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Ishi Kirishima and Tadashi Todoroki (Closed, 1x1)

By ALonelyOtaku

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ThatOneWeebIshi Kirishima   305d ago

“well, you did all that for me back when we were dating. You were there when I got bullied to the point where I ran away from school. You were a hero to me when I went on that rampage, you were the one to stop me and bring me and my unbridled rage back to reality. You treated me well, you were the best boyfriend I could have ever had at that point in time. You were the shoulder to cry on that I needed. And I may have moved on, but now I count you as a brother, one that has been there with me all these years, even if you weren’t, you kinda were, cause I thought about you a lot and that brought me to do better. Cause I promised you that I’d become the number one hero in Japan, so that’s what I’m going to do.”


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