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Dolce Anima - CLOSED

By Ravanya

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Isabella was a simple kind of woman. She grew up with a great family, full of love and support and wonderous memories. Such memories also included baking with her Nonna (Grandmother) and her Madre (Mother). Not only had it become such a family tradition, especially for holidays and special occasions, but it had settled deep into Isabella's soul and became a fiery passion for her. She had her own family recipes, as well as recipes that her family passed down the generations. As she grew up and perfected her recipes to her souls liking, she decided that once she had enough money saved up, she would open her own bakery....

Dolce Anima (Sweet Soul)

It took some serious saving, and owing on some loans, but she managed to open her bakery and kickstart her business. Anyone who tries her sweets are instantly regular customers. She'd even be called for a few wedding receptions, including decadent cakes! But word of mouth only gets her so far, no matter how well her desserts tasted. She needed better publicity, better marketing, but sadly, for all the money going into the bakery, it wasn't generating enough money to stave off the debt collectors. The bakery looks like it's doing well, and each and every pastry and pie is full of heart and love and soul. But without the proper publicity, it won't go very far, and may just leave Isabella stuck in the dough.

So, what happens when a very crazed Personal Assistant comes rushing in the door with a half-crazed offer to bake for a Charity Gala hosted by the richest (and most eligible) Man in the city?

What happens if she accepts the offer and is exposed to the rich, famous, elegant, and refined? Can her treats and sweets be enough to sway more business for her bakery?

Will she flop and lose her dreams and bakery to debt collectors barging down her doors?

Come in, grab a cupcake, and find out!

PM me to join before requesting to join. This is not a first come first serve, you will be turned away if simple protocol isn't followed. Titles your message something sweet to let me know you read everything. I will be using Italian language in the RP (Using Google Translator) and would like someone to be open to using the translator as well.
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RavanyaIsabella   1y ago

[font "Times New Roman" [b "[i Ci siamo!] Two dozen Apple Cinnamon Cookies with 50/50 Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing and Cinnamon Buttercream Icing for Mrs. Torezz. It was so wonderful to see you again! Say hi to the [i piccoli] for me! [i Ciao]!"] Isabella waved to the older woman as she packed out her pastry purchases and headed off to her daycare a few blocks down the road, the bell on the door tinkling as it closed behind her. About that time, the buzzer on the ovens went off and Isabella was scurrying back into the kitchen behind the counter.

Her handpies were done and needed to cool before they were glazed and set out in the display counter. Flour was almost everywhere, though at the end of the night, it would be cleaned spotless. There were all the telltale signs that everything was made from scratch and fresh everyday. Right down to the mini Garden in the large bay window in the kitchen. It held herbs like Mint, Lavender, Thyme, Basil, and anything else she could grow personally to add just another bit of flavor to her works.

Everything had its place, labeled, dated, rotated, she took every precaution she needed to make sure that no one could shut her down due to any kind of health code violations. Not that many would. She had her regulars and her loyal patrons that would show nearly every morning for muffins, coffee, bagels, breads and other such morning treats. It always makes Isabella happy to see the joy her treats bring others. Each day is a new adventure to try and pass along the love she gives in her sweets. The only thing that stands in her way is the debt collectors.

If she could just pay off the loans, she would be able to outright own the bakery and its property. Each day its not paid off is more she owes, and she makes a payment every week, but the collectors are beginning to demand more and more in their payments, and it makes it more and more difficult to keep up. Even though she has her steady flow and her loyal regulars, she doesn't have the funds for better marketing and advertisement. Therefore, she only has so much of a reach in this city, and word of mouth can only get her bakery so far.

As she moved her handpies from the baking sheets to their cooling racks, she glanced over to her office door, and the Notice letters there in the IN box for bills. Another collector had come in and tried to push her around the day before. She'd all but beat him with a rolling pin to get him out the door and promising payment. The thing with this city was that the debt collectors were just as ruthless as loan sharks in Vegas. She ran the bakery by herself since she didn't have the funds to hire anyone else, but she did have a customer or two that would trade work for products. Her Exterminator came around twice a month and only took a couple dozen doughnuts for his company. Her Maintenance Man was on call and got free meals when he came to fix something. Seems the only ones that would get her money was bills and where she bought her ingredients.

