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Final Fantasy: Decades of Twilight

By Catlover33
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500 years after the defeat of Exdeath, the Merged World was at peace and the four who helped to defeat him faded away into legend after their passing. On the day that they passed, they left behind a legacy that gave way to new generations of heroes. Everything was at peace with these heroes having taken up the mantle of those who came before them and this continued for centuries.

However, something else was happening behind the scenes. A necromancer with the ambition to conquer the world soon found an ancient tome that had a spell to resurrect the dead as they had been in life in the library of the old castle they had been living in. Smiling evilly, they took the book and then went into a room that had been prepared for the purpose of resurrecting the dead. They then began to recite the spell that was in the book and watched as someone appeared in the middle of the room after several minutes had passed. “It worked…” They said as they approached the person in the middle of the room who turned out to be none other than Bartz who seemed to be rather confused about where he ended up. When he was asked by the necromancer who brought him back to assist them with conquering the world, he refused and by doing so, was brought up to a tower and locked away in there.

After a while of being locked up, Bartz attempted to escape on his own. He snuck out of the tower at night when nobody was looking and then wandered around for a bit. Eventually, he was recaptured and then brought back to the tower.
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SinisterSufferingsZuka   1y ago

Found it :P)
Catlover33     1y ago

((Sweet! I’ll get the starter up in a bit.))
SinisterSufferingsZuka   1y ago

Alrighty :P)
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

Bartz looked out of the large window of the tower he had been brought back to. He hated this place and only wanted to explore the world that he knew 500 years ago again. During his brief moment of freedom, he noticed that many things had changed and he wanted to know all about those changes. He was sitting on the bed that was in one of the rooms of the tower and was humming softly to curb the loneliness that he felt.

((It’s up!))

Do I use an OC since its 500 years later or..?)
Catlover33     1y ago

((Using an OC is preferred since it’s 500 years later.))
SinisterSufferingsMakune   1y ago

Ok, would u prefer Makune, this one if u can see the pic)

Or Raiki?)
Catlover33     1y ago

((Well, Let’s go with Raiki.))

Ok :P))

Raiki was practicing with his sword, a weapon not commonly used anymore. He narrowed his yellow gaze, slicing at the imaginary enemies.

(Alrighty :P That works for me XD)

Raiki lowered his sword, giving a low pant as he caught his breath. He holstered the sword on his back, it wasn't small enough to go on his side as he was rather short. (Though i don't think its as big as clouds buster sword XD)
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

((Bartz technically isn’t allowed to leave the tower. He’s basically stuck there.))

Bartz got up off of the bed and then walked towards the first flight of stairs that led to one of the lower floors of the tower. He went down those stairs and stepped onto the lower floor.

Raiki caught his breath, giving a curt nod as he decided he was done for now. He might have come back later to practice more though it would depend on his mood and if he didnt have anything to do.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“I wonder if there’s anyone out there…” Bartz said softly. He walked back up to the uppermost floor of the tower and then approached the window before he placed his hand against it. “It’s like I can see the whole world from here…” He said softly before something caught his eye. He had spotted Raiki although he didn’t say anything about this.

Raiki gave a yawn, turning to head back. He resided in an older looking building, long abandoned. Once there he leaned the sword against the wall, flopping back on the makeshift bed with a sigh. "Home sweet home." he murmured. (This good? Or did you want him somewhere else? ^^))
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

((I would have preferred a location closer to the tower that Bartz lives in since he can’t really leave. There are precautions in place to keep him from leaving.))

“Who was that person…” Bartz muttered softly. He stared out of the window for a few more seconds before he slowly walked back over to the bed that was in the room.

(I can deal with that, lets just say He lives in a closer place, im too lazy to edit :P)

Raiki fell asleep, tired from his practice. A few moments later, soft snores indicated that he was in a dreamless sleep, comfortably floating in the dark shroud of sleep.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

Bartz noticed the older looking home and then ran down the stairs to the bottom floor of the tower. He attempted to leave the tower.

Raiki was still sleeping, he was usually a heavy sleeper after his training, which was the case now. He rolled over, pulling a torn blanket over himself with a sleepy mumble.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

Bartz successfully left the tower and then approached the abandoned building. He knocked on the door to see if anyone was in there.

Raiki grumbled sleepily, sitting up. "Ehh?" He exclaimed, furrowing his brow. He got up, grabbing his sword as he made his way to the door. He swung it open, pointing the sword at the person standing there, he was surprised to see Bartz, though of course he didn't recognize this person. "Who are you?" He asked, his voice low.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“I’m Bartz. I’ve been living up in that tower ever since they brought me back… I was curious about this place so I came here…” Bartz said softly. He didn’t seem to be scared at having a sword pointed at him.

