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Mitsuba hummed to himself while residing in his Boundary, scooting in close to a mirror before adjusting it and admiring himself in the mirror. His eyes glimmered gently as he laid down on the ground, seeming happy to be there by himself. Of course, he'd prefer it if Kou could come and visit. He sighed softly and laid his head down as he swayed his legs in the air, closing his eyes and yawning while just looking back up at the mirror. Of course, it was in order to find any threats he could be threatened by, not wanting to get disturbed by anyone. " hm hm hm..." He hummed happily as he looked up at the ceiling, rolling over and stretching out slowly. "It's boring here..." He stood up before hopping around his Boundary, smiling to himself as he did acrobatics as best he could.
_martyr_noumenonYugi Tsukasa   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Tsukasa quietly floated through the halls of the newer building of school, softly whining to himself about the lack of entertainment currently present and available for him. Sakura and her weirdly loyal friend had left him all alone for the day due to their studies, or whatever they called it, leaving him at a loss of what to do. On top of that, he couldn't go bother Nene, Kou, Akane, or even Teru as they all were in class at the moment, nor could he find Yako or one of the other Wonders of the school. With a defeated sigh, he wandered into the old building after stalking his would-be taunt victims in their classes, floating into the bathroom his brother was normally found inside. He didn't know why he got his hopes up only to see nobody there. Even Yugi was nowhere to be found, and he hated it! Tsukasa whined yet again, turning to face the window for a moment before the mirror caught his eye. Wait... Mistuba! Perfect! Mitsuba surely would be in his boundary, as the apparition had nowhere else to be at the moment; he grinned widely at the realization, and, more than happily, he hopped into the boundary full of mirrors. "Oh Mitsubaaaaa!!" Tsukasa called out, eccentrically looking around for the pink-haired Wonder.

He instantly flinched and nearly fell off of the railing he was standing on, quietly yelping before catching himself and glaring up at Tsukasa as he floated up to perch on the railing once more. He hated it when Tsukasa just let himself into other's Boundaries like this, and he crossed his arms as he raised an eyebrow down at the other apparition. "Hello." He sighed out before floating up to meet him, watching him with an unamused expression on his face despite the coursing fear pumping through him. How badly he wanted to find a way to get rid of the apparition and just wait for Kou, but he knew that Tsukasa never really left when he was focused on something. It was one of the annoying things about him, and he ran a hand through his cherry milkshake-colored hair before floating closer. "Do you have a particular reason for visiting my Boundary, Tsukasa-san, or did you just come here to be annoying as usual? I'm busy, you know, I don't have time to deal with you." Mitsuba was acting more confident than usual, maybe he was growing into his power as a Wonder? It certainly seemed so, the odd hands that were made from his scarf now stretching out to hold him in a sort of hammock form as he yawned softly.
_martyr_noumenonYugi Tsukasa   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

"Annoying? Geez, you have a harsh way with words, Mitsuba-san," Tsukasa whined out, hanging his head in sheer disappointment and solemn remorse, though it was clear that it was all fun and games when he looked back up with the same grin as before. "Sakura-san and her pet are busy with schoolwork, and Amane is nowhere to be found... So I thought I'd visit with you until school lets out or whatever!" He declared. gently playing with the two black ghostly orbs that danced around him in the same excited manner he spoke in. The apparition's smile only grew worse, progressively getting darker as he floated closer, "It's not like you have much of a choice regardless anyways, so why not entertain me for a bit? You're waiting for Kou-kun, I'm waiting for Sakura-san, and we both need something to kill time! Don't you like the friendlier of the two options?" Tsukasa added on with a curious tilt of his head whilst his eyes went a few shades darker than they typically were, bordering on becoming sadistically black.

"Stay where thou art." He spoke out suddenly, one of the hands suddenly extending to slam Tsukasa into one of the pillars of the room while being controlled by Mitsuba's own hand. He was shaking, but the hand holding Tsukasa held firm as he took a shaky breath. "You aren't welcome here, Tsukasa Yugi." He growled out as he narrowed his eyes, managing to remain firm in his words despite his nearly crippling fear of the apparition. Mitsuba had a firm hate for the other, and it was finally coming out as his teeth sharpened a little bit, growling harshly as he floated closer to him. "I am the Third Wonder of this school, and I'm done with your meddling in my rumors!" He sounded angry as the room around them began to grow dark, the energy in the school shifting with the pink-haired Wonder's anger. Most of the other Wonders could feel it, and even Nene, Kou and Teru could feel it idly.
_martyr_noumenonYugi Tsukasa   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Tsukasa blinked a few times in soft surprise, astonished by the fact Mitsuba managed to do something so forceful, let alone to him. Though, weirdly enough, he wasn't exactly about to do anything about it, if anything he almost seemed to be... Proud? He let out a squeakish laugh, playing into the fact others regularly referenced him to be a rat, the two black haku-joudai orbs now semi-playfully dancing around the pink-haired Wonder. "Aww, what, can't Mitsuba-san take a few rumors? Like the one about the Hall of Mirrors being an eternal hell? Oh! Or my favourite one, that the person guarding over it is a freakish-looking demon who won't hesitate to devour hearts! I liked coming up with that one," Tsukasa laughed out, kicking his feet about carelessly despite being held up against a pilliar. "C'mon Mitsuba-san, you don't wanna fight me, do you? Imagine what would happen if your wish was revoked! Kou wouldn't remember you for even a second! Is that what you want; to be forgotten, powerless, and Boundary-less?"

A soft pant escaped him before his anger rose further, letting out a soft scream before slamming him against the wall again as he gripped onto his own hair tightly. [i "I'M TIRED OF HAVING MY RUMORS MESSED WITH! I JUST WANT TO BE A PEACEFUL WONDER!!"] He shouted out, his voice falling through every hall of his Boundary as his claws raked along the pillars roughly. He never wanted to be a Wonder the way Tsukasa had made him one, beginning to scream as his anger further grew. As much as he wanted to stop himself from hurting anyone, he seemed need an outlet for his anger to come out. His eyes glowed angrily as his hair floated a bit, a gentle growl escaping him as he tightened the giant hand around the apparition and slammed Tsukasa into the floor.


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