the war cries of several soldiers of the Palamecian Empire searching for him. However, even though he heard those cries, Firion didn’t move and only waited for the soldiers to get closer. When they got close enough, several of them were quickly incinerated with a spell as the he stepped back. “You shouldn’t have gotten that close.” He said softly. After he spoke, he quickly turned around only to face several more soldiers who were better equipped than the soldiers that came before them. “There he is! Capture the rebel!” They cried before they charged towards Firion which was a foolish mistake on their end. Once they got too close, they were turned into ashes by a powerful fire spell. This was when another wave of soldiers accompanied by monsters appeared. This wave was stronger than the waves that came before them and provided a challenge for Firion. As soon as the young rebel finished slaying most of the monsters, he had exhausted all of the mana and energy that he had which made him vulnerable to being attacked.

When they saw that they had their chance, a few of the soldiers walked up to Firion and then knocked him unconscious before another soldier slung his unconscious form over their shoulder. “The emperor’s going to be pleased when he hears that we succeed in our mission.” They said gruffly before they and the remaining soldiers boarded the airship that was bound for Castle Palamecia. The journey by airship took a few days and due to this, the soldiers made sure to take the correct precautions when dealing with Firion. They bound the rebel in mythril chains so that he couldn’t escape during the transport.

When the airship finally arrived at Castle Palamecia, the soldiers quickly brought a rather hostile Firion to the throne room where the Emperor himself was waiting. Upon seeing one of the rebels that had been causing him trouble being brought to him, the Emperor smiled wickedly before approaching a very aggressive Firion. There was an air of silence for a moment before six words rang out which pierced the silence.

“Your fate is in my hands, Firion.”

Thanks for reading this far! This is meant to take place in an alternate timeline. The characters in this timeline still have the same roles that they do in the game but some events that happened in the game never happened in this timeline.

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KirimiChan25     290d ago

(Question. Can I use any character?)
Cat22     290d ago

((Yep! I’ll be using Firion for this although I would prefer a Final Fantasy II character.))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

((The only Final Fantasy characters I have on my list right now are Alphinaud and Alisaie, so I might use those two. Not sure yet.)
Cat22     290d ago

((That’s fine.))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

(Okie. I’ll let you know when I have made up my mind)
Cat22     290d ago

((Okay. I’ll be doing other things until then.))

(I am ready. I decided to play as the twins anyway. Though I do have Cloud and Noctis on my list, so they could be side characters I guess.)
Cat22     290d ago

((Okay! I don’t know how they would fit into the story, though and I’ll use multiple characters as well since it’s very well possible that other worlds were affected by the timeline change as well.))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

((Cloud is technically closer to the original timeline so I might play as him in the beginning. Maybe Noctis and the twins somehow had portals open in their timelines that brought them to this timeline?)
Cat22     290d ago

((That would work but Firion would be nowhere near any of them since he ended up getting captured but Vaan, Bartz and Tidus would most likely arrive through portals as well.))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

((Uhh… Then we need someone who can save him right? I only know Maria from the original timeline)
Cat22     290d ago

((Yep! We’d need someone to save him although the group would need an airship. We can both use five characters each as well.))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

((Okay, well maybe your characters would by trying to rescue Firion, but they need some extra help in order to do so, so they go to my characters for some help, promising to try and help my characters get back to their timelines afterward?)
Cat22     290d ago

((That would most likely work although there would really be no way to return back to the other timelines and we also need a villain.

Or we could go another route and then make it like the other characters also ended up getting captured but are kept separate from one another.))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

((That other rout sounds good))
Cat22     290d ago

((Then let’s do the other route.))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

((Okay! )
Cat22     290d ago

((And now finally… The big question… Who should start?))
KirimiChan25     290d ago

((You should start since you actually know what you’re doing. I’m still learning)
Cat22Firion   290d ago

Firion had recently been locked up in a room in Castle Palamecia. The words said by his captor seemed to be plaguing him as he walked over towards the window that was in his room. “Why do those words bug me…” He said softly.

Tidus, Bartz and Vaan ended up in the world through a portal and quickly found themselves surrounded by soldiers of the Palamecian Empire. They attempted to fight them off however, the arrival of another confused newcomer threw them off.

Alphinaud and Alisaie managed to get thrown out of a portal with some others, Cloud and Noctis. They had placed in between a battle of soldiers of the Palamecian Empire and the three others who fell through the portal. Though confused, they tried to help as best they could. Alphinaud and Alisaie had been in a fight previously though, so they were more weak and could not fight much longer.
Cat22Bartz   290d ago

“Ack! It’s no good! They’ll overtake us in a matter of minutes! They’ve already taken down Tidus as well!” Bartz said. He was still trying to fight back against the soldiers who were trying to capture him and his friends only to end up being restrained himself. This ended up causing Vaan to start to cast a Firaga spell which he hit some of the soldiers with. None of the trio seemed to notice the new arrivals as of yet.
KirimiChan25Alphinaud   290d ago

Alisaie had started to slow down, her injuries had made it hard for her to keep fighting. Alphinaud looked back at his sister, "Are you going to be alright, sister?" He asked. Before she could answer, Alisaie got captured. Alphinaud tried to save her, but he had ran out of energy, which caused him to get captured as well. The two that were left were able to keep going. Cloud had tried to free the siblings.
Cat22Vaan   290d ago

Vaan narrowly got away from a guard that tried to grab him and then shot said guard with another fire spell before he noticed that some of the newcomers had also gotten captured. “Oh you have got to be kidding me! These guys just won’t leave us alone, will they?” He growled softly.

