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Blackwell Acadmy( 1x1)

By Connor_Hickman

This is a thriller with a bit of horror on it with a ​bit of underlying romance maybe a Mom or FxF or maybe MxF.

Blackwell Acadmy backstory
They are many difrent colleges in Oregon but everyone wants to be in the elite college Blackwell Acadmy. For the fall semester you enroll. It is the best. Photography college.you You wait and wait you finally get in.Unlike most colleges that you can live off school grounds you must stay in the dorms. As you go there you see everyone has there own room in the dorm. And the male dorms are difrent side than female dorms. As you go to school for the first day you get to class you get a
Canon EOS Rebel( Camera) and a laptop among other things. But you hear talk of girls have been going missing not been found. And what about school will you find friends or more.

1 at lest a 200 Char or more please.
2 be okay with romance
3 if you don't post within a month without telling that you will be leaving.
4 cursing will happen.
5. Messge me if you want to join
6 be semi lit to lit please.
I have a right to add more rules
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Connor_HickmanSam   307d ago

Sam was walking around with her camera in hand. She was looking down trying to stay out of people way. Her brown hair fell in front of her face.

Elizabeth was looking around in awe. she had never thought she would be at Blackwell Academy. she had just gotten her camera and was going to her dorm. she wondered if she would be sharing a dorm or not.
Connor_HickmanSam   307d ago

Sam looked up. She was walking to her dorm. Sam was quite as she saw someone around there. Sam walked up " H-hi." She said waving to her. " A-are you new?" She questioned

Elizabeth looked at the girl who talked to her. "y-yeah I am. i don't know where dorm 345 is at." Elizabeth rubbed the back of her neck. "um sorry to ask this of you but can you help me find it?" Elizabeth shifted on her feet shyly.
Connor_HickmanSam   307d ago

She smiled," yeah" she nodded " Your in the room beside mine. Everyone has there own room also I'm going there now. " she smiled. She took a few steeps then looked to her to see if she was following her.

Elizabeth smiled and followed. "Okay, so that answers another one of my questions. i was wondering if we had our own dorms. so what are in the dorms and what do we need to buy for ourselves. i would think food. oh my name is Elizabeth."
Connor_HickmanSam   307d ago

"Dorms are in one building but we each have our own room bed and so on umm the food you need to buy. Dorms are free because you paid for it to get in here." She replied " I'm and I'm Sam. It's nice to meet you." She smiled

"So is it like a small apartment?" Elizabeth smiled back. "It's nice to meet you too Sam." Elizabeth quickly took a picture of Sam. "My first picture." She giggled.
Connor_HickmanSam   307d ago

" yeah" she laughed. And qucklt snaped a photo of Elizabeth. " your my first photo too! This way" she opened a door. The door opened. It was a big bulding there was one big hallway. Each side has a door. As they walked a down there was a indented halway it was a shower room. " here's your room mines there" she ponited across the hall.

Elizabeth smiled and put her camera away. she grabbed her key and unlocked the door opening it. "so what does this make us now? are we friends?" Elizabeth tilted her head.
Connor_HickmanSam   307d ago

" Y-Yeah we are freinds" she nooded with a small smile. She would walk to her door. " see you later Elizabeth." She waved to her.

Elizabeth smiled brightly. "Yay. see you later Sam." Elizabeth went into her dorm and looked around already making a mental plan on what to buy. she set her stuff down and started unpacking her bags.
Connor_HickmanSam   307d ago

Even though ahe got here a day before she still needed to unpack. Likr everyone she had a bed. She had put up some led lights and book case with a lot of books. She moved a small table to the window . She had small things but still need to get other things.

Elizabeth hadn't brought much and she would need to have her maid bring her other things. she took a breath once she realize she would have to act normal person and not like royalty. "Alright, Elizabeth you can do this. you are in an elite school and you worked hard to get here. you just have to make sure no one knows who you really are. it's a good thing Elizabeth is a common name."
Connor_HickmanSam   306d ago

She looked around and saw how barren the walls are. She got the photo and pinned in on her wall. Shr also started walking out with her camera to take more photos. But first she tirned off her lights.

