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ChaosCartoon     1y ago

(Thank you!)
incog_sniper     1y ago

(np,wanna choose from my ocs?)
ChaosCartoon     1y ago

(I don’t mind which one! I’m gonna go create mine right now. It’s a warrior who wear a a rabbit mask, something from their kingdom-)
incog_sniper     1y ago

(ok,ill be oliver)
ChaosCartoon     1y ago

(Okie you please start! I got other characters for side villain characters.)
incog_sniper     1y ago

(how many words?)
ChaosCartoon     1y ago

(Idk but at least enough description? Almost like the line then the action of what they are doing? If that’s fine. You can kinda get an idea from other roleplays I’ve done if you look at those.)

Oliver woke in the morning with a start as when his eyes first met the ceiling of the room he was bombarded with work.Now you see olivers mornings were usually like this since he was born.As you see oliver is the son of the goddess of light.Oliver went and put on his usual gold breastplate and white clothing.As the video games were made they hit the nail on the coffin with the clothing he wore.Oliver went downstairs and almost fell on the same creaky step.Oliver went outside opening the door to a burst of light and went off in the sunlight to get his assignment for the day.

It seemed something started to follow him. Hiding in the shadows, moving carefully to avoid people’s gazes.
The creature had its sights on Oliver, seeming to lick its lips, wanting food, being very hungry.

Oliver would enter the building opening the door going to the counter and gave the employee a smile before asking there question."so what is the great assignment i have been graciously given by mother today?".
They would be polite and formal as always.

He went behind oliver, still hiding in the shadows. His claw like hand tapped oliver on the leg, as to Bro cause attention to other people. “Oliver…..” he hissed. “Wheres….where’s my food…”
He kind of had a deal with Oliver, he would help him at times, IF Oliver gave him his daily meal for the day, jars full of star shine, a favorite snack of his.

oliver would pay no attention to him as he received his task with four dreadful words."going to the darklord".
Olive though would play his dread off with a nice simple smile "thank you for telling me,anything to help are great goddess".Oliver would then leave and heave a heavy sigh and look at jester."here take it" oliver would take out a jar of star shine and give it to them."i hope you enjoy it" oliver then would stride of towards the gateway.

“Finally!” He opened the jar and let the star shine drop down into his mouth, his long tounge licking the inside clean before he threw it away. “Oooo! Cool gate! Where does it go to again?” He giggled.

"cmon jester you know this" oliver would smile and look at the gate running his fingers along the seal."made by my mother its the universal gate,lets you go to all universes and hell".
The gate opened with a push and oliver entered hell by hopping in and starting the trek to the devil with long strides

He followed Oliver through, humming a creepy yet happy tune to himself. “Why are you here again? I forgot…” He giggled once more. He doesn’t have such good memory sadly, always thinking other insane thoughts.

"i have to go to the darklord which would be mothers half brother" oliver reminded jester nicely knowing they weren't the best with memory.
Oliver would approach the kingdom and then the palace the darklord lived in.

“Oooo! This looks so cool….almost like zorzons place! Majestic and fancy as ever!- or….I think….Yep maybe! I was there yesterday!” He floats around, continuing to giggle to himself once more.

Olive thought the place was elegant in a way but also pretty creepy,he would knock on the door with three taps and they opened.carefully he would walk in and see the darklord and walk in formally bowing.
"hello uncle,lord of darkness" oliver said almost business like

Jester just waved at him, grinning. “Hello! I love your place! It is very well, elegant..fancy…creepy?”

oliver would glance at jester as his uncle spoke up "thank you greed,oliver me and your mother have made an arrangement".His uncles voice was hollow and cold as it boomed through the palace halls.

Jester was just looking around, paying no attention right now, he finds none of that information useful right now.
He poked some of the torches in the room, letting the fire dance onto his purple skin.
He didn’t mind though.

What happened next absolutely crushed oliver,His uncle stood up and walked to oliver."my nephew,my sister and i have decided to make a decision to get you married to one of the human kings for peace".
Immediately oliver thought to say no but after countless arguments lost and the pestering of this happening he agreed.
"th-thats wonderful news uncle,i will be greatful for the chance to serve you and mother"

“Marriage?!? Hold up! I mean this kids got more potential! Have you seen the damage we’ve caused together on the battlefield? Ah good times with zorzon…”

oliver would look at jester and give them a friendly smile since it was nice to hear them say that but his uncle looked at the greed demon."yes,are decision is final and if you want to argue take it up with my sister"

“I mean hey I’m evil and all BUT I do have some kind of heart! Also for consideration…If we ARE talking about the hearthville center city….The ruler is a female…And the other kingdoms have wives basically….”