“Take this! Thunder!” A very angry Machina growled softly as he caused a bolt of thunder magic to strike his opponent. He then backed away before slicing at one of the soldiers with each of the twin rapiers that he carried with him.
KirimiChan25Alisaie   290d ago

Cloud freed Alphinaud from a guard, cutting them in half with his sword. Noctis, who was able to take out a small amount of the guards went to help Alisaie. The two siblings stood by each other. Alphinaud was able to summon his carbuncle, letting it attack as well. "Who are these guys?" Alisaie questioned, she could barely stand.
Cat22Machina   290d ago

“I have no idea but it’s clear that they’re not going to leave us alone! I’d hate to say this but there are too many of them for us to fight on our own. I’m also curious about that castle in the distance but it’s closed off by mountains.” Machina growled softly. He had gotten distracted for a moment which resulted in him being grabbed by two soldiers who quickly disarmed him.
KirimiChan25Cloud   290d ago

"We have to go now!" Cloud shouted as he took down a few more guards. Noctis took a hit to the head, which caused him to be captured. The twins were still weak as well, leaving them defenseless as they got caught a second time, leaving just Cloud.
Cat22Vaan   290d ago

Vaan was eventually knocked out and captured. His unconscious body was slung over the soldier’s shoulder as an airship was starting to land. This airship was the one that would lead to Castle Palamecia which was where Firion was being held prisoner.

“Are you kidding me? How could this happen…” Tidus said. He was starting to panic and tried to get free from the guard’s grip which only ended up with him being knocked out.
KirimiChan25Cloud   290d ago

Cloud had become distracted by the airship, which allowed for him to be surrounded. "Huh? Hey fellas! Do you think maybe you could possibly let me go? No? Well, I tried to negotiate." He said as he killed the guards in front of him before enviably being knocked out from behind and captured as well.
Cat22Bartz   290d ago

“Looks like there’s no going back now…” Bartz muttered softly before he and the other captives were brought onto the airship. They were all thrown in holding cells that were magicproof to prevent anyone who were mages from escaping. It was then that the airship started to head for Castle Palamecia.

“We really did get thrown rather roughly, didn’t we? Do you know where they’re taking us?” Machina asked Bartz although he already probably knew that Bartz and the other captives were about as clueless as he was.

Alphinaud and Alisaie were silent. They were far too tired to speak, or even think. They both needed to be healed badly. Alisaie was the most injured, laying on the cold floor. She and Alphinaud both started to pass out.
Cat22Bartz   289d ago

“I don’t understand… What are they going do to do with us…” Bartz muttered softly. He felt rather sleepy and soon ended up falling asleep next to Machina.

Machina just sat quietly in the holding cell and didn’t make any eye contact with the soldier guarding the cell. He didn’t know that the airship was already headed towards it’s location.

((Mind if I throw in a timeskip to after the airship lands at it’s destination?))
KirimiChan25Noctis   289d ago

((Go ahead))
Cat22Bartz   289d ago

Bartz and the other prisoners were soon taken off of the airship after a few days of traveling. Due to this, it was early in the morning when the ship arrived which meant that only a few of the soldiers who boarded the ship were awake at the moment and those soldiers were the ones who brought the prisoners inside. They were immediately brought into the throne room.

At the same time, Firion was dragged out of the room he had been locked in by one of the guards and was then brought out into the throne room. Where there was once a hopeful light, there was now a dull darkness in his eyes.

Alphinaud and Alisaie, though still out of it, had been healing naturally while on that airship. They weren’t done yet though. As they stood in the throne room with the others, they made sure to observe everything, already planing some sort of an escape plan. Or at least they tried to think of something.
Cat22Tidus   288d ago

Tidus had regained consciousness and then noticed Firion who had also been dragged into the throne room. “Looks like we’re not the only ones who got captured. That individual had chains made of mythril on his wrists which I don’t completely understand and he seems to be staring at us…” He said softly.

Firion had a sorrowful look in his eyes as he stared at the group that was brought in. “So they got you as well…” He said softly.

“Yes, they did get us… We tried to fight them off but we all got captured as a result…” Vaan said softly. He looked up at Firion as he spoke.

