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OldCryptidsMinnesota   1y ago

Minnesota hummed as he patted off his skirt, humming to himself and smiling as he looked at himself in the mirror. A twirl confirmed his suspicions; he looked amazing. A gentle hum escaped him as he fastened a pastel pink belt around his waist, complimenting the gentle blues and reds the rest of his outfit; a white flower clipped into his hair, a red flannel over a blue crop top, a sweet pink skirt, leggings and blue sneakers, was. He hummed softly as he drew his flannel around him, squealing happily while remembering that Maryland had gotten it for him. He just swooned a bit at the memories for a moment, his shy nature making him pull his collar up to hide his flushed-purple face. It took him a moment, but he cleared his throat and texted his boyfriend that he was coming over to the mall Maryland was working at for lunch. He then grabbed his bag and happily put his phone into the flannel button-up's pocket so that he could grab his keys and get into his car.
_martyr_noumenonMaryland   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Maryland perked up a little from the counter he half-absentmindedly sat at while drumming his fingers atop the surface when he heard the familiar ping of his phone getting a notification. Sneakily pulling it out of his jacket pocket, he gave the message a quick read-over, smiling in contentment with what it read; he was always happy anytime Minnesota decided to swing by his mall, which swiftly prompted him to take his leave from the small store to head off and greet his boyfriend early. It was technically his lunch break anyways, being a mere few minutes ahead of schedule wouldn't hurt anybody. Besides, none of his coworkers were petty enough to tell him off, much to his thanks. Maryland hummed a chilled tune to himself, texting back that he was waiting at the entrance as per usual, patiently waiting while leaned up against the wall, a content smile on his face.
OldCryptidsMinnesota   1y ago

Minnesota happily pulled up outside of the entrance, putting the car in idle before getting out and running over in order to tackle hug his boyfriend. "Hi baby!" He giggled happily while nuzzling into Maryland's shoulder, holding onto him stubbornly as he refused to let go of him. "I missed youuuu!" He knew it'd only been a few hours of being without his boyfriend, but he still missed him. He himself worked from home, making money from a simple desk job that, while boring, paid well enough that he could pay around half of the monthly payments him and Maryland had on their house. They'd been together for a little while, having a serene domestic life together while supporting each other through thick and thin. It made Minnesota smile, all the moments they had together, and he looked up at him before pulling him into a kiss.
_martyr_noumenonMaryland   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Maryland let out a light chuckle, drawing Minnesota a little closer as he returned the kiss he was pulled into. He pulled back after a time he felt was content enough, the same content smile plastered to his face, though it progressively grew wider and brighter. "I missed you too, sweetheart. Trust me, it's soooooo fucking boring in the store without a pretty boy like you to stare at the entire time," Maryland ever so lightly complained in a flirty tone, letting out a mock-defeated sigh as he hung his head as if he were sad to actually work. He playfully recovered in no time however, looking back up with a grin. "Speaking of which, you're looking adorable today," He stated, gently booping his boyfriend's nose as he let out another light chuckle.
OldCryptidsMinnesota   1y ago

Minnesota blepped at the boop before giggling softly, hugging the flannel around him as he smiled. "I wore the flannel you got me, see?" He pulled lightly on the soft fabric covering his arms, ignoring how the cold tried to bite at his skin. The Minnesotan was used to wearing stuff like this in much lower temperatures, and smiling gently regardless. He then offered his keys to his boyfriend, smiling softly. "You wanna choose where we eat today? It seems kinda busy in the mall, sooo." He smiled softly as he bounced excitedly, putting his arms behind his back and quietly swaying back and forth on his feet as he grinned happily. If he was honest, he'd rather eat at a private restaurant than in the mall since there were less people in the private restaurant.


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