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Closed to : Mercuri

By Connor_Hickman
This is a thriller with a bit of horror on it with a ​bit of underlying romance maybe a Mom or FxF or maybe MxF.

Blackwell Acadmy backstory
They are many difrent colleges in Oregon but everyone wants to be in the elite college Blackwell Acadmy. For the fall semester you enroll. It is the best. Photography college.you You wait and wait you finally get in.Unlike most colleges that you can live off school grounds you must stay in the dorms. As you go there you see everyone has there own room in the dorm. And the male dorms are difrent side than female dorms. As you go to school for the first day you get to class you get a
Canon EOS Rebel( Camera) and a laptop among other things. But you hear talk of girls have been going missing not been found. And what about school will you find friends or more.

1 at lest a 200 Char or more please.
2 be okay with romance
3 if you don't post within a month without telling that you will be leaving.
4 cursing will happen.
5. Messge me if you want to join
6 be semi lit to lit please.
I have a right to add more rules
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MercuriPeru   306d ago

Peru sat in his dorm room playing with his pet hamster. He wasn’t quite sure if cats were allowed, or even hamsters, but he couldn’t go a day without his little companion. The hamster was running on its wheel, looking as though it was having so much fun. With a content smile on his face, Peru left the hamster alone. He sat down on his bed and pulled his laptop from out of it’s case. It was a pretty large laptop, green with darker green designs printed on it. He logged onto his Google Docs to finish his work, a heavy sigh following.
Connor_HickmanSam   306d ago

Ash was outside. His car a in his hand he had finshed the type part of the assignment and was one the photos part. This was their first assignment this year. He bent down a snaped a photo if a yellow dasiy. The photo was clear and okay for his first photo. He stood up with a slight shiver. It was fall and he could tell in by the cold winds, and now the leaves had started to change color. He would walk around front and get a lone oak trees photo and smile. He walked to the boys dorm and walked in the bulding. He could see everyone in there own room. He would quckly walk to his room after words he felt a lot warmer.
MercuriPeru   306d ago

The sound of keys getting pressed filled the whole room. He had to admit, he was a pretty fast typer. There were the sound of footsteps coming down the hall, and Peru perked up. Could it be his sister finally coming to visit? He placed the laptop down next to him and hopped out of his bed. Swinging the door open, the wide smile on his face quickly turned into a frown when he realized it was just another college student going to their destination.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   305d ago

Ash saw Peru he waved " Hi" he said and saw the frown " Sorry I wasnt the one you was hoping for was I?" He asked but quickly added " Sorry that's nin of my business". He rubbed his arms. " I'll see you later." He would pause think of his name he had the same class with him " Peru right?" He tietled his head. He wasn't very good with names.
MercuriPeru   305d ago

Peru stayed quiet momentarily, then nodded. “Yes, it’s Peru”. He didn’t usually socialize with people, so he was kind of bad, and he didn’t want to go through the humiliation. ‘Then again’, he thought, ‘It wouldn’t hurt to have another friend..’.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   305d ago

" well if you need help in there" he would ponit two door up on the other side of the hallway. ' he seems quite hope I don't be over the top' Ash wpuld think " Oh also I'm Asher but you can call me Ash" he would say
MercuriPeru   305d ago

A slight smile appeared on Peru’s face and he nodded. “Well, hi Ash”. Peru looked at his watch, his face a little worried. “Hey uh, do you know when our next class is..?”. He had a habit of being late for classes, and that was really starting to affect his grades.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   305d ago

"About thirty but the assinment isn't due yet " he said after looking at a clock near by. " have you started taking photos for it?" He asked as he slightly tutled his head
MercuriPeru   305d ago

Suddenly freezing, Peru remembered that he was supposed to take photos. “Oh crap!”. Quickly rushing back to his bed to grab his phone, he ran out of his dorm to get pictures. Then, he stopped at the steps and realized something. “I don’t exactly have money for transportation to get to where I need to go to...”. His shoulders dropped and he sighed.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   305d ago

" where do you need to go? Also it's not due okay" he said with a soft smile " I'll pay." He got out his bill fold. " get your camera and stuff" he added looking back up at him.
MercuriPeru   305d ago