“If any of you other guys are awake, we’ve got company and I don’t know if they’re friendly or not…” Bartz said softly. He attempted to summon a weapon however, he was quickly subdued by the same guards who dragged him and the others into the castle.

The group was then brought before the Emperor who could be seen right next to Firion. This caused a few members of the group to have several questions.
KirimiChan25Noctis   288d ago

"Let’s just hope we’re not here to be executed immediately. I’d assume they’re going to lock us up after this. I’m sure we can come up with a way to escape when they do." Noctis said softly. The twins nodded, "We’ll be observing this place." Alphinaud said in response. The four looked up afterward, all remaining quiet.
Cat22Firion   288d ago

“You can’t escape… Trust me, I’ve tried to escape before but the guards only threw me back into my room. On my third failed escape attempt, they felt the need to place mythril shackles around my wrists as if that will somehow prevent me from escaping.” Firion said softly. He glanced over at the guards who were ready to bring the newcomers to several different rooms in the castle at any moment.

“So… There’s no way to escape?!? What the hell kind of logic is that!” Tidus growled softly. He wasn’t happy with the current situation he was in and ended up growling softly which annoyed Machina.
KirimiChan25Alphinaud   288d ago

"Are you certain there is no escape? Perhaps there is a way that you haven’t seen." Alphinaud suggested. Cloud nodded, "I’ve been in a similar situation before. There’s usually always a way. We’ve just haven’t found it yet."
Cat22Firion   287d ago

“You don’t understand… Escape will only lead to another recapture. This place is surrounded by mountains which makes escape on foot impossible due to the terrain. On top of that, those who are brought here are guarded rather well.” Firion muttered softly. He had already given up on trying to escape a few days ago.

“I don’t think that he’ll be of much help but has anyone met him before?” Tidus asked the others.

“Don’t ask me tha-“ Vaan said before he was interrupted by a guard grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him towards a vacant room.

"I’m positive nobody knows him.." Alisaie muttered before being grabbed by a guard. "Alisaie!" Alphinaud called to her. He didn’t want to be separated from his sister. He took one final glance around. "Okay, uhh-" He started to panic a bit before being grabbed by another guard. The two were being brought to separate rooms.

Cloud looked around as well, "Do you think we could escape through the vents?" He asked, looking up.
Cat22Firion   287d ago

Firion only watched as the guards started to take the prisoners to separate rooms. He was then brought back to the room that he was supposed to stay in by a guard who roughly threw him back in the room with no regard if they broke a few of the rebel’s bones or not.

Bartz was thrown into a room after a while as the door was slammed shut in front of him. “Are you kidding me?!?” He growled softly.
KirimiChan25Alphinaud   287d ago

Alphinaud sat quietly, observing the area. He was checking for vents or anything that could help him escape. As he sat there, he made sure to keep mental note of every little detail.
Cat22Tidus   287d ago

“COME ON! WOULD YOU JERKS JUST LET US OUT! WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!” Tidus growled loudly. He was not a fan of being locked up and would show it by being very loud and very vocal about the current situation which could annoy a few people. He had been placed in a room next to the room that Vaan and another prisoner were in.
KirimiChan25Cloud   287d ago

"It won’t do you any good to shout at them…" Cloud sighed, leaning against the wall. "Maybe try finding an escape route instead?" he suggested.
Cat22Machina   287d ago

“I don’t think that you’ll be able to reason with that loudmouth. He’s way too intent on shouting and not focused enough on escaping. It would also be better to just leave him here should we escape.” Machina said softly. He was sitting against a wall and was clearly not fond of Tidus or his yelling.
KirimiChan25Cloud   287d ago

"Tempting, but no. I wouldn’t leave anyone behind." Cloud said, looking up at the ceiling. Noctis, who was in a room across from them, next to the room Alphinaud was in, laid back. "Okay, well if we were to escape, where would we go?" he asked. "If there’s a portal that brought us here, there’s probably a portal or a way to make a portal to bring us back. At least, I’d assume that would be the case." Cloud responded
Cat22Machina   286d ago

“A portal may have brought us here but it might only be a one way trip. Regardless, there might be some of us who do not wish to go back for whatever reason. I’m also curious about that other boy we saw. He appeared to be rather sorrowful.” Machina said. He got up off of the floor after he finished speaking.

Vaan had decided to get some sleep for the time being. He was curled up on the bed in the room he had been placed in.
KirimiChan25Alisaie   285d ago

Alisaie looked up to see a vent, it was out of reach of course. "Anyone know how to get up to high places quickly and quietly?" she asked. Noctis shrugged, "I doubt you'll be able to climb up these walls."
Cat22Tidus   279d ago

Tidus started to try to scale the walls however, he just slid back down to the floor since he couldn’t get a good grip on the walls themselves. This caused him to yell in frustration as he sat down and then kicked the wall. Of course, nothing ended up happening when he kicked the wall.

“What the heck is he doing…” Vaan muttered softly. He seemed to be annoyed at Tidus’s antics.


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