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Dawn of the Vampires

By Catlover33
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Six months after the Merged World was saved from Exdeath (the evil tree from Final Fantasy V), the four warriors responsible for defeating him went their separate ways. Out of the four of them, Bartz was the only one who stayed behind for longer before he traveled the journey back to his hometown, Lix. After arriving in the small town, he walked back over to his house before he stared up at the clear blue sky. The sight was calming for him and he reached out to see if he could touch the sky which was impossible for humans. A gentle breeze blew past him as he stared up at the sky. He continued to stare at the sky for a while until he noticed that the sun started to set. After standing outside for a few more moments to watch the captivating sunset, Bartz walked over to the town’s inn and then entered the building before he paid for a room for himself which only cost around 10 gil. After he did that, he walked into the room and then sat down on the bed. He felt rather tired for some reason and ended up falling asleep on the bed. What was unknown to Bartz and the other residents of the Merged World was that soon, an otherworldly threat would descend upon the otherwise peaceful world and it’s inhabitants and it started to strike tonight. Vampire soldiers sought out the three other warriors of light and then ended up slaying them mercilessly. They then left the locations they were in before and began to search for the fourth and final warrior of light who resided in the merged world. Eventually, they came upon Lix which was where Bartz had returned to. They then began to search the entire town for the warrior that they were sent to either kill or capture until they happened upon the inn. Seeing the inn as the only place they haven’t searched, they entered the inn and eventually found Bartz who was sleeping peacefully. They talked amongst themselves for a moment before they took him out of the inn and then fled. They had gotten what they came for and wouldn’t stay around any longer After leaving the town of Lix, the vampire soldiers took their prize to a grand castle that was located in the depths of a forest. They stopped at the entrance until the gates opened and then stepped inside before they navigated the halls into the throne room. There, the lord of the vampires was waiting for them. He was sitting on his throne and took notice when he saw Bartz. Upon seeing the sleeping hero, an evil smile formed on the lord’s face as he stepped forward. When they watched their lord step forward, the soldiers stepped aside leaving Bartz in the center of the room. So before we start, I need to lay down a few ground rules. 1. Please be 16+. This story will contain dark themes which is why I ask that people be 16+ before they join. 2. The site rules will be followed which means that anything involving s3x or s3xual themes will not be present. 3. Do not mention r*pe or s*icide. I will not allow these topics to be in any roleplay I create. N*dity will also not be present. 4. Don’t be homophobic or r*cist 5. Please try to respond at least once a day. 6. If anything gets too uncomfortable, it will be dropped and the scene will either be redone or skipped. And now, as for the character I’m looking for… I’m looking for a male vampire lord who is around 20 years old. This will be for if romance eventually does happen. And as for terms of the character’s personality, I would appreciate it if the vampire lord is villainous and cruel. As for the setting of the roleplay, it is meant to take place six months after Exdeath’s defeat in Final Fantasy V which is why the world mentioned is the Merged World from the game.
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