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Forgotten Secret, New home. (B)

By SinisterSufferings

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Y/C Just moved into a new home. It was built in the 1700's, is huge, and in surprisingly great shape. What they weren't expecting was that someone (M/C) had been left behind, forgotten there for a very long time.
Expect it to be slow moving as I find romantic roleplays more fun that way.
1. 16+ IRL age please.
2. Character age must be 20+
3. Trigger warnings are appreciated
4. No S3xual content as its against site rules.
5. No godmodding (Taking control of another persons character)
6. I dislike one-liners as they don't give much to work with, please dont give me one every single reply. The occasional one liner is acceptable as we all get writers block and such every now and then.
7. I have to work and my schedule is all over the place, be patient with my replies.

1x1,MxM, Everyday life, vampire?

This thread will be a backup :P

Here's my starting line:

Zuka had been cleaning the grand hall (First room Y/C will walk into upon entering the home) He dusted the corners and was wiping down a window when he noticed someone waling toward the door. He swiftly disappeared, or rather moved to fast for the human eye, reappearing in the shafts above the grad hall, his eyes glued o the door expectantly.
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Hanauso   1y ago

[center Draven had been asleep for decades, centuries some might say. Harlans had suffer a few great loss back in the 1800s. By 1833 Draven was the last Harlan left. He too soon disappeared and the Harlans where no more.

The Harlans had suffer many great losses. Land, wealth and even family members. Maybe that was why Draven had disappeared. He was only in his twenties when he disappear. Wealthy young bachelor like himself surely would of been snatched up. Draven was gone with out a trace.

The house had sat empty for many years. It was sold time and time again until finally it came into his possession. That was when Draven finally open his eyes. It had almost been 200 years. Draven icy blue eyes shot open when heard footsteps in the grand hall which was above the old seller where Draven coffin had been placed.

Draven weakly push the lid to the coffin off. He slowly sat up and looked around the dusty dark room. He could hear it the sounds of the person above him heart beating. Draven icy blue eyes quickly change to a burning vermillion. Draven shook his head, of course he was starving. It had been years since he fed. Draven slowly made his way out of the seller. Were scerect rooms hidden all over the house so it was easy to slip out of the seller.

Once he made it up the stairs, he peeked into the other room. He seen the young man who had been hard at work cleaning. When the male suddenly turn around he quickly moved. He made it up to the rafters. He looked down at the male. He quickly shifted to his form into a cat. Draven had been know to shape-shift. It was one of his many talent, he was only able to shift into three animals.

Surely it was good to change into cat, because humans wouldn't suspect a thing. Other than some how a stray had gotten inside. Draven looked down at the male. His piercing blue that glitter with bright vermillion flecks. Even though he was in cat form his long teeth were exposed. Draven icy eyes never left the male watching him close until finally the man looked up and seen him.

(I hope this post it okay.)
SinisterSufferingsZuka   1y ago

(Zuka was supposed to be the vampire but is all good, i can shift roles! ^^))

Zuka narrowed his eyes, looking at the dark figure above him. 'Is that a cat..?' he thought curiously, noting its strangely colored eyes.

He sat the cleaning supplies down, walking to his bag which he had left by the door and pulling something out. It was food, human food of course, but still food. 'Maybe its hungry?' He thought to himself as he walked back to the area he had seen the cat. He looked back up, holding the food out and making an attempt to coax the animal out.
Hanauso   1y ago

[center Draven looked down at Zuka. His icy colored eyes never left the man. Draven seen the boy pull out some food. It did smell good but at this point food wasn't going to satisfy his hunger. Draven stood up and gracefully made his way to the floor. Up close Draven looked like a normal Maine Coon. His ebony colored fur looked soft and silky. Draven look at the food that Zuka held out.

Draven icy blue eyes looked away. He sat there on the floor a few inches away from Zuka. What should he do next. Should he take advantage of the young man? Or should he simply leave him alone. Draven glanced around the room. Everything still seemed the same, accept for a few thing here and there.

