The 'Klevar Marvous' Project {Alpha V.1.0}

By TheREALMrWolf


Woftonian Time translating into Earth Time...
Earth Year: 1392
Earth Month: January
Earth Day: 13th
Time: 4am. . .

Jacer Delixe woke up on friday the 13th. A very lucky day. {Authors Notes: Uhm- So Friday the 13th according to Christianity is the unluckiest day but I forgot which religion/goddess it was from but uh Friday the 13th was when special love happens. So uhm- Yeah. But in 'The Woftist Religion' Friday the 13th is the luckiest day due to the fact that peace and other events, that I will not bring up here on this thread, has occurred on Friday the 13th.} He rolled over to look at his alarm clock which beamed 4am. He groaned before looking out the window. As he looked out the window he sworn he saw a bright flaming glow, then a package fell into the white, snowy ground. Curious he got up and went downstairs to check it out after he got dressed. He walked into the backroom where the backdoor was and he saw the glowing light. He exited into the backyard and there he saw a phoenix. Eye to eye they stared at each other. And only 1 word came out of the Phoenix. Yes a word. And that word was 'Klevar'. As it disappeared a box with flame designs appeared on the ground right in front of him. He opened it up to reveal $1000 WC. {Woftonian Currency} He picked it up and questioned it. He didn't need money at all at the time. He took it anyway and kept the box. On the 5th month of the year, day 7th. He owed $1000 dollars to a bank as debt. He searched around the house for something to help him until he remembered the box. He went up to the attic and opened up to take out the money and go check it in. Which soon he was out of debt and was able to stabilize out. He spread the story around and for many years the same thing happened to him and others. He found out about others as he soon came across those people as he was spreading the story. Him and the people took it up towards the government, which some officials there had the same events happen to them, and they made the event a Woftonian Official Holiday. They went through many names all having the last word 'Marvous', which means giving, until one person came across the Phoenix again and was told by the Phoenix that its name was 'Klevar' and so the Woftonian took this up to the government and told them it. Which soon the holiday turned into 'Klevar Marvous' or 'Klevar Gives'


Wofton, Klevar Marvous, and everything related to NES Alpha-Zulu Series is UWLP Protected. Please do not steal any of this work without credit or attempt to take credit of this work. All credit will be listed below here. All dedication will be below here also.

Dedicated to:
MegashadowboyTM from Roblox ~ Thank you so much with the help of WPM and the UWLP's NES Plot. You will always be part of the dedications of UWLP NES Books. You are a great friend.

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