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Oppisites Attract (1x1, Closed)

By ALonelyOtaku

Alejandro was Cogdale's infamous Bad Boy. He broke curfew constantly, skipped school, was suspected to be in a gang, and he broke tons of laws. Most people steered away from him, making up different rumors or stories about something he did... Blame always fell of Alejandro, so he decided to embrace this life and make the most of it... until he met Y/C.

Y/C was a rule-following, law-abiding citizen who wouldn't be caught dead breaking rules or skipping school. Y/C had good grades and was head of their charity group, then they were dared to go talk to Alejandro... Y/C did it because they believed that everybody was good deep inside, and once they prove it to themselves, they will prove it to the whole town.

Alejandro and Y/C are complete opposites, will they survive each other, or will they go their own separate ways?

This will be a Romance roleplay!
Cursing, Dark Themes, Drug/Alcohol Use, Etc. Allowed.
500 character minimum, I want something to work with.
PM me before requesting to join!
I want this to be a slow-moving romance story, I feel it will be a lot more enjoyable that way.
Thank you for reading, have an amazing day!~
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Cogdale was a quiet town in Pennsylvania. Nobody ever went to it without having ties to someone in town, it was rather small and secluded near a forest and some cliffs. Cogdale was infamous for housing one person, however... His name was Alejandro Rodriguez, the town's local Bad Boy.

Alejandro was known for his crimes and bad reputation, his backstory changed from person to person, but one thing was fact in each story: Alejandro lost his parents at a young age. Most people said he ran away or his parents left him, but truth be told they died in a fire.

Alejandro was currently outside an abandoned movie theater, throwing rocks at the broken windows and spray painting his name in large letters along the sides. He was laughing quietly as two other young men behind him helped him trash the building.
dreeKhai   297d ago

Khai was walking around the city, when she saw Alejandro and two other guys destroying theatre.

The thing is, she knew a story about Alejandro. At least what they told her. He ran away from his parents, started living alone, started making trouble, skipping classes. They have been classmates since 1st grade. Besides, Alejandro was a bad boy in school. And Khai was a friendly overused nerd. And it seemed like Alejandro didn't even know there was a girl named Khai in his class.

"Wait, please stop..." Khai tried to convince him to stop destroying the theatre. "I think some people saw you guys doing that... They mentioned police, theatre, trash and spray cans... You could get in trouble."

Alejandro stopped for a moment, turning and glaring at the girl. His eyes pierced into hers as he slowly turned, a smirk on his face. He nodded to his boys and they kept destroying the place as he spoke in a low, deep tone that had a softness to it, "Stop? Why would I do that? This is fun, the police can't stop me, and neither can you, girl. I suggest you go before you get Herir." (Hurt)

He turned, eyes tearing away from the girl as he began to walk back to the wall, his spray can beginning to lift back to the wall as he started to continue spraying his name onto the wall.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Listen. Okay. I come in peace. No need to get aggressive." Khai said, slowly going back. She clearly saw the name Alejandro on the wall. "Listen, I think you don't want to get in prison for spraying a theatre. Come on, Alejandro." She tried to sound calm.

She was kinda uneasy, because she didn't know what he was capable to do to her. 'He used the Herir... means I would get hurt. But I can't let him destroy the theatre and get in trouble.' A millions of thoughts went through her head. She couldn't decide between just leaving and trying to convince Alejandro to stop. Because, sooner or later he was going to get in trouble.

"Perra (Bitch)! I can do as I please! Why do you care so much anyways, Pierda?" (Miss). He finished spraying his name on the wall and the boys ran off, smirking. He sighed, crossing his arms and tossing the paint can away as his eyes narrowed, locking with the woman. "I would ask how you know my name, but I think we both know that." He sighed, looking at the ground for a moment as he idly kicked his foot on the ground.

He then sighed heavily again, "Well, Are you going to speak, [i Pierda]?~" He glared up at her again, becoming increasingly annoyed with her presence. He could easily just walk away from her, but he felt inclined to stay for just a while longer.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"First of all, you can't tell someone who's trying to help you that she is perra. That's awful. Second of all, I was trying to help you. Sooner or later, you're going to get in trouble. Third of all, I see I'm not wanted here, so I'll maybe just go." She said, annoyed by the way he was treating her.

"And, that was behaviour of el tonto." (Fool) She said and turned around, ready to leave. "Bye, now. See you at school, el tonto. If you even show up."