Peru looked over at Ash. “It’s not due..? Huh.. that’s good to know I guess”. He straightened his hat and smiled. “I need to get to a park. Any park. Doesn’t matter”.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   305d ago

" Oh we can walk to one it's really cloae. Also good photos on the way normally. Or we can take a bus" he shrugged. " it's due tomorrow. Though" he said at the rnd
MercuriPeru   305d ago

Peru thought for a moment, then nodded. “Let’s go then.. we’ll, that’s if you want to go with me”. He was unsure if Ash had things he had to do, and he definitely didn’t want to get in the way.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   304d ago

" yeah I don't have much to do" he would smile. He would start to walk to the door. " this way" He would open the door and wait for him.
MercuriPeru   304d ago

Peru smiled and thanked him. He walked out the door, his phone camera in hand. A thought popped up in his head, and Peru turned to Ash. “Why are you doing this for me? You barely know me yet and you’re trying to help me with my assignment”. With a small smile on his face, he had hoped he didn’t come off as rude.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   304d ago

" Huh? Oh yeah well because I can really plus we're in the same class so why not" he replied with a shrug it didn't seem rude to him at all. " I just know on the first day it's ruff is all really" some of his hair went in his face as the wind blew.
MercuriPeru   304d ago

‘Well, that makes sense’, Peru thought. He quickly made his way down the steps and outside, the cold air immediately hitting his skin. “Wow-“, Peru began. “I didn’t think it would be this cold out. Sheesh”.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   304d ago

" I was just out here and it's so cold' he said with a smile. " but it should. Get warmer soon'( sorry it's so short I have too go soon)
MercuriPeru   304d ago

“Hopefully”, Peru replied. “Where’s the nearest park you know?”, he asked while idly fiddling with his phone. Peru really just wanted to hurry up and snap some pictures of a few squirrels and maybe a bird or two so he could get back to his warm and cozy room.
Connor_HickmanAsher " Ash"   297d ago

"Less than a block away". He ponited straight. " dud you not get your camera from class we all got one or at lest u thought" he would question " I mean nothing by that" he added. He seemed to slightly like the cold be Every now anf again he woulf shiver.
MercuriPeru   297d ago

“Oh...” Peru looked at his phone, then back towards the school building. “I thought we were allowed to use any camera, as long as it could produce pictures”. He tightened his hoodie up and said “I’ll be right back. Let me get my camera”. He rushed passed Ash, racing up the steps back to his dorm room.
Connor_Hickman     297d ago

Ash would run back after him " I'm sorry" he would yell to him trying to get up to him. He got up with him " I ment nothing by it" he was fwlling bad for it.
MercuriPeru   297d ago

Peru arrived at his dorm and sat down, unsure if he even wanted to finish this project..
A small F wouldn’t hurt his grade.. right? He rubbed his head and looked out his window, wishing his sister was here right about now.
Connor_Hickman     296d ago

Ash was outside " well you know where the park is you can go there and sorry if you need you can borrow mine" he would say and he could here him walk to his own room. He sat on his bed. He didn't mean to say something wrong but like always he dose even when he don't mean to
MercuriPeru   296d ago

There was a deafening silence in Peru’s room and he didn’t like it. “Maybe I was being a bit childish”, he said aloud, half to himself and half to.. well- nobody. He looked over at his laptop, the Google Docs assignment still open.
Connor_Hickman     286d ago

Ash looked out a window. ' I did it again I said the wrong thing like I always go's e thought to himself ' I should just be White's e looked at a laptop and stated to sit up but stoped and laid back down. He waited then stood up and brushed his hair again. He would plug up his laptop and get his phone and earbuds
MercuriPeru   283d ago

Peru closed out of the assignment, deciding to continue it tomorrow or something. "I'll say sorry to him the next time I see him. That was really stupid of me to run off..." He shivered a little when he turned off his lamp light and drew the blankets up over him.
Connor_Hickman     277d ago

He would yawn and turn on his phone. He scrolled through his social media and then turned on his music. " I'm tell him sorry when I see him" he sighed and looked about his room. He was unsure on what to do now.


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