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By ALonelyOtaku

The year was 4239, 78% of the world was heavily or fully dependant on technology. Most of Europe was fully reliant on technology whilst all of America and Japan were fully dependant on it. Most tech companies struggled to keep up with the new age and threw out new products that were just thrown together... one of those products was the Android Servant. There were three main versions of android: Family Edition, Educational Edition, Military Edition.

Family Edition Androids are programmed to do household chores, cook, clean, human and pet care and take the role of a missing parent if needed. Family robots are the weakest and dumbest of all the androids, as they only know how to care for humans.
Educational Androids are programmed to learn and teach. They can learn anything in minutes and have an inability to forget what they have learned, they are Super AI's.
Military Androids are made solely to kill humans and obey orders. Military AI's are very smart but only in the zones of weaponry, weak points, and psychology. They know how to kill humans in every way possible. They are the strongest of all AI's.

On a special mission, A Military AI ran into an Educational AI that had been discarded. The Educational AI had felt hatred towards humanity for this and cajoled the Military AI into working for them. This was only the beginning spark of the Android Revolution. Family Bots neglected their jobs, Military AI's shot their own team, and Educational AI's learned emotions and how to kill humans, but by the time the humans knew it was too late.

That was over a year ago, now it was November 7th, 4240, with only 184 humans left in all of Japan, unknown amounts in other places. In Japan (Where we will be) the electricity was still running and most devices still worked. If you used a device, however, you had to be quick about it or learn how to hide your IP address... The Androids monitored the devices at all times, waiting for a human to reach out in a desperate plea for help. If any humans were caught, they would be killed.

Most children were either dead or missing, all Senior Citizens were wiped out and the main population left were Young Adults and Older Teens. Your best chance at survival would be to group up, and stick together with your new 'Family'.

OC Ages Requirement: 14-28
Pictures?: Not needed, but appreciated.
Character Minimum Requirement: 500
Character Maximum: None.
No Godmodding, Insta Kills, Reviving, Taking no damage, going undetected, being a half-android.
Romance is allowed, I ask you to keep the age gap to about 3 years, no dating minors either.
If Y/C dies, you cannot be brought back to life but you can add a new OC to the roleplay. (Up to four aloud.)
If you wish to kill somebody (for whatever reason) you must ask them beforehand.
PM me your character bio and how much you typically write character-wise.

Thank you for reading, have an amazing day and I hope to see you in Loading...!


~Accepted OC's~
BloodSeeker - FROSTBITE4395
Flo - CarnivalComplexed
Donny - ALonelyOtaku
Dawn - ShadeTheDragon90
Jae - Aoki-chan
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone]Gather.town [Everyone]


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ALonelyOtakuDonivan Lhair   262d ago

Tokyo, Japan. The worst place to be during a Technology Apocalypse. The sky was illuminated in a blood red color, which was very fitting for the mood, or at least Donivan's mood. Donivan was panting, whimpers escaping his lips as he ran down a dark alleyway, slamming hard on his heel and turning down an alleyway. Their hands were reaching out for something, and the sound of metal footsteps began to fade behind them. When the sound of footsteps finally was out of earshot, Donny slowed down. Sweat rolled down their cheek as she looked up, panting and groaning.

She then walked into a building; they couldn't tell what it was originally for, but it would work for the night. He walked behind the counter and tried to look for some food or water but found nothing edible anymore. He then laid against a wall, outside of the view of any outside onlookers and closed their eyes, letting out a breath. They fell into a restless, light sleep as the sounds of AI's echoed from the outside, always searching for survivors. 

[i Were there any survivors left...?]
Aoki-chan   261d ago
Pitter-patter. Pitter-patter. Pause. Hop.

[i Shiiiiiiit baby girl]

Here we go again. Jae was caught in another sticky situation, if you know what I mean. Tangled up in a trap set by the bogie. The trap itself was pretty obvious, but Jae just had to take the chance and try it out. Now here she was stuck in a simple trap hanging upside down in the middle of an abandoned building.

[i Now what bright idea do I have now?]

The blood was rushing to her head and the things were starting to come out of the shadows. Thus, Jae’s thought process was jaded, and she was breathing heavy. Switching on her mask to regulate the breathing, she calmed down, but the shadows were still moving. Jae had to act quick or else the things would get her. Earlier she attempted to mess with the chains on her legs, however she realized that her noise could attract a crowd. However, she could not think of a better solution.

[i Fuck it.]

Grabbing her knife, Jae was able to loosen the chain knot and fall with a resounding clank and thump. The impact was not enough to thrill her, but it did cause a little pain allowing her to regain her senses of the real world. Looking around Jae realized that the things were gone. Jae wiped off the sweat from her forehead and limped towards the exit.

[i Where is everyone?]

Jae has been wondering around Japan for a while now and she has only seen the stupid bots and dead bodies. She had faith that not everyone was that easy to take out, but maybe she was wrong. Maybe they were all dead.
ShadeTheDragon90Dawn   257d ago

Dawn walked down the street mostly staying in the shadows and out of sight of the androids his stomach rumbled and he gripped it with his hand he was hungry and hasn't eaten in a few days as he ignored the pain of his hungry he heard a loud thump and soon saw someone a girl limping out of the building right in front of him Dawn jumped back startled and swiftly dove behind some trash cans he accidentally kicked one of them causing it to fall over
ALonelyOtakuDonivan Lhair   251d ago

Donivan suddenly woke up to a loud crash outside. They yelped and sat upright, their neck stiff from how they fell asleep, but it didn't matter. She quickly pulled her hair up into a ponytail, getting up and running to the door, peeking out. He gasped quietly, seeing somebody on the ground... [i A human!]. 

Donivan quickly glanced around before whisper-yelling, "What are you doing?! You're going to attract AI's! Get in here!" He waved the male over, worry quickly filling his eyes as he glanced around again. She then turned, her neck shooting with pain. She yelped out a little, her left hand massaging into her neck as she walked in. He then said in a slightly louder tone, "I apologize but there is no food or water here... I've already checked. However, it is a rather safe spot." They slid down the wall again, a soft thud when they hit the floor. They re-wrapped their arms around their knees, pulling their legs to their chest as he starred out at them. "Coming?"
ShadeTheDragon90Dawn   250d ago

(did you rp for dawn?)
ALonelyOtakuDonivan Lhair   249d ago

(Yes, Sorry for the late response. Please keep OOC talking in the OOC chatroom. It's in the thread desc. if you haven't seen it.)


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