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(TBHK) Tsukasa X OC (1x1)

By ALonelyOtaku

I have no literal idea, I just want to do a Tsukasa X OC roleplay. We can discuss the plot and all of that via PMs. I am going to play Tsukasa, you can be whoever you want, it can be an OC or a character from the series, I don't mind.

I'd like romance to be a part of the storyline we make, and I want to maybe have a few dark scenes (Murder, Bullying, Etc.)
I require 500+ character posts as I tend to write around 1000+ and ask for the same in return.
I don't have really any major triggers or rules other than keeping everything SFW.
PM me if you are interested and PM me with Y/C's bio if they are an OC.
First Come First Serve.

Thank you for reading, have an amazing day!~
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