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Oh The Places We Will Go

By PotatoPirate
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Edan - Carefree Captain (Fights with Seaprism Sword has a hidden gun as well with sea prism bullets)

Max - Apologetic Shipwright (Fights with sea prism knuckles/ Has 7 sisters, one is his twin)

Oscar Carteau - Sniper/Second in Command (Nara's Cousin/ Has several guns but has a bayonet made of sea prism stone)

Citri - Experimental Outlandish Cook (Fights with a giant kitchen knife with the blade made of sea prism)
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Luffy groaned for about the fortieth time that minute. Sanji's eye twitched slightly. "Luffy... I don't know how many time I have to tell you... I CAN'T COOK YOU BIRD MEAT IF WE DON'T HAVE IT! I'll restock on it when we dock again... But for now you have to deal with fish. We have plenty of sea king."

"But I really want bird meat..." Luffy muttered before groaning again. But then he got a bright idea. "Wait! Sanji! Does that mean if I can catch a bird then you can cook bird meat?"

"I mean technically speaking yes but... h-hey!" Before Sanji could finish talking Luffy ran back out on deck and was looking around.

"What's up Brother? Lose something?" Franky looked at Luffy curiously.

"Franky do you see any big birds? Like huge birds!"

Franky looked out and spotted one. "Ah, over there looks like a big one? Are you bird watching?" He looked around again and realized that Luffy had already grabbed onto the crowsnest and launched himself up to the top of the mast.

He grinned widely before pulling himself back and launching himself at his target laughing maniacally.

"THAT IDIOT!" Sanji yelled as he heard the 'yahoo!' through the air as he saw his captain flying in the direction of a bird... and also another ship.


Nara was sitting on deck with Oscar reading the paper when she heard a noise getting slightly louder. "Osc... do you hear that?"

"Hear what--... wait what is that?"

The two looked around before they heard a familiar voice. "Incoming! Everyone brace yourself!" Max yelled the two quickly grabbed something and felt something impact the ship.

"Are we under attack?! Was that a cannon ball?" Oscar looked around on alert while Nara looked over at the spot where the impact was.

"Is... Is that a man?"

Oscar raised an eyebrow before looking over the rail with her at the man whos head was now stuck in their deck. "What the hell?"

Citri had been in the kitchen when she heard the commotion. She came out and grinned when she saw someone stuck in the deck. "Oooo I love the new decor for the ship!~" She skipped over to the man and poked his butt. "Hmm... he's squishy. Ooooo let's cook him!"
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Cori had been discussing possible routes with Edan when she heard yelling followed by a crash that rocked the ship. "What the hell what that?" Though they'd been on deck, neither were paying attention to anything but the map in front of them. Week Edan stepped away she rolled up the map and followed after him.

"We aren't cooking him," Edan replied upon hearing Citri.

"Awww but why not," Citri asked. She looked down to see the man squirming before finally sitting up. "Darn! Now he's awake."

"Where's the food," the man asked as he looked around. As he focused in on the small group surrounding him, he decided to repeat himself. "You got any food?"

"That depends," Cori asked, "Who are you?"

When the man pulled his head out of the floorboards Nara's eyes fixated on the hole.

Oscar instantly noticed she tensed up and frowned before looking at Max. "Max--"

"Already on it." Max grinned before running off to get stuff to patch up the hole.

Oscar gently put his hand on Nara's shoulder before looking back at the man who had crashed into their ship. "Wait... you're Monkey D. Luffy."


Usopp shrieked.

"What is it?!"

"Luffy crashed into another ship!"


"No pirates! I don't recognize the flag."

Franky chuckled. "Well... we should probably go get our Captain back right?"

Nami nodded. "Yeah... we don't want to turn this into a fight. So be on your best behavior you two." Nami scolded while looking at Zoro and Sanji. "Usopp when we get closer try to signal from the crows nest that we come in peace."
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Upon hearing the name, Cori sighed, "His crew must not be far behind him." When she noticed the hole she frowned. "Is your head made of stone or something? You put a pretty big hole in our ship."

Luffy looked at the damage he'd done and rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry."

"Might as well get you something to eat while we wait for your crew," Edan said. He looked at the green haired woman who grinned she's skipped off to the kitchen. Then, he reached out his hand to Luffy and pulled him up with ease. "How'd you end up on our ship."

"Was trying to catch a bird," Luffy admitted.

"A bird?"

"Yeah! Sanji said if I caught one he'd cook it for me since all we had was sea king."

Cori tucked the map away and crossed her arms. "So you saw a bird and launched yourself at it?"

"Pretty much."

"Did you think about what would have happened if you hadn't landed on our ship but instead out in open water?"

Luffy grinned. "Nope!" He laughed loudly.

Nara flinched slightly but gave a soft smile. "He's more carefree than Edan."

