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Oppisites Attract (V2.)

By ALonelyOtaku

Alejandro was Cogdale's infamous Bad Boy. He broke curfew constantly, skipped school, was suspected to be in a gang, and he broke tons of laws. Most people steered away from him, making up different rumors or stories about something he did... Blame always fell of Alejandro, so he decided to embrace this life and make the most of it... until he met Y/C.

Y/C was a rule-following, law-abiding citizen who wouldn't be caught dead breaking rules or skipping school. Y/C had good grades and was head of their charity group, then they were dared to go talk to Alejandro... Y/C did it because they believed that everybody was good deep inside, and once they prove it to themselves, they will prove it to the whole town.

Alejandro and Y/C are complete opposites, will they survive each other, or will they go their own separate ways?

This will be a Romance roleplay!
Cursing, Dark Themes, Drug/Alcohol Use, Etc. Allowed.
500 character minimum, I want something to work with.
PM me before requesting to join!
I want this to be a slow-moving romance story, I feel it will be a lot more enjoyable that way.
Thank you for reading, have an amazing day!~
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Callista_loves_you     303d ago

I just read it. Low-key bad ass.

Thanks. I tried my best, it seems to have worked.
Callista_loves_you     303d ago

Indeed it does. Anyway, will you start?

Yeah, Just give me two moments.

Cogdale was a quiet town in Pennsylvania. Nobody ever went to it without having ties to someone in town, it was rather small and secluded near a forest and some cliffs. Cogdale was infamous for housing one person, however... His name was Alejandro Rodriguez, the town's local Bad Boy.

Alejandro was known for his crimes and bad reputation, his backstory changed from person to person, but one thing was fact in each story: Alejandro lost his parents at a young age. Most people said he ran away or his parents left him, but truth be told they died in a fire.

Alejandro was currently outside an abandoned movie theater, throwing rocks at the broken windows and spray painting his name in large letters along the sides. He was laughing quietly as two other young men behind him helped him trash the building.

Yawning softly, the female had been walking with a group of her friends. There were three or four of them and they each had different heights and sizes- but she herself, was the smallest. They happened to be playing a game of truth or dare, and what they got dared to do- they had to. There wasn't any backing out in this version that they had been playing. As they had walked, it was now Callistas turn to T or D someone, and that she did.

"Truth or dare?" She asked someone but their answer was a truth. As she had asked them a question, the group had busted out laughing. They went for a few more rounds before they had spotted the male and two other men trashing a old building. She didn't notice and kept walking, until one of her friends had grabbed her arm and yanked her back, showing her what laid ahead of them. Pulling her arm away she sighed... until she heard her friend as her T or D.

Looking back at her, she smiled and tilted her head. "Simple! Dare." As she had said this, her friend told her to go talk to the towns bad-boy. Shrugging, she nodded and turned away from the group of the girls. She had heard two or three of them gasp- but she didn't understand why. The male couldn't have been that bad. As she had walked over she stopped a few feet from Alejandro and smiled kindly. "Hello, there."

Alejandro had been laughing when he heard a soft, female voice saying something. He turned, eyes narrowed as they locked onto the girl. He looked her up and down, questioning why such a petite girl would even attempt to get near him, let alone talk to him. He smirked at her confidence, questioning when it would break.

He walked over slowly, tossing his spray paint can over to the younger-looking male who caught it with ease. His voice was deep but soft as he spoke, "What are you doing over here, Pierda (Miss)? I can't tell if you're new or not, but you really don't want to hang out with Creadores de problemas (Trouble makers)." He then glanced up, spotting a small group of girls a little ways away. This once was probably too scared to disagree with them and came over for god knows why. He glanced down at the girl again, not knowing if he should smile or frown, take it as stupidity or bravery.

[i We'll find out soon enough...]

She had waited for his reply until he looked over at her. Watching as he had looked over her, she tilted her head and waited for him to do something- until he had. Once he had approached her and tossed the pray paint to his friend, she looked up at him, her eyes still wide with a greeting that still stood. She really wasn't scared of the male- not in the slightest. "Well, why else would I be over here other than to say hello?"

As he had looked up and saw her group of friends some of them had flinched back and others hadn't. "No, I'm not new. Also, I wouldn't call yourself a trouble maker- I bet you are actually a kind person." As she had said this, she tucked her hands behind her back and smiled to him, tilting her head once more. She didn't understand why he'd call himself a trouble maker- he seemed rather nice.

He scoffed. "A nice person? Oh my-" He laughed a mean, cold laugh as he looked down at the girl. The two males behind him were laughing as well, adding to the large portrait of his name. "Listen, Girl. I am not a nice person, I'd even go as far as saying I will never be a good person either, so you better go back to your group of girls before you get hurt." He growled, his eyes narrowing. He glanced back at the males again, they were done with the spray paint and tossed it away, leaving it on the curb. "Ey, Ale!~ Let's go, or do you wanna keep talking to your girlfriend?" One of the males called out. He growled lowly and stared down at the girl. He looked like he was going to say something, then he turned and started to run off after the other males and into the woods.

As she looked up at him, her eyes had narrowed and she clenched her hands as her face had now the expression of aggravation. "Go ahead and hurt me then, because I know you're a good person, and you just don't want to admit it!" She each word at him, the tip of her nose wrinkling a bit as she had done so. Turning away, she had walked back to the females to see that they had left her. Eyes widening, she sighed and put her hands in the pockets of her hoodie before making her way back to her house. She really hated people that acted like he was- no she didn't hate them. She hated their stupid little act. As she walked, she'd kick a few rocks before seeing her group and tilting her head, but they all turned away. Were they ignoring her? Rolling her eyes, she began walking home. She had school tomorrow anyway.

Alejandro made it to his apartment and he collapsed onto his broken, creaky couch. The apartment had three areas, the living room which Alejandro took for himself, the bedroom which the two boys took, and the bathroom. The kitchen was in utter despair so they made no attempt to go in there.

He laid on the couch, a few springs digging into his back as he rolled around a little, trying to get comfortable. He closed his eyes and breathed out, the scent of dust, sweat, boys, and decay all filling his nose. He let a small breath out again, feeling truly at home here. He had moved into the abandoned apartment building several years ago, the other boys had let him in. He quickly took to a life of crime afterward once he realized they wouldn't provide for him like his parents would, or did.


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