"no,were talking about tathalia,the one with the most authority or at least connection with us" his uncle looked at the greed demon as oliver stayed quiet.
"there king has wives yes but his wives aren't his queens more like servants"

“Damn that’s rough, but take it from me who has been all over the world…Or talk to all seeing eye…I mean you know him, has good predictions…Plus…What if he ends up as a servant to? I mean the guy made his wives servants…”
He seemed to have pretty good reasons, even for having terrible memory.

"well that's the thing,the deal has made specifically so it won't happen, we have planned for all possibilities" His uncle was very stern on this decision as oliver stood up and went to the door.
"ok uncle i will get ready for the wedding tomorrow,please jester come with me" oliver said it defeated and started to think about running away though he wouldn't be able to

“Hm fine…..Just don’t blame us if another war starts!!~” he left with Oliver. Before being called back over by Oliver’s uncle. “One moment…” He went back over to him. “What? We got stuff to do- I think so…maybe…”

Oliver would here them get called back over and walk back with less of a stride then before and look up at them."yes my dear uncle,lord of darkness?"oliver waited to be delivered more news ready for the good or bad.

Jester just crossed his arms, huffing slightly. He honestly wasn’t enjoying this day already with news such as this.

"jester is allowed to go with you,and we have people down there that will stop the king from doing anything worse then kissing you"

“Still you know how wars are! Zorzon loves to start them from time to time….” He chuckled at the thought.

"yeah but currently there are none,if there is one we will keep her protected and safe from harm"

“Ugh….fine….” He huffed and went to walk out of the palace once more. A bad start to the day already.

Oliver nodded "ok,thank you for the task uncle" leaves with jester walking rather quickly.
"well this sucks...,at least i can talk with you while there"

“Of course, maybe I can invite all seeing eye there!” He grinned. All seeing eye was pretty elegant but also not so fond of kingdoms either, sadly.

"well uncles gonna use that eye for keeping me safe so why not" oliver said happily and smiled weakly

“I understand you don’t like this…We will see what happens though…I mean I can’t do much about it…I think…”

"its fine jester...." oliver would walk through the gateway again and head home opening the door and going up to get dressed "hey jester do i have to wear a wedding dress?" he yelled

“I dunno! I’d say wear something fancy!!” He yelled back, going through Oliver’s cabinets and pantry for some snacks. “Ooo….”

"ok i guess wedding dress cause id have to wear a veil anyway" oliver would find a beautiful dress and grab it gently and slip it on.Oliver would come down the stairs carefully

“Wow! You are looking as gorgeous as the harvest moons- hell ever prettier than that!- oh right! It’s gonna be the harvest moon festival to! I forgot about that!”
Even with his compliments he seems to remember certain things.

oliver would take the compliments and his cheeks would be dusted with a light blush from the flattery and embarrassment "thank you jester,also since your coming i've decided to make you best man"
oliver would also be very pleased with jester remembering many things

“Really? I’ve never been best man for anything- I have been the best right hand man!” He grinned as he chuckled at that fond yet short memory.
Ah the second war was fun, yet felt very short.

Oliver would chuckle softly and nodded "yeah,you've been for me a lot" oliver walked into the kitchen carefully so not to fall out of the heels "that means you have to go get in a tux or something fancy"

They would pull out some golden yenoh and sit down on the couch

“What?!- okay I mean it’s nice and all but I would never EVER abandoned this beautiful outfit for even a DAY. It’s my normal wear!”
He wouldn’t at all mind but he does love his crazy outfit wear.

"fine then" oliver got up and went getting a tie and walked gracefully getting a hang of the heels and put the tie on for jester

“Hm…Alright the tie is fine…But I do like my bow ties…” he snapped his fingers and the tie became a bow tie.
Now he liked it a lot more. “This good?”

oliver would look them up and down and nod "you look very handsome jester" he would take out a jar of star shine and give it to them "it should be soon know that my uncle is bad with dates"


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