Oscar scoffed. "Never thought I'd see the day."


As the Thousand Sunny got closer Usopp sent the peace warning. Nara had looked over with her binoculars and nodded. "They want to approach."

Edan nodded. "Let them. We aren't savages."

Nara nodded before giving the peace symbol back.


Usopp called down to the deck that they were given the go ahead to approach.

As they grew closer to the ship Nami sighed seeing Luffy stuffing his mouth with some questionable looking food. "Luffy you idiot... why do you always get yourself into trouble."

Luffy grinned. "Nami, they fed me." He smiled like a little kid with candy.

Edan took a step forward. "I take it you're the Straw Hats?"

Nami nodded. "Yes... I'm sure Luffy didn't land gracefully on your ship... Are there any damages?"

Edan nodded. "His head went straight through our deck but other than that no. Our shipwright is working on it now."

"Sorry Cap... I'll get this done ASAP."

"Your fine Max. I'm not mad."

"I know you aren't." Max glanced back at Nara who had went back to staring at the hole nervously. [i But Narie probably thinks this could sink the ship... She's been tense since she saw the hole]
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Cori was about to ask what he would have done had he not collided with their ship. However, that thought was quickly dismissed as the Straw Hats boarded their ship. Her gaze shifted to the hole that Max was working on. She walked over to him and squatted down beside him, “We’re all thinking it but is it fixable while out at sea?”

Max frowned at the question and looked back at Nara. He didn’t want to say anything while the Straw Hats were on board because they’d feel obligated to try and fix it themselves. Turning his attention back to the hole and Cori, he frowned. “It’s fixable but we’ll be in trouble if a storm hits. Until we dock I don’t now how far the damage goes.”

“That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks Max.” Cori stood up and looked at Edan, giving him a gesture to talk to him away from the other crew.

“What’s up,” Edan asked as he stepped away with Cori.

Cori quickly went over what Max had told her. “We are in trouble here captain. Our destination is still three days off. If a storm hits before then we’re done for.”

Nami had been in the middle of scolding Luffy for launching himself so carelessly when she overheard Cori and Edan. She frowned and looked at the hole before approaching the two. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help bur overhear. We can help with the repairs if you’d like. Or you can hitch your ship to ours until the next island.”

Cori looked at Nami, then to Edan. “That’s entirely up to the captain here. I’ll leave you two to talk about it.” She gave them both a smile before walking away.

“Highness,” Citri grinned as she skipped over to Cori. “Don’t you think the blond one looks like…”

“You know I hate when you call me that.”

“It’s the eyebrow though. He’s got the same one.”

“Hadn’t noticed,” she replied while rolling her eyes. In fact, she had. She’d noticed it the moment he stepped onto their ship with the others. [I They didn’t talk about him, but he looks like an older version of the blond boy in the portrait back at Germa. But didn’t one of the servants say he died?]

Sanji had noticed the three women on the ship instantly and had hearts in his eyes. “What absolute beauties…” He glanced over at the woman with brown roots. “Her weary expression shining in those eyes that shine like amethyst.” His eyes darted to the green haired woman who was swaying. “Her mischievous smile so inviting.” Then his eyes finally fixated on the blue haired woman. “Her expression is cold but her lips so soft and colored like fresh snow.”


Nami watched as the woman left and then turned her attention back to the Captain of the crew. “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.”

“Edan… I already know yours.” He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed softly. “As much as I’m not a fan of the idea we need to be able to safely dock. We have an important date we need to keep and we can’t waste any time. Where are you headed?”

“Ah the next destination for us is about three days out.”

“Looks like we’re heading to the same place.” He thought for a moment before nodding. “Alright. We’ll take the offer. Nara won’t be able to sleep if she finds out the ship could sink if we hit a storm.” He looked at the woman who was fixated on the hole in the deck. “There’s only six of us so we shouldn’t take too much room.”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Cori felt eyes on her and glanced in the direction it was coming from. The man she and Citri were talking about was looking at her. She raised a brow at him then smiled and waved slightly. [I Well, if they are related, they definitely share the woman loving gene.]

"Oh oh," Citri noticed the smile, "That's one of your sweet smiles."

"Stop it."


"You're being creepy," Zoro pointed out as he stood by Sanji. "Who zeroes in on women like that and makes those comments?" He look at Cori and chuckled a little, "Maybe if she kisses you you'll turn into an icicle."

When the blue haired woman waved at him he felt his heart skip a beat. But as he was going to say something he heard Zoro’s voice and his eye twitched. “What the hell did you say Mosshead?!”


Max sighed slightly frustrated. “I cant miss this wedding… I told Myla I’d be there to surprise Mary…” He muttered.

Oscar gently tried to move Nara since she was biting her nails at this Point. “Breath Nar… deep breaths.”