It wasn't such a bad life, her family supported her the best they could, and she was able to get by, but she needed something in her life that was going to help improve her chances of making her dreams finale. Placing the last of her handpies onto its cooling rack, she heard the bell of her door jangle rather harshly and this caused her slight alarm. She wiped her hands off on a towel in her apron band and made her way to the front in a quick pace as she called her usual greeting. [b "[i Ciao e Benvenuto!] Welcome to [i Dolce Anima], How can I help you?"]
StolenRelics-dolce   1y ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Giovanni let out a small sigh as he looked towards his best, and oldest friend. The male was running his fingers through his blazing red hair, speaking softly to himself. Gio on the other hand heard every word. [b "[i Come posso trovare qualcuno che prepari molte prelibatezze per il gala? Sono fottutamente fottuto e non posso farci niente...] How can I possibly find someone to bake a lot of treats for the gala? I'm fucking screwed, and I can't do anything about it..."] Gio looked towards his best friend and walked over placing his hand on his shoulder.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#62C1F0 "[i Andrà tutto bene amico mio. Nulla di cui preoccuparsi. Me ne occuperò io stesso.] Everything will be okay my friend. Nothing to worry about. I'll take care of it myself."] The other looked towards him and nodded lightly. He smiled his thanks towards Giovanni, and then turned on his heel and walked out. Gio was all of a sudden left alone, and he honestly didn't know what to do with himself. He had made a promise he had a feeling he wouldn't be able to keep. He had to hurry his ass up.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The male jogged out of the mansion he was lucky enough to live in, and made his way to his beat up truck. He pulled the keys out of his pocket as he jogged, and unlocked the truck. He climbed inside, started it up and peeled out of hte driveway. He was kicking himself for making a promise this large to his friend, but he didn't have a choice now. He had to find the best place, and hopefully they wouldn't turn him away. It was such a large request, he hoped that whomever he found would be able to handle it.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 As he was scanning the store fronts, he spotted a place and he pulled into the parking lot. He parked in an empty spot, shut the truck off and climbed out. He slammed the door closed behind him as he hurried inside the building. The sound of the bell going off, he saw a woman walking out from the back. His breath caught in his throat. She was breathtaking, and it took him a moment to gather his thoughts. He wasn't expecting someone as beautiful as her to walk out from the back.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 When she spoke, it seemed to snap him out of his thoughts. A small smile passed over his lips just then. [#62C1F0 [i Caio bella,] I'm sorry for causing such a mess, but I'm in need of a lot of treats for a Gala that's supposed to be happening tomorrow night. Will you be able to help?"] he asked her. He didn't know if she would, but one could hope. He knew it was short notice, but what other choice did he have in the matter?]]
RavanyaIsabella   1y ago

[font "Times New Roman" Isabella looked up to the man that walked through her door, and she blinked with a bit of a start. She had seen some beautiful men before, there were many in the city, but this man almost rivaled the bachelors in the papers. He spoke up, matching her Italian, and earned him a few more points. He spoke up of a Gala in less than twenty-four hours and that he was sorry for the short notice. Surely, he was joking, she thought. A glance out her main window showed a rundown truck in the lot as the only vehicle. Unless he walked here, that would be his truck. Which made his claims to be hard to believe.

[b [i "Ciao, Signore... Mi scusi se suona maleducato]..... but you do not seem the type to throw a Gala. I will need numbers, Signore..... exactly how many of what treats you are needing for said Gala.... and proof of course that I would be paid for my work. I take my business very seriously."] she said as she finished wiping off her hands and placed them on her hips. [b "I will not tolerate someone making a mockery of it...."]

She moved to the register and laid out a laminated menu of all the different sweets and treats she knew to make. There were many from cookies to cakes, pies and creams, and nearly everything in between in various flavors and decor styles. [b [i "Fai le tue scelte, poi dimmi i numeri], and I will see what the costs shall be for the catering job.... if you mean true in what you say."] She said as she scooted the menu closer and crossed her arms watching him. She didn't like being rude to people, but she'd been burned like this before. It was why she now had a policy of paying for the catering before and not after the party. She had been hired for something similar like this, a wedding reception. She had made dozens of treats AND the wedding cake. When it came time to pay up, they only paid a portion of the agreed price and she never saw the rest of the money. This was also why she made out the order receipts beforehand and had the customer sign it. This way she had tangible proof for anything legal.

She waited and watched for him to make his choices, holding her receipt pad in hand with a pen to begin writing his order. [b "Of course, I will have to ask that, on such short notice, the payment must be in tonight... Nothing personal, I have bills to pay and such a catering job will deplete me of supplies, and I will need to restock as well as make a profit from it. You understand, [i si?"]] She asked raising a brow at the man. It was hard to be the ruthless business while he had a face of an angel, or devil depending on how you look at it.
StolenRelics-dolce   360d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Giovanni knew he looked like a mad man, and he knew that this was outrageous, but it had to be done. As the woman was speaking he nodded his lightly looking the menu over. There wasn't much to choose from, but he knew what his boss liked. [#62C1F0 "[i Signora, sarete pagati bene. Posso garantirtelo.] Madam, you will be paid beautifully I can assure you of that. There will be well over five hundred guests attending this Gala."] the male in a small nervous voice. He didn't like how he was being put on the spot like this either.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 When the woman spoke of the payment being due tonight, the male shook his head. [#62C1F0 "I myself do not have the money on me. I don't have the check book either. If you'd like I can come back first thing in the morning with the payment"] he said with a small sigh. He was getting more and more nervous. Was she going to back out on him? This was the only shop in town he had come across, and he didn't want to end up losing his mind over all of this. He let out a sigh just then.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He knew all too well with things like this, she would need the proof. He then had an idea. [#62C1F0 "What if I took you to meet my boss? Right now? He could pay you, and then I'll bring you right back here. Unless you'll take my word for it"] he said lightly. He was getting more and more into his own head, he wanted to make sure he could snag this woman. The treats he saw around looked amazing, and it smelled amazing as well. He wasn't going to agree to anything quite yet.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#62C1F0 "[i Bellissimo, te lo posso promettere, domani verrai pagato per prima cosa.] Beautiful, I can promise you, you will be paid first thing tomorrow. My boss is an honorable man, I am as well. I wouldn't be here begging you if I wasn't"] he said. He was about ready to get onto his knees and beg if he had too. It would look horrible on his part, but he was willing to do anything and everything to make sure she helped. He kept rubbing his face, as the silence got more and more intense.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The male then locked his eyes on her's and he blew out another breath. [#62C1F0 "If I make you a deal, will you do it?"] he asked her. He was thinking about spending the night with her, and helping the best he could. [#62C1F0 "If it'll make you trust me, I will stay here tonight, help the best I can with packing everything up, running out and getting what you need. What do you say?"] he asked. This was his last hope, and he just hoped with everything in his being that she would agree.]]


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