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_martyr_noumenonDiavolo   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

(time to start, eh??? and yes, Diavolo chibi pic because- just because i said so- and yes, in-rp chat also because i said so, and yes- long reply- still because i said so- i warned you i felt like typing quality responses-)

Diavolo hummed an uninterested tune to himself, sitting keenly at his desk with papers piled as high as his eyes could follow, blandly flipping through them as if he were on autopilot. He understood that ruling Devildom came with a hellish amount of paperwork, but he didn't think a good portion of it would be passed down to the prince! He had school papers to go through too, nonetheless. It didn't seem like Barbatos was going to let him leave his room until he was finished, either, which just added salt to the already metaphorically open wound.
Though, while the prince's mind was on the topic of school, maybe he could rope one of his classmates into helping him out. None of the angels would willingly do so; he knew that much from Luka; but perhaps one of the fellow demons would oblige. He [i would] ask Lucifer, but the eldest demon seemed to hate him at the moment, Satan was glued to his side like he was a reverse version of the plague, Mammon was instantly out of the question, and Beelz usually required food in return for help, which was something Diavolo didn't have at the moment. Which left Asmodeus; though, frankly, Diavolo didn't want to even [i imagine] what he'd have to do in return as a 'favour'; Leviathan; who was probably busy gaming; and Belphegor.
Belphegor! That was somebody Diavolo hadn't talked to in a few days, and he was who didn't seem to utterly despise; or was addicted to; him either! Perfect! Now all the prince had to do was find a way to sneak past his butler, which was no easy feat. Scooping up a pile of the papers littered about on his desk, Diavolo quietly tiptoed to his window and pried it open, keeping his eyes glued back to his room's door in case it opened. When he was sure he wouldn't get caught, he slid out of the window, landing on the ground with a soft thud. He swiftly scurried his way through the Devildom grounds until he got to the seven brother's mansion, snickering to himself the entire run there. He would surely get scolded for this later; or even by Lucifer if the eldest demon out of the seven caught him; but he couldn't care less. He needed a little help, so he was going to get it.
Diavolo poked his head through the front door of the mansion, checking to ensure the coast was clear before skittering inside. He made his way through the familiar halls, going as far as hiding when needed to avoid being seen, before [i finally] making his way to Belphegor's room. Praying to whatever fictional demon might be of a higher rank than his own royalty, he softly knocked on the door, hoping that the sleepy, sloth demon would actually be [i inside] his room for once.
"Hey, hey! Lemme in, before Barbatos or Lucifer catch me!" Diavolo whisper-called out, shifting awkwardly in front of the door with his stack of papers, frantically looking around to ensure he wouldn't be seen standing at the door by anybody.
OldCryptidsBelphegor   1y ago

(*pops fingers* Let's do this--)

The demon of sloth was watching a show before looking over at his door, groaning softly. "Mammon, if that's you again, I swear to Luci you need to stop coming to my door every day." He grumbled, then opened it. He stared up at Diavolo in absolute and utter confusion, blinking before moving aside after a moment. "Come in, I guess." He closed and locked the door behind the other demon, going back to his bed and unpausing his show as he flopped down onto the plush pillows. He was humming along with the theme song of the show, then realized he probably should be paying attention to Diavolo. "Soo...uhh...what're you doing here, your highness?" He asked curiously, placing his head on his hand quietly as he raised his eyebrows. He was laying on his cow-patterned sheets, watching him and curiously tilting his head.
_martyr_noumenonDiavolo   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Diavolo let out a quiet, minuscule sigh of relief when he was allowed to enter the room, walking inside and neatly sitting down, setting his pile of papers to his side while he did so. He got caught in his head for a moment due to said relief, a contented smile on his face just from being out of his own room alone. It was an amazing feeling to finally get out of such a suffocating cage, he'd admit that happily.
Diavolo looked up when he was addressed, blinking a few times to snap out of his slight mental daze, blinking a few more times to process what he was asked. "Seriously, what is it with you guys and addressing me formally?... Just call me Diavolo..." The prince muttered to himself with a slight disapproving frown on his face, though it was sort to last, swiftly getting overwritten by a sheepish little smile.
"Though, uh, I kiiiinda would like a little help with my work... [i Schoolwork] that is, of course. I'd never dare ask one of you seven to help me out with royal affairs; that'd stress you guys out too much, I'd bet... But, uh, I don't really understand the latest assignments, so I thought I'd come to [i you] for help! Potions, item making, and enchanting were never really my thing, I prefer genuine spells cause they're showy..." He rambled out, his voice progressively getting softer and quieter as he spoke, looking down at the stack for a second before grabbing at a few of the papers and lazily glancing through them. The pile itself was more than armsful, and it was painfully evident he alone couldn't get through them all by himself, let alone efficiently from the sounds of it.
"I normally ask for Lucifer's help because he's used to helping me with this, but he seems to be... Erh, mad at me currently. And, no offence, but your other brothers don't seem to be the brightest bunch. I can only imagine all the horrible outcomes asking any one of them for help," Diavolo added on with a soft laugh, softly rubbing at the back of his head.
OldCryptidsBelphegor   1y ago