When Nara took a deep breath in she was visibly shaking. He led her down to where the Captain was to see if he could figure out the situation.


“Ah Oscar. How do you feel about travelling with the straw hats until the next island?”

“I take it Max’s appraisal wasn’t a good one.”

Edan sighed and shook his head. “No… he said the ship is done if we hit a storm. My guess is that one of the beams below has been damaged.”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"You heard me Eyebrows! You're being a creep," Zoro reiterated, slowly.


"I don't see a problem traveling with them," Oscar said. "You'll have to clear it with the girls though. Citri might find it fun, not sure about Cori though. She already seems a bit annoyed at the situation."


Cori heard arguing and looked to see the blond man from earlier arguing with another man. She wasn't sure what it was about but it was clear the two were about to get physical. "Right," she sighed, "let's put a stop to this now." Without warning she took out her fan and moved it in such a way it created a large gust of wind that sent the two men over the side of the ship.

Walking to the railing, she looked down at both men bobbing in the sea. "We have more important things to worry about then whatever you two are going on about. So if you're quite finished you can come back up."

Edan noticed Cori pulling out her fan and sighed as she sent two men overboard. “Cori said she’d leave this to me. And I have a feeling she’ll be fine handling herself.”

Nami snickered as she saw the two get sent overboard. “Sorry about them.” She could hear the two still yelling from the water at each other.

Edan nodded. “Everyone! Listen up!” The Betrayed all turned to their captain to listen.

“Due to the condition of the ship we’ll be travelling with the straw hats until the next island. Our ship won’t be able to handle a storm and our destinations are the same. Citri… don’t cause any trouble.”

Citri grinned before swinging from side to side. “Yes bossss~”

Edan looked at Nami and she nodded. “I’ll have Franky get the lounge set up for your sleeping arrangements.”

Luffy grinned. “Yay more crew mates!”

Nara kept holding onto Oscar’s arm and he sighed. “Do you mind if we head over to the Straw Hats ship?”

Nami shook her head. “Not at all go ahead.”

He watched as the two walked away before turning to Edan. “Sorry if I’m overstepping but… is she okay? She looked terrified seeing the damage on the ship?”

Edan scratched the back of his head. “To be honest… we aren’t even sure what happened. She used to love the water. But now she’s terrified of the thought of falling in.”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Core leaned on the railing at the two continued to bicker with each other. "Whatever has your panties in a bunch you'll have to get over it." She'd heard the orders from Edan and didn't want to deal with the arguing the next three days. "Looks like we'll be traveling together until the next island."

"Highness is going for a power play," Citri giggled.

"Why do you call her that," Usopp asked, confused.

"Just a nickname."

"With how are acts sometimes you'd think she was royalty," Edan joked as he overheard the two. He looked over to where Cori was and sighed. "Stop tormenting then Coriander."

Cori sighed at the use of her full name, "Yes captain." She looked at the two men once more before going to grab some rope to help them up.

Once he was back on the ship, Zoro looked at Cori's fan. "You're pretty strong to be able to wield something this size and create a gust like that."

"Looks can be deceiving. You can look it over if you'd like."

"What's it made of?" He picked the weapon up and started looking it over. It was surprisingly light weight but sturdy. He took note of the bladed edge and raised a brow but said nothing.

"Steel and sea prism."


Robin had taken the liberty of getting Nara something to drink while Sanji was otherwise engaged. She could tell the woman was still on edge and had overheard the explanation on how even they weren't sure why. "Here," she offered, "it's tea."
PotatoPirate     1y ago

Oscar thanked Robin before seeing Nara start to calm down from being on a ship that wasn’t damaged.

“Thank you…” Nara gave a soft smile to the dark haired woman.


When Sanji got back up on the ship he looked at the blue haired woman and bowed his head. “I apologize for the way we acted. Please allow me to make a meal for you and your crew mates to make amends.”

Nami overheard Sanji and nodded. “He’s right. It’s the least we can do for our captains thick skull damaging your ship…”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Cori blinked in shock at the pointlessness, "Uhm, it's okay I guess." Once again smiling, she held out her hand. "Coriander, friends call me Cori, resident navigator, nice to meet you. And since we're going to be traveling together, I suppose a meal won't hurt."


Zoro had finished examining the fan and proceeded to return to the Sunny. "Sounds like Eyebrows is going to start cooking again." He looked at Nara, then at Oscar, "What are your roles?"

Oscar raised an eyebrow at the blunt green haired swordsman. “Second in Command and the Sniper. She’s—“

“I’m a doctor.” Nara said her anxiety finally settling down. “Roronoa Zoro, you’re the swordmaster of the crew I presume?” She asked as she turned in her chair. “Nara Valentine. This is my cousin Oscar Carteau.”