He was surprised that she even bothered 'Helping' him. Then he was sent for another wave of surprise as she even dared to call him a fool. He stepped towards her and gripped her shoulder tightly, his nails digging into the skin. "What did you call me, Perra?" He growled, eyes locking with hers. His eyes had an aggressive fierceness to them that was dark and terrifying. "You got yourself into this, you'll be lucky to get out. Now answer me!" He yelled, his grip tightening as he stepped closer to her, looking down at her.

A few bystanders yelped quietly, watching this go down as they started to pull out the phones, most likely calling the police.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"I called you el tonto." She said, becoming angry. "I'm not afraid of you. And, by making this scene, you are getting yourself into bigger bullshit, because people are going to call police on you." She yelled back. "Now let me go."

He was silent for a moment, only glancing to the side as a woman was franticly speaking into the phone. He growled lowly, shoving the girl away. "I'll get you, girl. You better not think you've won because you haven't. Hear me?!" He yelled at her before walking away from her. He began to walk towards the couple that was calling the police and they screamed, turning and running away.

He shook his head, annoyed as he broke into a sprint, running in the direction that the two males had run before.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Fine... Go now!" She yelled. She was so angry. She was really hard to annoy, but this got her really mad. She told the couple she's okay and there's not need to call police and left the street before police even came.

Alejandro was pretty deep in the woods when he stopped, panting lowly and glancing back. He slowly rounded back into town, heading towards an abandoned apartment building. He climbed in through a broken window and to the second floor. He went to a room that he claimed as his own and he collapsed onto the broken couch, making sure to avoid the bare spring near his leg. He sighed and closed his eyes as one of the boys walked over, "Hey, 'El Tonto'~" He smirked, not expecting Alejandro to react.

Alejandro almost immediately grabbed the boy's collar and growled, "Say again? I wanna hear you more clearly, Idiota~" His eyes narrowed as the male squirmed out of his grip and a few feet away. "Sorry, I didn't mean to press your buttons, Ale!" The man said, brushing off his shirt and walking off... "Perra." He grumbled lowly, closing his eyes and sighing.
dreeKhai   297d ago

Khai quickly came home. She tried to avoid her parents, but that didn't exactly go as planned.

"Hey honey. You came back quickly. What happened?" Her mom asked.

Khai knew she couldn't tell her the truth. "Oh, Sarah cancelled. She couldn't come. Unexpected visit from her cousins." That was one of the rare moments Khai lied. She decided to avoid other questions and went straightly to her bedroom. She flopped onto her bed and started thinking about the situation she had. 'Alejandro Rodriguez is a trouble for sure.'

~The Next Morning~
Alejandro woke up slowly, the sun wasn't up yet. He checked the clock near the edge of the room and saw it was almost 7:30. He groaned and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He changed out of his clothes from yesterday and into a red tanktop, black ripped jeans, black combat boots, and black fingerless gloves. He combed his hair out and then was out the door, a worn red backpack slung over his shoulder.

He was early to his first class, his boots propped up on his desk as he leaned back onto the one behind him, waiting for the girl to come into class to see him there, waiting for her. He smirked at the thought, eyeing the door.
dreeKhai   297d ago

Khai woke up. She saw 7AM on her clock. "Ughhh..." She said as she got up. Khai quickly changed out of her pajamas into her outfit. Some jeans, a crop top, shirt and some sneakers. She put her backpack on and hurried to the schoo. When she came, she went to classroom.

And then, she saw him.

She entered. "Morning. So will you tell me if one perra like me, can sit in the same classroom as you?" She told him. She was still mad. "I didn't know that perra means a person who's trying to help you. Whole my life, I thought it meant bitch. But, thanks for free Spanish lesson anyways. Think I'm ready for the final exam now." She said and put her belongings on the desk she was often using.

"Free? Nah, that's going to cost you about four bruises and maybe a broken arm." He chuckled back, his eyes locking with hers. He moved his legs back under the table as he turned and faced her directly. He was about to say something else when the teacher had walked in. She immediately spotted Alejandro and swallowed hard, going to her desk and she began to call attendance. When she got to Alejandro she stammered it out and he responded calmly, "I apologize, Pierda, I don't understand scared bitch!~" He laughed after that, some of the students chuckling quietly. The woman swallowed hard again, choosing to ignore the comment as she continued to go down the list of students.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Oh my god." Khai muttered under the breath after he made that comment.

'What makes him think that he can go around and call women bitches? He, one ordinary jerk. Ughhhh. So disrespectful.' She thought. Her blood started boiling. "I am not scared of you, Alejandro Rodriguez. Just for your information." She whispered, angrily. "And you started this, so you'll be responsible for the shit you do. Don't forget that."

