OldCryptidsElija   1y ago

Elija hummed to himself and smiled happily, squishing his cheeks for a moment as his little cow tail wiggled happily. He was trying to make himself look nice for a date with a nice ram he'd met, and he sighed softly before pulling his phone out and taking a picture of his outfit. A gentle red skirt, green thigh-highs, pink Sketchers, a pink crop top, a fishnet top underneath it and suspenders holding up his skirt as he took a soft breath. "Thoughts?" He texted the ram as well as the picture, standing there and looking at himself as he readjusted his shirt so it laid on him flatter. A gentle mooing hum escaped him while texting one of his other friends, fidgeting with the clicky keychain he had on his phone. He'd decorated it himself, and all of his friends seemed to love it whenever he showed it to them. He loved it so much, happily sitting on his bed and just hugging one of his knees as he giggled happily.
_martyr_noumenonFinn   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Finn drummed his fingers to an imaginary tune that was playing in his head while he hummed and nodded his head off along to it, killing some downtime he found himself lucky enough to have. He soon came to a peaceful stop, however, due to the few mana star-shaped crystals he wore atop his head slightly slipping off, prompting him to raise his hands up to fix them back into place. It was a good thing his home country was known to wear around such magical items loosely otherwise he might have some explaining to do, and some convincing to ''prove'' he wasn't magical. Finn let out a quiet sigh at the thought, soon perking up at his phone softly screaming at him with a buzz of a text, quickly hopping over to answer it as his short ram tail ever so slightly wagged back and fourth. "I'm speechless, you look lovely!! ᏊºꈊºᏊb" He quickly typed up with a happy smile, knowing all too well he wouldn't be able to use his beloved emoticons in person, but he could try his best to be as expressionate underneath his mask. Or, that was the hope at least.
OldCryptidsElija   1y ago

He perked up at the other's text, smiling and squealing before standing up and grabbing the satchel bag he had. "I'll be there soon, then! See you then! ;P" He sent back in his excitement, then ran out of his room with happy moos escaping him. Of course, his roommates caught him at first, but they gave him their excited blessing once they found out what was going on, allowing him to get onto a horse that he'd tamed. It was big enough for both of them, hopefully, and he hummed softly as he slowly trotted up to the area they'd agreed on. He looked around as he leaned onto his horse's neck slightly, letting it graze on the grass before looking at his phone and humming to himself. "Heyo, I'm here." He hummed softly, rubbing his horse's mane as he looked around.


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