Sanji smiled softly when Cori smiled again at him. “You have a beautiful smile Miss Coriander.” He gently took her hand and gently kissed it before letting it go. “I’ll go get started on the meal.”


Luffy wanted to follow Sanji but Nami grabbed his ear holding him in place as she continued to speak to Captain Edan about their travel arrangements.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Cori tensed a slightly at the touch, even though she'd been the one to offer her hand. She had expected him to hold on too tight, like the others he resembled, but he didn't. [I Relax Cori, there's no way they are related. It's just a coincidence.] The kiss on her had caught her off guard as well, "There's a first time for everything," she whispered under her breath.


"I am," Zoro replied, not even slightly bother by Oscar's tone. "Nice to meet you."

Sanji gave Cori a soft smile before hopping over to the Sunny to start prepping a meal. When he got to the kitchen he saw the violet eyed woman again and smiled softly. "Ah, I apologize I didn't realize we already had some of you over here. I would have gotten started on the meal sooner." He bowed his head slightly.

Oscar noticed instantly that the blonde hadn't even bothered to look at him or gesture to him in anyway he only had interest on Nara. He instantly looked irritated but felt Nara grab the tail of his coat.

"Easy Osc." She smiled softly before turning to the cook with a kind smile before shaking her head. "Nothing you need to apologize for. Robin made me some tea which helped a lot. If you're going to be cooking we will get out of your way." She stood up gently brushing her skirt out.

Sanji watched as the woman walked out of the room with the blonde man following behind her.

"Oscar you can't get defensive with them... We'll be travelling together the next few days."

Oscar frowned but then sighed. "I know. Something just felt off..."

Nara shook her head. "I'm alright... I'm sorry for worrying you earlier."

Oscar gently put his hand on her shoulder. "Nara you know you can tell me anything right."

Nara looked at him sadly. "I know."


Franky, Usopp and Max all worked together to get the Betrayed's ship hitched so it wouldn't get further damaged then everyone made their way over to the Sunny.

"Woah... This ship is unreal... Where did you find this beauty?!" Max asked as he gawked at the ship.

Franky grinned proudly. "Look no further than me. I made this beauty with my own two hands."

Max's eyes widened as he looked at Franky in awe. "You're serious?! WOW! That is amazing! Can you show me around?!"

Nara leaned over the railing and chuckled softly. "Max is pleased as pie right now."

Oscar watched Nara as she spoke and still felt uneasy. She wasn't telling him something he could tell. But he didn't want to push her. "Nar... why are we going to the next island again?"

Nara turned and looked at him with a light chuckle. "Did you forget? You goof... We're going to..." She paused for a moment to think then her smile faded slightly. "Hmm... we're going to..."

"We're going to crash Max's sisters wedding duhhh!~" Citri grinned poking Oscar's cheek.

"Ah! Yeah... Looks like it slipped my mind too." Nara chuckled softly.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Cori had been standing with Nara, Oscar, and Citri when Oscar asked why they were going where they were going. She frowned instantly when it appeared that Nara was struggling to remember. When she looked at Oscar, he shared a similar expression. Not wanting to make it obvious they were concerned, she spoke up. "Don't worry about it. It's been a bit crazy today so we're all bound to forget something. But we aren't crashing the wedding."

"I'm sorry," Robin interrupted, "Did I hear you say you're going to a wedding?"

"Oh," Cori nodded, "Max's sister is getting married. I've never met his sisters but he talks about them a lot."

"Ah so that's why I heard someone say they couldn't waste any time." Robin smiled.

Edan put his hands in his pockets as he approached the group with Nami and Luffy following behind. "Yeah, from my understanding the bride doesn't know Max is coming. One of his younger sisters was the one who told him he should surprise her."

Citri grinned. "And since it's his twin that's getting married I'm sure he wants to be the one to walk her down the isle.~" Citri giggled. "We've never met his family but it feels like we've known them a lifetime from all the stuff we could tell you about them."

Nara stayed quiet as she listened. She remembered that Max had more than one sister. But forgot he had a twin sister. [i I'm forgetting more... I need to get a journal soon... What if I start forgetting stuff that's really important.]


Nara felt something poke her forehead before she snapped out of her thoughts. "H-Huh?"

"Breathe. It's been a weird day." Oscar smiled softly.

Nara smiled back and nodded. "Yeah it has been."


After Sanji finished cooking he poked his head out of the kitchen. "Food's ready!"
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Cori had been talking with Nami and Edan after they migrated Uber to the Sunny. After finding out that Nami was the navigator fit the Straw Hats she wanted to talk more with her. But for now she was being filled in on what the next few days would entail as far as their journey was concerned. "If I recall there was another island on the way but we weren't going to stop because of time constraints. I could be wrong however."

"No no," Nami furrowed her brow, "You're right there is one. We can always double back after dropping you off."