He turned and smirked, "The police can't touch me. They haven't for all these years and they surely won't now that I know how to evade them. If anything, you should be worrying about your life expectancy because it's about to get cut rather short." he snarled back to her, a student beside him beginning to shake out of fear. He gripped the side of their seat and he growled, "You won't say a word or I'll break your neck." and the boy began to nod vigorously, sniffling quietly. He then turned back to the girl. "And you... You better pray I don't kill you out in the halls, because you're getting real close to making me want to not give a shit anymore." He smirked again, turning slowly and facing the front of the classroom as the woman began to play a video on screen for their class.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"I know I seem really nice. But you are one of the rare people that pissed me off, and that I had to lie because of. And I made the couple not call the police. So will you stop acting tough? I was just trying to help you. And I gave you the nickname just to annoy you. Which obviously worked." She smirked a bit.

She had to talk to Alejandro and listen to the class in the same time. She turned around just a little.

"Acting? Please, If this was acting I would have stopped [i ages] ago! I don't know what hole you live in, but haven't you heard of Levita Johnes? That kid I basically killed last year? Yeah, the same thing will happen to you if you don't-" The teacher was done with the disrespect and she cleared her throat, "A-Alejandro Rodriguez. S-Stop talking in class or I will send you to the office." He said more confidence in her voice than she had. Alejandro stood up, walking over to the short teacher as he growled, "What if I don't?" The teacher trembled and promptly fainted, hitting the floor with a soft thud.

Alejandro smirked and walked out of class, arms behind his head as he walked down the halls, going to cause more chaos, probably in the art room. The art kids were always so jumpy and sensitive.
dreeKhai   297d ago

Such a jerk. Alejandro seemed like a jerk. But still, she couldn't push the buttons.

After teacher passed out, they got free. She went in cafeteria to finish some work. She was in the middle of her homework. The day was warm, and she enjoyed it. She didn't want to let fool ruin her day.

But those death treats... She was kinda scared. But she didn't want to show him she was. Levita thing was true. That got her worried the most.

Alejandro had a black paint stain over the left side of his chest and it looked like he had a blood smear on his cheek as he walked calmly down the halls, heading outside to go get some fresh air. He sat down at a picnic table, though it was more like he was laying on top of it. He was getting close to falling asleep when he heard faint sirens progressively getting louder. He sat up quickly and swung himself off the table with ease, breaking into a full sprint away from the school and to the woods. He knew if he made it to the woods he would officially be out of the officer's hands and line of sight, but this time he could hear the cars behind him, chasing him. He swallowed hard and went deep into the woods, not heading home like last time.

He was far out of town now, the sirens were gone and he was exhausted, hardly able to stand at this point. He went to the cliffside as he walked back to town, head low. "D-Damn... Those Malditos Oficiales (Damn Officers) didn't give up this time..." He wiped the sweat off his brow as he began to see the familiar edge of his apartment building out of the trees.
dreeKhai   297d ago

She heard sirens. 'Is that because of el tonto?' She thought. 'Man... all of that because a teacher fainted. Okay.'

She continued doing her homework.

After, she had few more classes. Nothing special happened. After that, she went to get coffee and to the library. On her way there, she wondered if Alejandro escaped. 'He did...' She thought again.

He was about to walk into his apartment when he saw two officers taking his friends into police cruisers. He swallowed thickly but spun on his heel and ran from the building. He ran and eventually found the library. He knew only a few people went to the library so he would be at least partially safe, which was more than enough. He didn't understand why breaking some art kid's nose was so bad...

He silently slipped into the library and near the dictionary and world maps since nobody ever went back there. He then sat at the back of the aisle, hiding behind the gap in the shelves as he leaned his head against the wood, breathing heavily.
dreeKhai   297d ago

Khai went to grab some books at the back.

"Oh god. You again?" She sighted when she saw him. "What are you doing here? I mean the library and you don't seem to get along." She said, trying to reach the top shelf. "Fuck." She said when she realised she can't reach it. She stopped trying.

He turned and groaned quietly. "It doesn't matter why I am here, girl. N-" He glanced up and saw her reaching for a book. He was silent for a while, then stood up and grabbed it with ease. He looks at the front. He tossed it to you and then sat back down, wrapping his arms around his knees as he leaned his head back against the bookshelf again. "For your information, girl, I actually do like reading... I used to have a full library I'd always hang out in..." He looked like he was going to continue, then he abruptly shut up, closing his eyes and turning away a little bit. "[i Tch...] Whatever, why the hell are you here?" He looked back up at her, his eyes mean and narrowed again.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Thanks." She said, taking a book.

