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By IzzySanders
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Osprey-Rps     178d ago

ighy, hello-- ))

(hey so do you have a plot?)
Osprey-Rps     178d ago

(( not yet-- I can come up with one though? ))

((yeah if you want to.))
Osprey-Rps     177d ago

Sorry for the late. Also, We can switch roles if you'd prefer— sorry this is crappy, I kinda rushed it. ))) Y/C. The most popular kid in their school, obviously. They had everything they could ever need, and more. People wrapped around their finger, perfect grades, and power. Of course, that was just a little taste of what they were capable of. They didn’t need anything else; that is until the new kid arrived. The new kid, M/C. They caught Y/C's eye. Almost everyone just ignored M/C, and Y/C tried to too; if they didn’t fit in, they couldn’t keep their popularity. But it was hard. It seemed all they could think about was M/C..

Uhhh Starter Ig ;

It was party time again. Y/C was invited, of course. They were /always/ invited. But this time it was different. M/C was hosting it. Of course, Y/C couldn’t say no— 1st of all, it was M/C! And 2nd of all, if they didn’t show up, how would they keep up their reputation? They stayed for a while, and just got a little drunk. Well, ok maybe a bit more than little. But either way, the only people left at the house were M/C, Y/C, and a few people with bad hangovers. This was Y/Cs their chance,

((i'm fine with it. it looks good. it's better than what I can do tbh)
Osprey-Rps     177d ago

( aight cool- )

(what is your character's name going to be?)
Osprey-Rps     177d ago

( I'm probably going to use Ellen-- )

(alright mine is going to be Elizabeth. i really need to make ocs that have different names. I'm just unoriginal.)
Osprey-Rps     177d ago

( nonono your fine! Personally, i think its really cool-- )

(Thanks. well i need to make at least one male oc but I'm bad at playing male unless the are cannon people. I'm guessing I'm starting?)
Osprey-Rps     177d ago

( bruh, that's the same with me but with female characters-- and yeah, if you don't mind?- )


Elizabeth looked around and saw that people were passed out all over the living room. she giggled and drunkenly walked up the stairs and into a room not knowing it was Ellens room.
Osprey-Rps     177d ago

Ellen had lay spread out on her bed. She'd only had a little bit to drink, but it was enough to make her just a little bit delusional-- well, more so then she was in the first place. The brunette was to fall asleep as quickly as possible on some sort of dare or something ( we don't question this- ),but had jumped up at the sound of the door creaking open.

(but i want to know )': )

Elizabeth walked in and closed the door. she looked towards the bed. she let out a fake gasp. "oh no." she giggled and stumbled over to the bed. "are you dead?" she poked Ellen's cheek.

(never been drunk but this would probably be me drunk)
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

( so do I- but even idk :'00 )

°° Ehehe. °° The brunette had giggled. °° Maybe ~ °° Ellen had a very mischievous and giddy grin on her face

(damn it. i wish you knew)

Elizabeth giggled too. "noo the hot new girl is dead~." she hiccupped. "what is everyone going to do now?" she acted all dramatic. the only good thing was that Elizabeth was drunk but she would remember everything in the morning. "oh maybe a kiss would work like in the fairytales."
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

( ehehe- also sorry for the previous rushed reply, I had to walk to school- ) ¨ Ehe~ Has my princess arrived? ¨ Ellen hummed, words slightly slurred. The sentence didn’t make too much sense, but it was enough understandable .

(it's fine)

Elizabeth giggled. she leaned close "Maybe, I am~" Elizabeth kissed Ellen.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

The brunette had kissed her in return; Ellen seemed overly happy about this.

Elizabeth slowly pulled away. "How drunk are you?" Her tone was soft and quiet.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

¨ Oh, I don’t know ~ ¨ Ellen giggled, unaware of the situation she was in, and was still in her own fantasies.

Elizabeth giggled. She laid down next to Ellen. she pulled her close and kissed her again.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Ellen had once again, kissed her back, this time hugging her while doing so.

Elizabeth smiled into the kiss. "let's get some sleep."
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Ellen giggled. ¨ Of course, Princess~ ¨

Elizabeth blushed. "If i am the princess then you must be my Queen~" she kissed her cheek and cuddled Ellen.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Εllen had embraced her in a hug even tighter, it was obvious she was a clingy person. ¨ Aww~ ¨

"You need to loosen your grip slightly. i would like to breathe." Elizabeth yawned.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

¨ You won’t leave, will you? ¨ Ellen hummed.

"no i won't." Elizabeth kissed her cheek.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Ellen had giggled, letting loose her grip just a bit. ¨ Good. ¨

"Sleep, my Queen." Elizabeth fell asleep.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

The brunette had done so as well.

Elizabeth woke up in the morning with a small groan. she sat up and looked around confused.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Ellen had still been asleep, the brunette's head stuffed into a pillow.

Elizabeth blushed as the memories came back. "S-shit." She got out of bed. "I took advantage of her drunk." She teared up and walked downstairs. she did what she did last night because she knew she would remember it but most people don't remember what happens when they are drunk. Elizabeth woke up the other people and got them to leave. she started making breakfast and cleaning up.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Ellen had skipped down the stairs, the brunette unaware of what had happened the previous night. She was more of an airhead, so her sober-self wasn’t that much different than she was drunk. The brunette had took a few minutes to notice the other female in the room.

Elizabeth was hummin while she cooked. she had put some painkillers on the counter next to her.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Ellen had skipped into the kitchen, pausing her stride as she notice the other. ¨ Oh? Someone's still here? ¨ She hummed, looking her up and down.

Elizabeth looked up. "oh morning." She blushed and looked away. "Do you remember anything that happened?" She finished cooking.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

¨ Nope! ¨ Ellen giggled, walking next to her.

Elizabeth nodded. "there are some meds on the counter. take 2 and some water. also eat something it will help with the hangover. i got everyone else to leave." Elizabeth plated the food being careful not to look at Ellen.
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

Ellen had looked at the meds, stuck out her tongue , and looked back at the other. ¨ Whatever.. Mind filling me in on what happened last night?? ¨ She grinned.

"Well you threw a party. i stumbled into your room and that's all." Elizabeth flushed red. "eat. I'm going to start cleaning up."
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

¨ Oh Ok! ¨ Ellen smiled, but then paused. ¨ You don’t need to clean. I can do that myself. ¨

"It's fine. i help after the party."
Osprey-RpsEllen Hazel   177d ago

¨ Aww!~ Thanks a bunch! ¨ Ellen grinned, beginning to turn herself away, but almost immediately spun back around. ¨Ya' sure you wanna stay and help? ¨

"Y-yeah i'm sure." Elizabeth looked up blushing slightly.


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