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Vampire role play good and evil royal fantasy role play

By XxLightAngelxX
Name/age/gender/looks/personality/ dislikes/likes/crush
XxLightAngelxXMelony   11h ago

she knew she should be honest but she knew she would probably end up getting in trouble for doing it "there were some boxes............a-and i got curious s-so i looked at some of the stuff inside the boxes and then i looked at all of the stuff in 2 rooms and then i started looking at things and then you came in....u was holding the object but then you scared me i almost dropped it and i didn't want to end up breaking it.....but i felt like i was in trouble and i probably am....i-i'm sorry..." she sniffled and held her face in her hands as tears start falling down her face quickly
MidKnightYTAren Chipper   15h ago

He looked at her for a moment, then sighed. “Alright, how much stuff here have you looked at?”
XxLightAngelxXMelony   18h ago

“I wasn’t lying…I promise i just wanted to look around” tears were falling down her cheeks “p-please believe me”
MidKnightYTAren Chipper   18h ago

“Look, don’t lie to me.”
XxLightAngelxXMelony   1d ago

"i-i'm sorry" she whimpered trying not to cry before pushing past him to go to her room before she could break down
MidKnightYTAren Chipper   1d ago

He looked at it for a while before taking it out of her hand. “Not polite to poke around people’s stuff without asking, you know.”
XxLightAngelxXMelony   1d ago

she had forgotten she had it in her hand and showed it to him
MidKnightYTAren Chipper   1d ago

“What do you have in your hand?”
XxLightAngelxXMelony   1d ago

She shrugged and looked down
MidKnightYTAren Chipper   1d ago

XxLightAngelxXMelony   2d ago

she whimpered and cowered under his gaze "i-i was just looking around"
MidKnightYTAren Chipper   2d ago

“Exploring what?” He held a terrifying aura
XxLightAngelxXMelony   2d ago

She jumped and almost dropped the object she was holding and turned around feeling like she was in trouble “I-I was just exploring”
MidKnightYTAren Chipper   2d ago

“What are you doing?” He asked.
XxLightAngelxXMelony   2d ago

She picked up something to look at it