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just name a fandom and if i know it we can think of a plot.i can do ocs or actually characters from the fandom.Im pretty flexible though i don't do some 18+ themes i'm good with most everything else.You can pm me or send a message in this thread.this will not be a first come first serve thing meaning i'll be getting to you all.
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Osprey-Rps     1y ago

( I’d gladly RP with you; I have a couple fandoms in mind. Are you up for it? )

(do u know madness combat?
Osprey-Rps     1y ago

( no. Sadly-- )

(oh lol what kinda of fandoms u like?)
Osprey-Rps     1y ago

( honestly idrc, as long as I know what they are lmao. )

oh ok lmao the rp with madness combat i was gonna do you dont really need to know what it is its kinda a romance rp TwT
Osprey-Rps     1y ago

( oh ok. that's fine then lmao. I may have to ask a few questions because I'm a clueless idiot- )

lol i am to so go on XD)
Osprey-Rps     1y ago

( ok, so what is the storyline of madness combat-- )

As a series, Madness Combat's calling card is its excessive and brutal violence. While early episodes featured general mass violence, elements of horror and science fiction have slowly become more apparent as the series has evolved.

The series chiefly focuses around the main protagonist, Hank J. Wimbleton, and his endeavors of killing his foes. It is established in the second episode that the episodes are set "Somewhere in Nevada."

(got that from madness combat wiki bc i dont feel like typing a whole paragraph lol)

(ok im awake now)

oh hi lol)
Osprey-Rps     1y ago

makes enough sense--

yea lol wanna go to the pm so i can explain the rp lol
Osprey-Rps     1y ago

yep, just sent one--

yeah i was asleep,i like downed a bottle of melatonin

oop lol 0-0

it's fine

lol ok den

yeah,it is what it is

v e r y .


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