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By Starless-

~*~ The Year 1992 ~*~

Four children were kidnapped. They were raped and killed. The little town of Arcadia New England has been rocked. These children were children of the powerful people in the small town. Two boys, and two girls lost their lives, and their families were shook. They didn't know what to do, and they ended up killing themselves months after their lost their children. It was like they didn't care, they didn't care about their other children, they didn't care about the people they had grown to love, and care for. They didn't want the pain anymore, so they killed the rest of their family, along with themselves. That's when the nightmare really unfolded.

Four children had been kidnapped and killed, but four other children were supposed to have been killed along with their families, but it didn't work out that way. They were all babies at the time, but something or someone protected them from the nightmare that was unfolding. They were saved, and they were taken out of the small town and put into the foster care system. They were put into different homes around the world, and they were never thought of again. That was until they were all twenty-nine years old, and that's when their lives really start. They don't know anything, and yet they will know everything when the time comes.

Four kids were kidnapped, raped and killed...

Four other kids were alive, well taken care of, and growing into adults...

~*~ The Year 2021 ~*~

It's been twenty-nine years since Arcadia New England was abandoned. The tragedy that had happened there tore everyone apart. They never caught the person who kidnapped, raped and killed four children. The small town was abandoned the night the other families were killed, and Arcadia became a ghost town. That was until one night when Odin, Millie, Male Two, and Female Two all turned twenty-nine years old, and their parents told them everything that had happened. The four adults knew each other really well because they grew up together. They went to the same school, some of them were in the same classes as one another, and Odin was about to ask Female Two to be his bride. That was until they came across the news paper clippings from Arcadia.

That's when they felt like their whole lives were about to change. Their parents were saying anything more about their old town. They were adopted, and kept away from Arcadia for a reason. Now that they were all old enough to make their choices, was when their parents stepped back and let them choose what to do with their lives. The four spent weeks talking about what their next steps should be. Should they go back to the town that was abandoned shortly after the tragedy? Or would it be better to just stay where they were, and go on with their lives? Millie was the one who suggested they take the time off and go see what the town was like. Even though no one's lived there for almost thirty years.

So it was set. They were going back to Arcadia, and they were going to find out about where they really came from. It's something they never dreamed of doing, but they felt like apart of themselves were missing all these years. Now that they are in the abandoned town, is when they feel like they aren't supposed to be there. There's a feeling of evil around them. What'll happen when they start uncovering things they weren't supposed to know? Does the killer still live in the abandoned town? Will these four adults finally find what they are looking for? Or will it all come crashing down? You will never know unless you join,
The Forgotten Ones

The cast of The Forgotten Ones.

Odin Wilder; Taken
Puppet Master:

Odin Wilder

March 3rd 1992 - Twenty-Nine

Family History:
Odin has one younger brother, and he's done everything he could to keep that little boy happy. He saw the way he looked up to him, and he felt horrible for letting him down. When he found out that Ivan wasn't really his brother, he felt like his whole world came crashing down. His whole life felt like a lie. He didn't feel like he was connected to his parents anymore either. That's something he never dreamed he would ever feel. Ever since he found out about his real family, he feels like there's a huge hole in his chest, and he will never get the chance to know his real family.

Ever since Odin was a teenager he felt like his life was missing something. He didn't really know what it was, and the only person he really felt connected too was Female Two. She was like an anchor to him. Whenever he felt like he was drowning, she would always bring him back. When he found out that he was really from Arcadia New England, he felt like his parents had lied to him for years. When him and the other's found out about what happened, he was on the edge of going to the abandoned town and really learning about where he was from. Maybe then he would feel like he belonged in this world.

Male Two; Taken

Millie Davenport; Taken
Puppet Master:

Millie Davenport

May 17th 1992 - Twenty-Nine

Family History:
Millie was always close to her father. They had a bond that meant the world to her. She would do anything to please him. When they found out that her mother couldn't have children she was silently pleased. She loved the attention from her parents, and she wanted nothing more than to keep them happy. She always did her best in school, working two different jobs to help her parents out. They were both important for her. Until the night her mother was killed in a car accident. She felt like her whole life came crashing down around her. Her father was all she had left, until she found out she wasn't really their daughter, and that's when her whole world changed again.