Cori was about to ask why into Sanji called for food. "Guess we can continue this later." Nami nodded and started walking with then to the kitchen. The moment they entered, Citri's eyes went wide at the sight, and she started swaying with stars in her eyes.

"It's so big," Citri grinned, "and colorful!"

"It's bigger than ours, that's for sure," Edan chuckled.

"Edan," Cori began, "their whole ship is bigger than ours."

"They don't need to know that," Citri laughed.

Edan looked at Citri and chuckled. "Pretty sure they can see that seeing as they're towing our ship Citri." He ruffled her hair with a smirk before turning back and eyeing the food.

Everyone filed into the kitchen and luckily with a few extra chairs everyone was able to squeeze in.

"Wow this smells delicious." Nara spoke with a smile. "Thank you."

Sanji shook his head. "It's the least we can do."

When Citri took a bite her eyes sparkled. "Wooooow~ It tastes so goood!~" She swayed back and forth happily. "And its so bright and colorful... You are an amazing chef!~"
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"I'm surprised she's eating without the hotsauce," Max commented as he watched Citri. Then, as if on cue, out came the hotsauce bottle and was promptly poured over her food. "I stand corrected."

Cori laughed, then proceeded to carefully remove her gloves and place them in her lap. She raised a brow at the food, a little unsure after having eaten Citri's surprise meals. [I How bad can it be?]

Usopp watched Cori and furrowed his brow, confused at her removing her gloves. "You didn't have to remove your gloves. We aren't that proper."

"It's uh," Cori frowned, "it's a force of habit from how I was raised."

Edan started eating shortly after Citri used her hotsauce. He was pleasantly surprised by the taste. "This is actually pretty good."

Oscar hadn't even commented because he was busy eating the meal before him. But you could tell by his expression that he was enjoying the food.

Nara couldn't help but laugh before gently nudging him. "Osc... breathe." She teased since she noticed the speed he was eating at.

Oscar's cheeks flushed slightly before he cleared his throat and nodded. "Yeah... it's good."

Nara smirked and stuck her tongue out. "I couldn't tell."

"Shut it..." Oscar laughed. [i At least she's smiling and joking around...] He thought to himself.

Franky was the next to speak up. "After the meal I'll be setting up a sleeping area in the Aquarium Lounge. Are you all okay sleeping in the same room? It's a large room but if you want me to have two separate sleeping quarters we can set up some beds in the crows nest as well."

Edan looked at his crew for their opinions. "I don't mind either way. I'll leave the choice up to the girls."
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"Edan, if you leave the choice up to us you might lose your ship." Cori took a few bites of her food and raised her eyebrows in shock. "This is pretty good though." Backtracking go the conversation before she took a bite, she looked at Franky. "I don't mind where we are to be honest. Either location is fine right me."

"I agree," Citri nodded, "We can sleep anywhere. Well, I can anyway. I once slept in a chest and that's how Edan and I met."

"I still don't know how you managed to fit in there," Edan laughed.

Cori turned to Sanji, "This salt that you used, it's from Water 7 yes? From after Aqua Laguna hit?"

Sanji was a little taken back by the question but chuckled with a nod. "Yeah, that's right. You've got quite the pallet to be able to recognize it so quickly. I take it you've been to Water 7?"

Franky grinned. "Water 7 is my home yo!"

Nara was a bit stunned by the two options on where to sleep. She had seen a glimpse of the Aquarium lounge when Robin was showing them around the ship. She heard everyone else say they were fine with either but would she be able to sleep with seawater so close to her.

Oscar noticed she was tense. "Nara, you can tell them."

Nara was a bit hesitant but nodded. "I-If it's alright I think I'd be more comfortable in the crows nest..."

Max looked at Nara worried but it wasn't surprising. She's been terrified of water since they found her the day after she went missing.

Franky nodded. "Sure thing. That's fine." He turned to Cori and Citri and smiled. "You said you didn't have a preference but would you prefer to sleep in the lounge or the crows nest? I'll leave the choice up to you. I want everyone to be able to be comfortable."
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"I've been there a few times. Lovely place haven't seen anywhere quite like it." Cori looked at Franky, "We'll stay in the crows nest with Nara then. Right Citri?"

"Mhm," Citri nodded.

Chopper looked at Cori's arm as she moved it around, curious about the scars. "You have some unique scars."

"Fire and electricity will do that," Cori responded almost bitterly. "I'd rather not discuss them if it's still the same."

"So, Nara," Robin decided to change the subject, "You mentioned being your crew's doctor? Maybe you and Chopper could compare notes on things you've learned?"

Nara noticed Cori's bitter response and frowned. She knew the scars were a tough topic for Cori. She was snapped out of her thoughts when Robin spoke to her. "Oh. Yes. Actually... I forgot my notes on the ship..." She glanced at Oscar and he chuckled softly.