Elizabeth grabbed her camera and turned her lights off. she went out of the room. "Hey, Sam. you taking pictures too?"
Connor_HickmanSam   306d ago

" yeah " she nodded " I'm going to go to a near by park wanna come?" She motioned to the park. Sam fur ed and locked her door as she waited.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yeah sure that would be great." Elizabeth closed her door and locked it. "It sucks that there is not a kitchen in the dorm. it's only a room and a small closet. you would think a school like this would have better dorms."
Connor_HickmanSam   306d ago

" Huh?" She turened around ' this is the best dorm you can use the schools one" she rased a eye brow but still walked to the door then waited for Elizabeth

"i have seen better dorms." Elizabeth realized that she was acting like a spoiled princess. "sorry. it is nice. i just would like to be able to have my own area. i have a few allergies. i also don't like the idea of sharing bathrooms."
Connor_HickmanSam   305d ago

" new to but there is multiple ones there for everyone it's small but it works." She would say. Sam didn't mind the way she was asking. " Oh if you don't mind me asking. What was the dorms like?" She would add happly

"Well, the dorms were like small apartments. there was a bathroom, a living room, kitchen, and bedroom." Elizabeth hummed. "It was bigger too. sometimes there were roommates and others not."
Connor_HickmanSam   305d ago

" Oh that's sonds amazing!" She smiled. " let's go we can take some photo of ya want to" she would add " it's really pretty out"

"Yeah and with my strict diet having my own kitchen would have been nice." Elizabeth smiled. "Yeah let's go. i want to practice more."
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" okay" she would nod and lead her to the park. The park had a open space that had some people playing football and a patch of trees that's and it's leaves slowly changing colors.and some people was having pinicncs some just sitting it was full of people. Sam smiled and tried to take a photo of the trees. The photo was blurry but it was only her second photo.

she looked around. "It's so pretty." Elizabeth took out her camera and focused it on a group of people having a picnic. She took a picture and looked at it. "Oh it turned out really well. not the bet but I did well on it. I was lucky that non of them moved too much." She walked over and showed Sam.
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

' oh that's great!" She smiled " Oh the movements part you I think can take a motion photo. " she paused " maybe Mr. Jefferson might tell us today when we go to class" ( also do you mind if in play multiple. People? My main one will be Sam)

(Yeah you can play multiple people. i might end up playing multiple people. as Elizabeth is a princess she would have people who know her well.)

"Oh is that our teacher? i never got his name." Elizabeth smiled. "I don't know how to take a motion picture and I don't think these cameras can. that might be for a later lesson."
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" yes he is he's really famous. Great. Books about photography and taking photos" Sam smiled " that's one reason I chose to go here." She paused and looked at a dasy. And took a photo very quickly" and yeah most likely"

"oh wasn't he the one that got to meet the Queen and King?" Elizabeth thought for a second. she did remember meeting him. she had always been interested in photography and when he got to meet her parents she begged to meet him. she wonders if he would remember her. "Didn't he also take family photos for them?"
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" I think so.. Yeah he did " she smiled " I really wanted to meet them but I don't really remember what there daughter looks like it's been a while" she said but looked around then to her phone. " first class is in about a hour" she put away of her phone.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yeah, I have a few pictures that they let the public have. their gardens look amazing." she looked away to hide her giddiness. she realize that people might know who she looks like. "Hey, Sam after our first class can we go to a salon? i want to dye my hair." She knew it wouldn't be much but she hopes it would help. she got out her phone and messaged her family group chat. <Hey, mom and dad can I get a haircut and dye my hair. i realize that people might recognize me.>

Alex: <ooo my baby sister wants a haircut. they grow up so fast. :( >

Elizabeth:<Shut the fuck up. we are twins.>

Queen Angella:<Kids calm down. yeah, I'm fine with it. we did forget that part.>

King Micah: <Yes you can Izzy. remember to be safe. I and your mother are planning on sending some of your guards down with you. they are the ones you are close with.>

Izzy:<Yay thanks, mom and dad.>

Elizabeth was smiling as she texted her family. she had lots of siblings but it seems like most were not on.

