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Monster Human War RP

By ALonelyOtaku

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“I can tell you aren't a cow, it’s just that most monsters think humans have the intelligence of cows. I thought humans were stupid for well until you captured me. I then realized that I was the stupid one and I needed to learn more about humans. But for now, I guess I can tell you about monsters. There are actually a bunch of different species of monsters, just like how you humans have a bunch of different races. I myself and a fladragicorn, or a fairy-dragon-unicorn mix, hence the dragon wings, tail, and horns, the rainbow-ish color scheme, unicorn horn, and main appearance like a human. I'm more dragon-esc than other fladragicorns, mainly because I have more claw-like hands than others, most others don’t cause they’re more unicorn or fairy, it depends though.” *I realize that I'm just going on about this stuff that I kinda find interesting because it’s kinda just talking about myself and stop talking. I don’t want to bore you even though you have asked to learn about monsters.* “Sorry, I don’t mean to be going on about myself and fladragicorns and stuff, I wasn’t paying attention.”


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