"Well, I happen to like reading as well." She said. She saw that he stopped the library story on purpose. "I suppose they were chasing you. I heard sirens around the school. And I see you escaped... What happened?" She said. She knew that he was a trouble, and she was becoming a part of it.

He sighed lowly but saw no point in not telling her. He explained how he broke the kid's nose and ran out to the woods, maybe a few miles out. "When I came back, police were at my apartment. They arrested my boys so I had to ditch 'em, but I knew the library was normally empty so I hid out here... I dunno why they are so hellbent on getting me now, but I guess I pushed a button I shouldn't have... Maldita sea.... (Dammit)." He leaned his head back as he sighed again, closing his eyes as police sirens slowly passed the Library. He visibly flinched a little as he heard them, then relaxed a little as they passed.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Oh god. What are you going to do now? Where are you going to go? You're in trouble, but that means not giving up. Why would you punch the kid in the first place?"

"He looked easy to hurt! I don't know where I am going or what I am doing! This has never happened before!" His voice sounded a little more panicked than its normally calm and angry tone, he clearly didn't like how this conversation was going. He swallowed hard and placed a palm onto his forehead as the library door opened, the head of police walking in.

(Maybe let's put Alejandro's fate in Khai's hands?~)
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Listen, okay, relax. We need a plan." She stopped, trying to brainstorm whole thing. "The only safe place is my house. But, you can't just come, introduce yourself as famous Alejandro Rodriguez and expect that my parents would let you stay. The good thing is, my parents don't know what you look like. So, let me ask my mom and dad to let in 'exchange student' named Alex, who's coming from Canada, but you have to promise me you'll stay out of mess, el tonto." She said, trying to help him. "Deal?"

He hesitated then nodded. "But why Canada? I literally have no idea what that place is like, I speak Spanish!" He rubbed his forehead again as he began to stand, the officer looking in a few book aisles when he spots Khai. "Miss? Who are you talking to?" The officer asks as he began to walk towards her. Alejandro took a small breath and pressed himself into the gap as much as he could, his eyes closed tightly as he clenched his fists. He swallowed hard as he glanced at Khai, his heart thudding in his chest.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Shh!" She whispered as she heard officer. She went out of the last aisle, and quickly called her bestie, but the phone just rang once, just to make it seem like she called her. "Oh, good evening officer. My friend got kicked out of her house, so I had to call her. They found out she sneaked out. But it will last around two days, so it's not a problem. I know I broke the silence rule, but I had to call her. So how are you mister? How's your wife? Mrs. Margaret told me Hannah got accepted into Harvard. Congratulations. My mom and dad wanted to say congratulations, but they couldn't make it yesterday." She said, with the biggest smile. Khai was always pretty good at lying, but she rarely used her skills.

The officer smiled, "I am doing fine, thank you. Leah is doing amazingly, she hasn't gotten over Hannah getting into Harvard... Oh, Really? Tell your parents I said 'Thank You', and don't worry about the silence rule this time... If you see Alejandro, please call the station but I think you'd know that already. I'll see you around, Khai!" He smiled and waved, leaving the library moments later. Alejandro finally let a quiet exhale when the officer left and he rubbed his face, not speaking to Khai for a moment as he calmed down. "Thanks... Let's just get to your place before they come back..." He grumbled, his heart still pounding against his chest.
dreeKhai   297d ago

After she said goodbye to officer, she returned back to aisle. "No worries. Listen, I don't know how this is going to work, but we will have to work together. So firstly, we need to get you to my place unrecognized. Wait, I need to call mom and dad to ask them first. Your name is Alex. You come from Mexico. Deal?"

He nodded eagerly, a smirk beginning to form on his face. He then said somewhat excitedly, "You could just have them pick us up here, that would solve the problem? Or we could go through the woods, but you might need to watch your step... I kind of set traps around the place in case any officers tried to follow me. I normally use the woods as an escape route for most of my problems." He smirked, glancing out the window at the busy streets.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Wow. Do I see friendly smirk on el tonto's face, huh? But what would you say to 5 hours younger self who gave me some death threats?" She smiled a bit and chuckled. "I'll ask them right now." After she finished the call, she came back. "Okay, everything's set up. Your name is Alex, you're new exchange student and coming from Mexico. Your suitcase stayed at school. They will be here in 15 minutes."