(hell yeah i did a good job this time.)
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

Sam would pause for a moment " yeah! Ooh what color do you want to have?" She questioned happily " Oh and I'm might get a hair cut. And I was planning on dye my hair anyways" she smiled brightly. Then she would pause looking at the time. " Oh we don't have the time now but later." She looked back up.

" do you want to get something to eat? Nothing big just a small snack before class?" Her hair would slightly fall in her face as she titled her head.

" Oh if you want we can also look over photos to see what color you want if you don't know yet." She would add after a few moments.

"Well, i'm kinda thinking about having purple tips but also giving myself a mixture of the side shave and the sweeping pixie." (look up the pictures to get an understanding. i also want to have that in real life but my mother won't let me.) Elizabeth smiled happily. "I did say after our first hour. dying hair takes a while. yeah, we can get something to eat. i skipped breakfast this morning."
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

( Oh that's do cool and that sucks you can't have that my parent won't let me get the hair cut or dye my hair)

"Oh that's cool I wait to get my...well I say messy undercut but the shaved part is about 2/2 inch long and the longer hair I want a lighter green hair or a baby blue" she would say thinking about the color. " which color should it be ?" She questioned her. After a moment. She nodded " what do you want to eat?" She questioned

(yeah but once i'm 18 i'm getting it done)

"ooo that would look hot on you. you will get all the boys or girls. whichever you like." Elizabeth teased. "do a mixture of the colors like strips of both." Elizabeth hummed thinking. "I don't know. do you know of any good places?"
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" Oh yeah right you'll look way hotter than me" she replied jokely said and rolled her eyes. " and yeah I'll do that" she nodded. " I know a few. " she replied " it's call Sunnys. They have really food it's best know for there breakfast foods." She smiled. " it's not too far from here if you wanna go"

Elizabeth giggled. "Awe thanks for thinking that but i'm not hot. that sounds like a weird place but let's go. it will be fun trying something new." Elizabeth had never really had any fast foods or food from unfancy restaurants.
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" it's okay I mean foods good" she said with a shrug. She was used to these kinds of places . a few minutes latter they was there the place looked old fashion but still looked okay compared to most

Elizabeth had to keep her face neutral. it didn't look bad but it didn't look good either. "Let's go see what they have to eat."
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" okay" Sam held the door open for Elizabeth as they walked in and sat down. Two menus was there. They had more old style food eggs bacon and stuff, they had a pure vegetarian menu but nothing to fancy for there breakfast menu. But one thing was the did have sea food again noting fancy.

Elizabeth looked at the menu. "Do you think they will let me have hashbrowns, eggs, and a thing of fruit instead of hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage? I hope so. it sounds good." Elizabeth looked up and smiled
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" of course!" She nodded " I just want some eggs milk and bread. " she looked at Elizabeth " Oh also do you want anything to drink I'll pay" she asked and said at the end. Sam folded up the menu and waited for a reply

Elizabeth tilted her head. "you don't have to pay for me. i would like eggs, hashbrowns, fruit and dr.pepper." she smiled at the person taking their orders.
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

Sam wpuld tell the person what she wanted then smile and nods to tge person. The waiter wpuld walk away to get there food. " okay but I can pay if you want" Sam would say to her.

"are you sure?" Elizabeth didn't want to bother Sam. she had forgotten to grab her wallet but she could give the person her bracelet which would pay for the food if they sell it.
Connor_Hickman     304d ago

" yeah " she laughed slightly " I asked for a reason" she smiled and got her wallet.

Elizabeth blushed and nodded. "thanks. i'll pay you back when we get back to the dorms."
Connor_Hickman     303d ago

" ah no need to do that" she smiled and lightly blushed. The waiter came anf gave them there food. " here you go" they wpuld walk away leaving the check.

Elizabeth started to eat. "But i should. it's the right thing to do. the food is not bad."


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