"...You're asking ME for help? I'm sorry, but...why? I'm usually the lazy one, I procrastinate my homework until the last moment. Why don't you ask one of the other royal family members?" He asked curiously, looking up at him before sighing as he stood up. Belphegor wasn't usually one to reject someone's cry for help, even if he didn't want to do someone [i else's] homework as well as his own. He had decided to just make Diavolo do most of the work while giving him hints and occasional help, and he pointed to a stool. "Pull that up to the desk." He mumbled, pushing some papers aside on his desk as he patted the desk in order to tell Diavolo to put the papers down. He examined the papers quietly, sorting out what should be more commonplace knowledge and what he feels should be able to be done with both of them.
_martyr_noumenonDiavolo   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Diavolo was swift to listen to the instructions he was told, seeming to almost rush a bit to pull up a stool and set down his armful of papers onto the desk, silently peering down upon the other demon as he examined them. Normally he didn't take orders very well, but he was almost happy do to so this time around. Schoolwork took a taxing toll on him, so to have some help was sheer bliss in his opinion. He was a quick learner as well, as long as he could comprehend what was being asked of him, hence why he [i usually] needed to ask for a little help.
The two plowed through the stack of assignments in what felt like no time to Diavolo, leaving a new pile of completed papers behind in their wake. Silently overjoyed with the completion of his work, he smiled down at the stack, flipping through it with a proud, accomplished smile on his face. The demon glanced back up at Belphegor after a moment of doing nothing but fondly looking at the papers; yes, even the prince of all people was a bit eccentric; offering him the same warm smile.
"What can I do for you in return for your help?" Diavolo asked curiously, hoping he would get the chance to return the favour given to him. He wouldn't take a 'no' for an answer either. It was just how the demon prince worked; if he got a favour, he would give one back to make things even. Just because he was the future, aka soon-to-be, King of Devildom, it didn't mean he didn't have a heart for his subjects, especially when they theoretically stuck their neck out for him.
OldCryptidsBelphegor   1y ago

"Huh? Oh. No, please, you don't need to do that, Diavolo. Please, don't." He shook his head before crossing his arms as he looked away with a soft sigh, humming to himself. Belphegor didn't want to be held accountable anyway, moving back over to his bed and laying down as he yawned. "I'm happy to help. If you really wanna make it up to me, then..." He thought about it for a bit before shrugging. "Go put your papers back and then come over again. Come have a sleepover." He spoke out calmly, watching him as he pulled his cow-themed blanket over his legs.
_martyr_noumenonDiavolo   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Diavolo blinked a few times, processing the request that was made to him before hopping up out of the stool he sat in and scooping up all of his papers. Yet again, he seemed happy to do as was asked of him, sputtering out that he would be right back before sneaking out of the room back to his castle room in order to set his things down at his own desk. Thankfully Barbatos didn't seem to notice his absence, so Diavolo was free to sneak out once again, scurrying out the same room window before making his way back to the seven sin's mansion. He slid into the kitchen while he was there and grabbed an armful of snacks, proceeding to tiptoe his way to Belphegor's room while avoiding getting caught by any of the other brothers. "Sorry if it took me a while, your brothers aren't easy to sneak past." Diavolo apologized while he slid inside the room, closing the door behind him before neatly setting down the pile of snacks he swiped.

The demon of Sloth looked up at Diavolo when he got back, looking him up and down before raising an eyebrow at him. "Do you have any pajamas?" He asked quietly, then stood up as he yawned. "If you don't, I could probably steal some of Mammon's pajamas for you." He hummed lightly, stretching before grabbing a bag of chips and opening it while turning on a cartoon. He knew that his brothers would tease him if they knew he watched stuff like this, but he found himself not caring. Belphegor sat down at his desk while drawing and allowing Diavolo to hang around. He was trying to make his artistic skills better, humming along to the intro to the anime.


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