He smiled and glanced away, "Yeah, Maybe. I am capable of emotions other than anger." He chuckled, looking at the girl. "Oh, I uh... I never asked for your name. I guess you already knew my name, but..." He chuckled quietly again, grabbing a book and flipping through its pages idly before tossing it into a random shelf. He smiled and tilted his head back a little as he began to walk around, moving books around to new spots.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"It's Khai. That friendly know-it-all that you never knew she existed until you started painting the theatre. To be honest, my friends dared me to go to talk to you. But I knew you couldn't be that bad. Until I became perra to you. That made me piss off, to be honest." She let a small laugh. "But, here we are again."

He sighed and glanced away. "Yeah, sorry about that... Uhm, so... Khai?" He asked, testing the name. He then sighed a bit and rested his hands in his pockets as he let out a long exhale. "So, what are your parents' names, Khai?" His Mexican accent picked up a little as he said your name. He smiled a little as he grabbed a different book and tossed it away with ease. "Do you have any siblings...?"
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Parent's names are John and Karine. I have a younger brother Jake. He's 7. And it's okay." She smiled. We could hear the car horn outside. "Remember the story. Now, we go." She said, picked up book and her backpack and hurried outside, where she saw her mom, dad and brother in car.

He smiled and nodded, following Khai outside. He swallowed hard and then waved kindly to the people in the car. He felt his heart thudding in his chest as he said, "Hi everybody. I am Alex R- Perozo." He smiled again, hoping Khai would take the lead and help him out here. He made sure to remember everybody's faces as he occasionally glanced around the area to see if anybody was calling the police at the sight of him.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Yeah. Alex is from Mexico. He is our new student. His parents couldn't afford moving from Mexico to here, so I happened to offer him to stay at ours." Khai said and smiled.

"Hi, Alex!" Karine and John said basically at the same time. They were both lawyers who tried their best to raise good children. "We hope you will like it here." Karin continued with big smile.

"Hi!" A small boy waved to Alejandro. "I'm Jake."

"And that's my mom Karine and dad John." Khai continued.

Alejandro smiled and waved again. "Thank you for letting me stay with you Gente Amable. (Kind People.) " He smiled and bowed his head a little. He eyed Jake and forced himself to smile. He hated small kids but he needed to behave himself with Khai and her parents. He then turned to Khai again, feeling out of place and a bit awkward just standing on the curb. He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck, "So... Can we go to your hogar now? (Home)" He tried to say that in a nice tone.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Of course!" John said and turned on the engine. "Let's go."

Shortly after, they were in front of big white house. The porch was really big. It even had a big backyard behind.

"Come on, Alex." Khai said. "Let me show you around! Mom, dad and Jake are going shopping now, so they won't be home until later." She wanted to use that time to disscus the things they were going to do next. "Okay?"

Alejandro gasped quietly as he saw the large house. He slowly walked up to the porch as he nodded silently, in awe. "Wow... That- I-" He looked around again. He slowly walked beside Khai as he whispered, "Este lugar es magnífico ... estoy en estado de shock" (This place is magnificent ... I'm in shock) He looked over at Khai and slowly spun around the porch as he was truly in awe. He had never seen a place so nice before.
dreeKhai   297d ago

Khai smiled a bit. "I'm glad you like it." The car had already left. "So, we are getting in? I need to talk about the way you're going to go to school. So get in, you're risking getting exposed now." Khai said. As soon as they got in, she rushed and left her backpack upstairs. "Okay. I'm ready to talk about the whole situation."

Alejandro nodded and followed Khai inside. They sat down in Khai's room and he was still in a state of shock. He then took a small breath, "Alright. Hit me. Well, not literally, Mujer amable." (Kind Woman.)

(Sorry it's short, I can't think of what else to write.)
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Okay. How will you go to school? They are searching for you... a whole town." Khai said, kinda worried. "This is so confusing man... You need to change your public image, soon as possible."

"W-Wha...? I don't have to go to school! I don't have to change my look! They'll know me by my voice! I don't know what I did...!" He moaned, rubbing his face again as he collapsed backward onto your bed, exasperated. "I just need to get out of town... Maybe go back to Mexico, or maybe California." He grumbled, staring up at your ceiling.
dreeKhai   297d ago

"Okay..." She said. "I'm just trying to help you. Would you mind asking why you started this mess at first place?" She looked at him.

She started with the sensitive topic. That slipped out of her mind by accident. I mean, she knew the rumor going on in the halls. But she didn't know the true story.


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