"Don't worry I'll go help you get them."

Nara smiled with a nod. "Thanks. I need to grab another one of my notebooks too."

Oscar nodded.

Everyone chatted as they enjoyed the meal before them. After Franky finished eating he started getting the sleeping arrangements set up.

At one point people started talking about family and that was Max's queue to gush about his sisters. He even pulled out an old picture of them he always kept with him.

Nara couldn't help but laugh. Max loved his family with his whole being. And even though Nara never had a complete family that she could remember, she always had Oscar who had always been by her side. [i What would he do if he found out...] The thought flickered in her mind but she quickly dismissed it by shaking her head.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

After she finished eating, Cori put her gloves back on. She watched as Max gushed about his sisters and how excited he was to see them again. Especially his youngest who was only three when he left home.

"So only one of them know you're coming," Nami asked as she looked at the picture. They were all distinctly different but shared several similarities.

"Right. I received a letter telling me about the wedding and asking me to come as a surprise," Max replied.

"You're the only boy," Luffy noted.

Max nodded. "Yeah, my twin sister Mary is the one getting married. I was the first child and the only boy." He chuckled. "I can't wait to see everyone again." He looked at Oscar and chuckled softly. "And Mira finally gets to meet you Oscar."

Oscar almost spit his drink and sighed softly. "D-Don't remind me..."

"Mira?" Robin asked curiously. "A girl you like?"

Max couldn't help but laugh. "She's one of my younger sisters. She'd be 17 now. She saw Oscar in a picture I sent them of all of the crew and she's sent him love letters ever since."

Nara chuckled softly seeing how red Oscar's face was getting.

Sanji had picked up a majority of the finished dishes and began washing them since there would definitely be more to wash than usual tonight.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"Nothing wrong with a little crush," Cori teased when she saw how red Oscar was. "I think it's cute." Her gaze flickered to Sanji who was busy working on the dishes rather than conversing with everyone.

"You seem to have taken an interest in him," Robin whispered to Cori.

"He looks familiar is all." Not giving her a chance to say anything that, she gathered the remaining dishes she brought them to the sink. "Would you like some help?"

"Why did you leave home," Zoro asked, looking at Max.

Sanji heard the voice next to him and smiled softly. "Sure, if you don't mind drying them that would be a huge help. Since we'll have additional dishes today." He moved over a little bit to give her room.


Max heard the question and smiled softly. "Ever since I was young I wanted to travel. And see the world. Mary knew this. After we lost our parents I wasn't going to leave. I was going to stay and help my sisters." He shrugged slightly. "Buuut they're all stubborn. And they forced me to follow my dream. I try to send them money when I can but every time I do they send a letter back yelling at me telling me they're all doing fine and to save the money for myself."

After Nara and Oscar finished eating they brought their dishes over to Sanji and headed out of the kitchen to go grab Nara's notes. "Will you be okay getting on the ship?"

Nara nodded. "Yeah, it's hitched so I'm not as afraid." She smiled softly.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"Hope we aren't too much of an inconvenience." Cori took the space that was offered to her and began drying them dishes, setting them in specific piles based on the type of dish. "I'm sure Edan and Citri wouldn't mind sharing some of what we have either."


"They might scold you but at least they know you still think about them while you're out on your adventures. But it sounds like they're managing just fine on their own," Nami commented.

Max nodded. "Yeah, our mother had a flower shop so my sisters took that over when our mother passed. It does really well for them. But I always try to send extra cash when I can." He smiled while scratching the back of his head.


Sanji shook his head. "If anything we've been an inconvenience to you and your crew. Because our Captain can be a bit brainless at times." He sighed softly. "If anything were thankful you and yours didn't attack us..." He handed her another dish and smiled softly.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"What did your father do," Robin asked. She was also curious as to how his parents died but didn't want to ask.


"A man falling from the sky is hardly provocation. Besides," Cori set another dish off to the side, "accidents happen. Which, as I'm told was exactly what happened when Luffy decided to launch himself after a bird without any care on where he would land." She continued drying a few more dishes then stopped and looked at him. "We aren't pirates for the One Piece or to even fight other pirates. We're pirates for the adventure. Though I quite enjoy the freedom of not being under my parents thumb."

