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By No2

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No2一人ぼっち   286d ago

i think what's fucked is that i've been so empty. i've been so empty i've been digging desperately for anything. skin raw from searching. i rest in this tunnel. i breathe in the dirt that surrounds me. the roots softly cling to me with every wriggle. every desperate attempt to scoop my way to sustenance.

i've been brought to all fours. hoping and fooling myself into another fix.

i've been thinking about ending it lately.

i wake up not feeling rested, i sleep unsatisfied with my day. i feel like if i'm patient, i'll be rewarded. things will come around. someone will come by. something will happen.

but that's not how this riddle goes.
i'm just alone. i want everything and nothing. i want happiness but cling to sadness. is this truly life? fighting every day and letting yourself lose and lose? i don't want it. if i say something, nothing will happen.

this is who i always will be.

making friends with the air.
No2一人ぼっち   284d ago

In my head,
the prickly air kisses my cheeks
In my head,
I feel the warmth escape me

Laying in bed,
I relive through the loneliness

Like a trend
I wonder what it’s like to be happy
To be satisfied
No2一人ぼっち   282d ago

I FOT MOTHER FUCKIN 7 VIEWS TOPS TODAY OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG don’t let it get your head tho bc it’s not ALWAYS gonna be like that

Today was just lucky!!!!! But I’m so happy!!!!!!! I finally had an interaction with strangers and not friends who just stop by and lurk!!!

Bright interacts with me, which is great, but my ultimate goal is to get myself out there and make friends.

I may not get famous of anything but I’m so happy I finally had a day where I felt like a actual streamer. I didn’t wanna stop!!! I wanted to go on forever.

But there’s only so much of Century I enjoy playing lmao. And my tummy is hurting from my meds so it was better I stopped.

I don’t want this to negatively affect me when I get zero viewers…… but god I’d love this all the time….
No2一人ぼっち   280d ago

I feel stupid for even making an effort. I feel stupid for even giving out a nudge. I know it’s something that I can’t nurture alone. I know and I know it well. I thought maybe I could be someone. I could be something. I could finally be different than who I was before.

But staring at the air I’ve come to realize I am nothing. I am nothing significant. I want to give up even if I wasn’t even trying. Perhaps I cannot tame everything and anything. I’ve grown to see that. It’s painful.

I retract my challenge to you. I refrain from trying to let myself be swayed again.

Just k!lls me to always be here.


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