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Just a Few Plot Prompts (M/F)

By TeamRoleplay
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Dark, Torture, Blood, Angst, Romance, Violence, Triggers, 1x1, Open
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TeamRoleplay     1y ago

Here is about myself and what I am looking for in my potential writing partners:
1. Please be active. At least a reply a day or once every other day.
2. Communicate with me. Please don't just say "okay" or "sure" to everything I suggest.
3. I very much like dark-themed-stories so if you have triggers or a weak stomach I'm not for you.
4. I only do M/F gender-paired-stories and prefer writing as the female role.
5. I do enjoy character images but they aren't a must-have.
6. I only roleplay over PM's.
7. I only accept 3rd-person-writing-style.
8. Roleplay content must be kept at PG13 - PG14.
9. Please no one-liners. I tire of putting in effort just to get a few dozen words in response.

A father abuses and tortures his daughter. They have moved to a small country town. There's a locally bully who takes to tormenting her until one day he accidently sees fresh wounds. Having a sickening hunch, the bully follows her home, seeing the abuse and torture she goes through. After seeing the horror, things begin to change between them at school.

A powerful Demon Lord attains a Lesser-Demon-Girl, whom be binds to him by forcing her to drink his blood after giving her a curse mark after biting her.

Brothers whom are vampires have grown tired of having to hunt each night for fresh human blood. And decide to acquire themselves a blood servant. One evening coming across a girl who has runaway, enjoying her blood so much they decide to keep her.

A teenage girl runs away from an orphanage. Only to be picked up by a stranger who takes her to his house of horror.

A young woman is kidnapped and taken to a very old Gothic mansion that isn't what it seems.

A bank robber robs a train and takes a young woman as a hostage with the gold.


batchan123batchan   1y ago

hey you on right now ?


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