“He grew the flowers. Taught us a lot about how to take care of them and keep them healthy. He also was the person who built the flower shop. He was always doing something to keep himself busy. I actually started working at the docks when I was 16 so I could learn how to build ships. My dad taught me a bit about building but I wanted to be able to repair my ship if I had ever gotten to actually see the world.” Max ran his fingers through his hair. “He passed shortly after I started working at the docks…”


Sanji chuckled but nodded. “Yeah, sadly he tends to act without thinking more often than not. Not that any of us mind… I mean we still follow him.” When she mentioned enjoying the freedom he smiled softly. “Everyone has their reasons for choosing to live the pirate life. Being a pirate doesn’t make you a bad person. And you don’t need to search for the one piece to be a pirate. But if your crew isn’t after the one piece then you won’t be rivals so that’s good.” He grinned.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"I suppose it took some getting use to," Cori asked. When he mentioned everyone having their reason for becoming a pirate, she set the drying cloth down. "It wasn't my first choice, or really even a choice at all. But it is far better than the alternative." She thought back to the day she fled with Citri and the wounds she received. The look of anger on their faces and the promise of finding her. "I apologize, but I think I'm going to get some air."


"You never told us that," Citri said, her usual smile faltering.

Edan placed a hand on Citri's shoulder and looked at Max. "Sounds like you are a jack of all trades Max."

Max lifted his head when he heard Citri’s voice. “A-Ah, I haven’t?” He bowed his head apologetically. “S-Sorry… I guess I got a little emotional there.” When Edan spoke Max smiled. “I try to be… I tried my best to be the man of the house after dad passed. Mary sort of took the role of mom to all our siblings.” His expression saddened once again before he promptly slapped himself across the face. “Holy wow… sorry. I need a minute…” He gave Citri and Edan reassuring smiles before he headed out on the deck to get air. The thoughts of his parents filled his mind and made his chest tighten. “Damn… have I really not ever talked about them to my friends before…” He muttered.


Sanji had listened to Cori speak and even though he was curious what happened he didn’t want to overstep so he just let her speak. But when she apologized and needed air he nodded. “No need to apologize Miss. i’ll have a dessert ready when you come back.” He smiled watching her leave.


Nara and Oscar had returned with all of Nara’s notes and a few empty notebooks Nara noticed Max leaning against the railing with his hand on his chest and instantly rushed over to him. “Max?! What’s wrong?” She put her hand on his forehead and noticed tears in his eyes. “Max?” She asked warily before feeling him hug her. She frowned but gently rubbed his back. “Talk when you’re ready okay?”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"Thank you for understanding." Cori curtsied a bit then left the kitchen. When she spotted the trio on deck, she headed in the opposite direction. Once she was out of sight, she rolled her right glove down and looked at the scars on her arm. [I You'd think they'd avoid actually hitting me,] she thought then muttered, "Stupid Vinsmokes."


"Well," Usopp watched as the group got smaller, "this quickly got depressing. Even Sanji lost his company."

"So he has," Robin asked.

"Highness didn't look happy," Citri pointed out.

Sanji ignored everyone talking about how it got depressing and he kept thinking about what Cori said. “I wonder what happened…” He mumbled softly.


Oscar watched as Max hugged Nara and sighed softly heading to the kitchen. “Doctor Chopper.” He stated as he entered the room. “All of these are Nara’s notes. Where should we bring them?”


Nara gently rubbed circles on Max’s back when she heard his breathing calm once more. “Better?” She smiled softly seeing him nod.

“Sorry Narie…”

She shook her head. “Don’t apologize. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Tonight when the crew is together… do you think it’d be okay to talk about my family?”

Nara smiled softly and ruffled his hair. “Max, we may not be related by blood. But we are a family just the same. You can tell us anything.”

Max smiled and nodded. “Yeah… thanks Narie…”

“Come on… lets head back to the kitchen.”

The two returned to the kitchen where Max bowed deeply. “I-I’m really sorry I got emotional earlier.”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Citri got up and skipped over to Sanji and leaned on the counter. "You could ask her but she may not answer." She grinned and giggled, then whispered, "Secrets Highness keeps that only I know." Not waiting for an answer she returned to the group and sat beside Edan again.

"You're fine Max," Edan assured him.


Cori sighed and leaned on the railing, "He resembles them so much."

Sanji jumped slightly when Citri was behind him. “Hmm… I could.” He watched as Citri skipped back over to Edan and chuckled. “Citri, what flavors does she favor?”

Max lifted his head and smiled at Edan. “Thanks Cap… if its all the same to you guys. I’d like to talk tonight.”

Edan nodded. “Of course. We may not be related by blood but we’re family just the same.”

Max chuckled. “Narie literally said that outside…”

Edan laughed then bumped fists with Nara. “It’s the tattoos man. They link our minds.”

Nara laughed in response and Oscar shook his head while rolling his eyes.

Chopper walked over to Oscar and looked at all the notes. “We can leave them in the sick bay. I’ll show you both the way if you’d like.”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Citri blinked at Sanji's question and pursed her lips as she thought. It surprised her that he actually wanted to know about Cori considering what she knew of her fiance. "Berries and chocolate. She likes tarts."

Zoro looked at the piles of notes that Nara and Oscar had brought back. "I can carry them," he offered. This only happened because Nami had scolded him on not being sociable earlier.