Draven stood up walked out the grand hall and down the hallway. Maybe could get the boy to follow him then when he was least aspecting it, he would make his move. He would sink his sharp fangs into the male throat.

(Sorry about that! )
SinistersufferingsZuka   1y ago

(Is all good, change of pace is fun lol)
Zuka tilted his head, 'Wheres it going?' He thought quietly, as he moved to follow the cat. He found it interesting that a cat with oddly well groomed fur was alone in the mansion and was curious to see what it was up to. "Hey wait for me!" He said softly following the feline.
Hanauso   1y ago

Draven walked down the hall he figured the human would follow him. It didn't bother him, everything about the house seemed the same yet so different at the same time. It was kept in good shape. Which he was happy to see. His manor was still standing. That was all the matter right? A he walked down the hall his glassy nails clinked on the floor. The large cat stop when he came a crossed an extravagant painting hanging on the wall. It was a portrait of him, Draven quickly used his sharp claws to tear the painting apart.

Draven couldn't have his identity exposed yet. It wouldn't be good if he decided to come back to this place as himself anytime soon. That portrait was too life like. Draven quickly jump back surely the the boy was going to be mad at him for ripping thing apart.

Draven let out a cute meow before running off down the hallway quickly. He then seen an open window jump out it. He was lucky it was night. He landed on his feet and disappear into the darkness.

Draven his best to make it looked he run off to the near by park. After he was out of Zuka site. He decided changed back to his human like form. He then walked up to the large house. Walking up the steps brought back memories. He sighed softly as he knocked on the soil oak door.
SinisterSufferingsZuka   1y ago

Zuka had been looking for the cat who had dissapeared. He sighed as he shut the open window figuring the cat had escaped. He had shaken his head in annoyance at the torn painting before jumping slightly when he heard a knock at the door.

After quickly recovering, he walked back to the front door and opened it, 'Who is i- err.." He trailed off, looking up at the taller man at the door. "Hi?" He sounded uncertain as he tilted his head.
Hanauso   1y ago

[center [+red "Hello... Have you seen a large Maine Coon cat. He all black, with bit of ebony streaks in his fur. He also has pale blue eyes. He a bit of a trouble maker..."] He said with a faint smile. Draven looked at that young male who stood in the door way nervously. It was good for him to be nervous. After all he was standing face to face with a blood sucking monster.

Draven pale blue eyes had the same red fleck as the large cat, his hair was also the the same color as the cats. Luckily to Draven advantage it was dark there was only one street light on. It was down a little ways.

[+red "What I lovely home you have here... "] he said softly as he looked at he male. [+red "I take you don't know the stories... of all the dead bodies buried under the basement floor"] he said dryly. Of course the basement door was locked and only Draven had the the key. [+red I am really glad that someone bought it and is taking good care of it... if you see my cat Raven... I just lived down the street..."] he pointed toward the woods. Draven knew this area well he knew somewhere there was a cabin that was hidden with in the woods. Granted what shape it was in was a different story.

[+red "Well I will leave you alone..." ] he said as he backed away from the door. Why Draven didn't attack the male then and there is a different story. He had his reasons, maybe it was because he wanted to gain the male trust. Or many it wanted to strike fear into the male. Draven always did love the thrill of the hunt. When humans were frighten their blood tasted differently.
SinisterSufferingsZuka   1y ago

Zuka had stared up at the taller male, tilting his head. He had planned on replying, that is until somethng of "all the dead bodies" was mentioned. He furrowed his brows, shifting nervously as the other continued to talk. This was of course until he gave a small nod "Yeah uh- O-ok... Ill keep an eye out for your cat.." He said, fear leaking through his voice slightly. He growled lowly, willing it to stay hidden.
Hanauso   1y ago

[center Draven smiled softly as he looked over his shoulder. He watched the male closed the door. Fear running through his mind. 

Draven eventually came back to the male house this time he was in his cat form. It was still easy to slip inside since the male had no idea how to get into the basement. Once inside he slipped up stair and looked for the male. 

Surely he was probably sleeping since it had gotten rather late. Draven carefully walked around the house being light on his feet.


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