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Demon Zone

By ALonelyOtaku

Due to popular demand and large requirements: I have rules!!!~ (Yay~~)

1. This is a pretty dark chat/roleplay zone and you gotta be fine with cursing, dark themes, and literally everything else. We do not serve bleach or holy water at the bar, you must bring your own..

2. This roleplay/chat zone is based in a bar with an (currently) unspecified outdoor zone. Try to keep the roleplay inside of the bar.

3. Try to keep children in the bar at a minimum. You can have a special exception if you ask beforehand, but other than that this place is a child-free zone.

4. Do not control someone's character. We are free people in this bar.

5. No burning the building down. (Specifically ThatOneWeeb.)

6. No destroying the bar.

7. No OP characters. Have a weakness and unless identified earlier: Feel Pain and Die. ( :) )

8. If possible, try to not spam the chat. Wait 'till at least one other person posts before responding.

9. Again, Don't control peoples characters.

10. Don't harass ALO, he'll eat you.

Super-Duper Market

That's it so far, hopefully, I don't have to add more and I can let you all be free.

Children allowed:

Finnian (Finn) - Kyleren285
Sai - ALonelyOtaku
Kaito - ThatOneWeeb
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone]Gather.town [Everyone]


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

Hello!~~ Where's everybody at?~~

hello i'm here

Hello Hello~ Now, What are you doing here, fellow demon? What are you in here for? Murder? Arson? Born from a demon?

I'm Princess Elizabeth. my father is Lucifer.

Ah!~ In the presence of royalty now, I see. Well, I will make sure to mind my manners then, M'Lady~

*giggles* please don't i don't either unless I have to. as long as you are not mean to me I don't care how you act.

Ah, Alright then... Well, Elizabeth, Why are you in the place of commoners and local demons? Wouldnt you want to hang out with the more royal demons?

eh.. they are boring. they don't like me because my father is lucifer the highest royal. also because I'm a half-angel and am too kind.

Oh!~ Lucifer has a thing for angels now? Oh, I didn't know that~. How fun.

He only likes my mother. don't get any ideas. they were lovers before Lucifer became the first demon.

Ah~~ And how dare you, accusing little old me of getting ideas! I would never~

*rolls eyes* i have learned from my father and mother
Animal_lordDeath   316d ago

Whoops, wrong floor
hillory17devie(demon princess)   316d ago
plus ultra......haha nah bishes im a member of the LOV

HEY LOSERS THE BEST DEMON AROUND IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey death. *rolls eyes* yay one of the lesser princesses

Oh Hello everybody!~ Welcome Welcome!~ Are we due for any introductions?~~

i already introduce myself
SinisterSufferingsReno   316d ago

(Hiya, could I join in on this? XD)

(yeah you can)
SinisterSufferingsReno   316d ago

(Nice :P It matter what person I rp in? I prefer second and third, if not ill convert to first XP)

Reno walked in, narrowing his vibrant red eyes at the small group of demons. He sighed. "Really?" He asked himself. By the way he carried himself and his silky tone, anyone in their right mind would have assumed he was an arrogant bastard.
(That allowed? my apologies if not, I can convert to PG13 if needed )

(to be fair it's like we are acting like ourselves but demons? i really have no clue. i have cussed a few times. i think it's fine)

*looks up* you don't have to be a bitch. also who are you?
SinisterSufferingsReno   316d ago

Reno growled, though upon recognizing the demon, he quickly faltered, his tone respectful, "Ah, your majesty, forgive me." He said, bowing slightly. "My name is Reno, First Rank of Inner circle."

Elizabeth nods. "It's fine. at least you respect me. most people don't."
SinisterSufferingsReno   316d ago

Reno stood up, "It is my job. Surely you know of the Inner circle's duties?" He narrowed his eyes quizzically at her.

Elizabeth snorted. "it doesn't matter what job you have. people hate me because my mother is an angel."
bbg_starrStarr   316d ago

asually enters chat-
Animal_lordDeath   315d ago

Well, you all know me, I presume?
hillory17devie(demon princess)   315d ago
plus ultra......haha nah bishes im a member of the LOV

I AM NOT A LESSER PRINCESS I AM THE BEST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Animal_lordDeath   315d ago

Shut up, Devie
hillory17devie(demon princess)   315d ago
plus ultra......haha nah bishes im a member of the LOV

dont tell me to shut up death
Animal_lordDeath   315d ago

hillory17devie(demon princess)   315d ago
plus ultra......haha nah bishes im a member of the LOV

oh shut up yeah you created me and how many humans have a terrorized about one million three thousand nine hundred and twenty six

And i'm lucifer's daughter.
Animal_lordDeath   315d ago

...Satan, Lucifer?

yes who else. he is my father.
Animal_lordDeath   315d ago

Not [i that] Satan...

yes... why? do you not believe me?
Animal_lordSatan   315d ago

He's talking about me, genius!

Oh!~ There are a lot of you now! How fun!~

Elizabeth hissed. "Who the fuck are you?"

Lutrah gave a kind smile and giggled, "Oh, Such profanity! I am just a lesser demon looking for some new... friends." His eyes narrowed ever so slightly as he spoke, then he laughed aloud once again.

"I know who you are i'm talking about the female."
Animal_lordDeath   315d ago

I'm going to bed...

Lutrah giggled again and waved goodbye to Death, "Oh, I know!~ I know you were talking to Satan, but I'd rather lighten the mood!~" He smiled and intertwined his fingers, placing them on his lap with a kind smile, his eyes locked on the small group.
Animal_lordHippie Jesus   315d ago

Yo, Death! My man! What is up, dude?

"Uhm- When did- How? When did Jesus get here?!"
Animal_lordHippie Jesus   315d ago

Well, broski, I was formed by the spirit which allows me to communicate to you all in languages known throughout the universe, dude

"Oh fuck no. i'm not dealing with my uncle today."

"That still doesn't explain why you are here, talking to a group of demons which also includes Satan herself. And another thing... Why the heck are you wearing... [i that?]" Lutrah pointed at the multi-colored robe.
Animal_lordHippie Jesus   315d ago

Lizzy! What is up, my ferocious niece?


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