Nara smiled softly. “Thank you that would be helpful.” She thought for a moment before looking at Chopper. “I also… have a question for you if you don’t mind.” She took what Oscar was holding and he raised an eyebrow.


“Stay here. I can take care of my notes with Zoro and Chopper’s help.”

Oscar’s eyes widened. “But—“

“You need to learn to stop scowling at them. They’re being kind enough to travel with us and to get our ship to Max’s home island. You need to learn to play nice.”

Oscar flinched but groaned. “Fine. But don’t take too long.”

“Yes mother.” Nara chuckled. “Lead the way Doctor Chopper.”


At the news Sanji instantly got to work on making a tarte.

Citri watched as he worked quickly doing several tasks at once. “He’s good…”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

Nami couldn't help but chuckle at the conversation between Nara and Oscar. "You and Zoro could have a scowling match," she joked. "Don't worry, he's harmless. For the most part anyway."

Zoro glared at Nami as he took the notes from Oscar. "Like you can talk."


Edan looked at Citri then over to Sanji and watched him work. "Good in the sense he can cook or in the sense that he's trying to woo Cori with food?"
PotatoPirate     1y ago

Citri chuckled. “First guess… but guess we’ll see if he can pull through with the second guess.”


Nara followed Chopper out of the room down towards the sick bay. When they finally reached the room she set her notes down for a moment and smiled softly. “Doctor Chopper I may have fibbed a little bit earlier. I have two questions actually…”

Chopper looked up at her and tilted his head to the side. “Of course ask away.”

“First off… do you happen to know of anything that helps scars heal? And second… do you know of any methods to… help with memory…” The second question seemed much sadder than the first. And Chopper had noticed something different about Nara. She had a different smell to her.
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"Do you think he can," Edan inquired. "You've known her the longest so you'd be the expert."


Chopper frowned at the questions but didn't respond immediately. He sent a look at Zoro that told him to leave as this was probably a private matter. When Zoro nodded, set down the notes, and closed the door as he left, he returned his attention to Nara. "Do you have scars that need healed? Typically scars are already healed. Are you wanting to lighten them?"

When he thought of her question about memory, he moved to his desk. He considered the question thoroughly before answering. "Keeping a journal of events for starters. Is there something you are worried of forgetting?"

Citri grinned. “Well see… that’s the fun part. This is the first time I actually am unsure. Makes my heart race a little bit in excitement. Kinda like when I light a bomb that I thought was a dud and it actually explodes!” She giggled while swaying a bit.


Nara shook her head in response to the scars. “No not me. Luckily my tattoos hide most of my scars. And they’ve faded for the most part. I was curious because I know Cori’s scars are a sore subject… I’ve tried to find ways to help fade them but they’re deep scars.” Upon hearing his answer about the memory she frowned and leaned against the bed. “That’s what I was afraid of…” She sighed softly. “A lot of things actually. But I’ll just have to be diligent about keeping a journal… thank you Chopper.”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"She said they were done by fire and lighting." Chopper shifted in his chair, "A combination like that will cause a extensive damage. I'll do some research because I'm not entirely sure either. If I were, the scar on Luffy's chest would have faded considerably." When he saw how she reacted to the journal suggestion, he sighed. "Are you concerned with your memory?"


"One of these days you don't walk away from those." Edan chuckled a little at Citri's excitement, a small smile on his face. [I She's cute when she's excited.]
PotatoPirate     1y ago

Citri shrugged. “Edan my sweet. You don’t live on the streets for your whole life and not pick up some survival skills. Heck my precious babies have probably saved me a time or two from death.” She grinned as she spoke about her explosives. She had gotten so distracted talking about her explosives that she failed to see that Sanji had left the room. “Hmm? Where’d Romeo go?”


Sanji had tried to look on the deck to see if he could find Cori when he finally saw the familiar blue hair in the distance he approached her and heard her mumbling something but then he heard the familiar name. [i Vinsmoke’s? She… she knows them?] He froze for a moment before taking a deep breath and knocking on the rail near where she was sitting. “Sorry to bother you. I thought you might want dessert.” He smiled softly a slight sadness in his eyes.


Nara was hesitant but nodded. “Yes… My memory has been getting worse.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “I… I guess I’m scared how much worse it’ll get.”
EmbreaCoriander - Cori   1y ago

"Probably to find Juliet," Edan chuckled.


Cori tensed up at the sound of a voice. She turned to see Sanji and let out a breath, relaxing. It didn't escape her notice that he looked sad. She wanted to ask if he had overheard her muttering about the Vinsmokes, but asking would mean she'd have to explain how she knew them. "One gets around, if you heard me muttering about anyone or anything specific." She looked at the desert and smiled, big enough to where the corners of her eyes crinkled. "Thank you."


"Do you know what might be causing it," Chopper asked, concerned.


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