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The Lost's House.

By Apollyonthechemicat
It's just his house. What he basically does there is:Read, Sleep, Eat something, or probably gaming. He does not expect much chaos so PLEASE do not do something very chaotic.

Anyway, Screw that. I need a ghost walk i need to do :/

[b insert notification.] Ah. A meme.
LonelyMother Lumi   10d ago

I know.. their fault.

Actually, That murder was committed by me.
LonelyMother Lumi   10d ago

Their fault.

I did say that but i just feel sorry now.
LonelyMother Lumi   10d ago

You said it was an accident?

It's nothing. Just feeling sorry for the person i killed.
LonelyMother Lumi   10d ago

"...What's wrong?" [b She asked, grabbing a glass tube from her pocket; taking her claws out, letting the blood steadily drip into it.]

[b The Lost was kinda disgusted then sighed and looked away.]
LonelyMother Lumi   10d ago

[b She sat down, dipping her claws into the puddle a smile on her face.]

[b The Lost just sweats then floated over.]
LonelyMother Lumi   10d ago

Blood~... [b She was now interested in the puddle of crimson liquid.]

This is where i accidently killed someone.
LonelyMother Lumi   10d ago

...Blood. [i blood~..]