Raiki didn't lower the sword, eyeing the male. "You've been living.. In a tower?" He asked narrowing his eyes. "And what made you curious about this place?" (Gtg get ready for work Ttyl T^T)
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“It’s more like a necromancer locked me up there… I’m also curious since I’ve never seen this place before…” Bartz said softly.

"... a necro..mancer?" He asked, lowering the sword slightly as the Male didnt seem threatening.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“A job that specializes in bringing back the dead… They don’t use magic but rather, they use dark arts. One… brought me back from the dead…” Bartz said softly. He averted his gaze to the ground as he spoke.

"Wait. You were dead?!" He asked, curiosity overflowing his tone as he holstered the sword.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“Yes, I was dead for 500 years…” Bartz said softly. He was still looking at the ground when a slight blush could be seen on his face. He seemed to be somewhat embarrassed about mentioning the fact that he had been dead prior to resurrection.

"Five hundred years? Wow! You must be really confused about the stuff around here now.." He said with a slight laugh, Surprised by the statement.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“I’m both confused and curious. I’ve also heard about a legend on the way here although I’m not so sure what that’s about…” Bartz said softly. He ended up tilting his head to the side in confusion after he spoke.

"What legend?" he asked, tilting his head. He shivered slightly at the air as it was getting late and Raiki didn't like any cold, even slightly cold night air. He moved to the side, Allowing the other male to enter his living space.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“Well, A legend about how four heroes saved the world from a great evil 500 years ago. Something exactly like that was what me and my friends did before we parted ways. Even to this day, I don’t know where they are…” Bartz said softly.

"What's your name?" He asked, narrowing his yellow eyes. He still hadn't aught the name of the taller male. (Should Raiki know Bartz is part of the legend r no? I left the reply vague so is up to you :3)
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

((He should definitely know that Bartz is a part of the legend.))

“M-my name? It’s Bartz…” Bartz said softly. He seemed to be staring at Raiki as he spoke. He also seemed to be somewhat nervous for some odd reason.

Raiki's gaze widened slightly though he crossed his arms.. "Like.. THE Bartz? Are you sure someone didnt just name you after their favorite hero of legend and your not just pulling my leg?" He asked, tilting his head slightly.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“Well, I’m not just pulling your leg… I-I wouldn’t do something like that… And yes, I am one of the four who helped to defeat Exdeath.” Bartz muttered softly before he ended up blushing however, instead of a light red appearing, a light purple coloration appeared on his face instead.

He was going to say something, as the male looked like he was telling the truth. That is until he noticed the coloration in Bartz's face. "Your.. face is...Purple." He said, tilting his head a little more in confusion.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“B-but purple isn’t a natural color when it comes to someone blushing… A-are you joking about that?” Bartz asked Raiki. The blush on his face deepened in color.

"Nope, your face is turning purple." He said, in a blank tone though his expression was curious. "Its kind of weird, are you cold or anything?"
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“I-I don’t feel cold. The climate here isn’t cold enough for me to freeze…” Bartz said softly. As he spoke, the purple that was on his face gradually faded away as he started to calm down.

"Its gone now.." He said, curiously narrowing his eyes. "I wonder why it turned purple though." He added softly, confusion clouding his gaze.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“What are you talk about? I was just slightly embarrassed…” Bartz said softly. He only looked at Raiki with a look of confusion on his face.

"When you blushed or something, it was purple instead of red like it normally is on people's faces. I was curious as to why." He said, elaborating what he meant.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“I-it might be because of me being dead previously… I honestly don’t know how exactly to explain it…” Bartz said softly.

"Maybe." He said, unsure what else to say to the other Male. He looked around awkwardly, very bad at conversations.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“So… Is this your first time around this area? I-I wanted to know if you actually… you know… Like being around this area… I-I could also show you around the tower but that necromancer might drag me back there at any moment…” Bartz said softly.

"I mean I've been here for a few weeks." He said with a shrug. "I could stand to explore a bit." He tilted his head.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“T-then… Would you like to explore the area with me? It’s been a while since I met another person who didn’t try to use me in their conquest for world domination…” Bartz said softly. Another light streak of purple became visible on his face.

"Sure." He said with a shrug. "Let me get my jacket first." He said, turning to grab a cloth jacket with fur-like material on the inside. He put it on as he walked back to the door, his sword now holstered on his back.
Cat22Bartz   1y ago

“Are you ready to go?” Bartz asked Raiki. He was standing by the doorway and was rather excited to explore the area around the tower as could be seen in the way that his eyes sparkled.


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