Millie loved drawing and singing. She would spend her days out in the back yard drawing whatever caught her eye. Her parents were always part of her main focus, and when she was younger she took singing lessons. When she turned twenty-nine was when she felt like her whole life was changing once more. She found out that she had been adopted when she was only a couple of months old. She also had a sibling, but her sibling had been kidnapped, raped and murdered. Her real family was also dead. The moment she found that out, she talked her friends into going out and finding out where they really came from. Deep down though, she felt like she was making a huge mistake.

Female Two; Taken

The skeleton for The Forgotten Ones.

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Age/Birthday: {Any where in the year 1991 please, so that way they could be turning twenty-nine}
Family History: {10+ sentences about where you fit in your family ect}
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The rules of The Forgotten Ones.

First- The pictures are going to be real. None of the emo/scene looking photos. I will be slightly picky about the size of your pictures. If I ask you to resize it, or change it at all please don't get mad at me for it. If you need any help at all, all you have to do is ask me and I will gladly help you out. Simply ask and everything will be fine.

Second- Posting doesn't have to be every day. I do have a full time job, and I work swings. So I won't always be able to post, unless it's after work, or before if I have the time. I ask that you don't take a month to post. I will lose interest in the idea pretty quickly if you take a month to post. I'm asking that you post within 10 days total, unless you talk to me about it first, and then I will be more understanding about it.

Third- Romance/Swearing/Cybering. I'm perfectly okay with the whole romance and swearing thing. It happens in our everyday lives, so it's perfectly fine if that happens. The cybering is not welcome on this site. If you feel like it'll help the story line move along, we will take it to e-mail's. Other than that it will be time skipped, end of story.

Forth- Plotting, I love plot twists and everything. If you have an idea then go ahead and message me about it, or just add it into your posts. I don't mind that at all. I love adding new elements into the story line. It makes it run better anyway. At least that's how I like to look at it.

Fifth- Doubling is required. As you can clearly see I'm playing one male, and one female. I ask you to do the same thing. I know we would love to play our gender the most, but sometimes you have to break out of your comfort zone, and do something you aren't really comfortable with. So if you refuse to play a male I will not allow you into the role play. Breaking out of your shell is something that's good for everyone.

Sixth- Messaging me about being away for long periods of time is welcome. I would like it if you would keep me updated. If you can't post for a week or three, simply let me know. I won't be upset about it, because RL comes first hands down. I know I have shit that pops up all of the time, and I'll make sure to keep you updated as well.

Seventh- I love having details in my posts. If I have to put a posting limit on the thread I will. If it drops below 700 words it's fine. Hell I know a lot of people can't reach that high, but please give me something to work with. I'll do the same thing for you as well. One to two paragraphs won't be enough detail. It'll make me lose interest really fucking quick. If that happens I will either ask you to add onto your posts, or I'll just take the role play down and start it over again.

Eighth- Joining and ditching is a huge no in my book. If you don't like where this role play is going, simply tell me. I would love to hear what other's have to say. If I need to change a post, I will gladly do that. It's to where we both are supposed to enjoy this story. If you ask to join and then not post, then I will not let you into the role play period. Just don't ditch out on me. Simply tell me that you don't wanna be apart of the role play anymore. It's that simple.

Ninth- Stealing this idea is a no. I've worked hard on it. If you like the idea of it, simply ask me to use the idea. If you wanna do the plot like it, ask me first and make sure to give me the credit. This is something that's important to me, and I would be really upset if I saw someone stealing this idea, and not giving credit where it's due.

Tenth- The most important rule there is. I want this to be fun and enjoyable. That's what writing is supposed to be about anyway. We are supposed to enjoy it. So please, let's make this fun and enjoyable for both parties. Thank you.
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Starless-ғorgoттen   315d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 A small sigh passed though the male's lips as he looked down at the small shoe box in front of him. His parents had lied to him. He wasn't the kind of person he was supposed to be. He wasn't a Wilder after all. He was a Hunter. His real parents had killed themselves, and he felt like he was about to fully break. He didn't know how to really handle this at the moment. How was he supposed to handle this? His parents lied to him for twenty-nine long years. Making him feel like he meant something.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [b "Odin, honey? Are you okay?"] came the sound of his mother's voice. He placed the lid back onto the shoe box, and he looked towards the door. [#b4c8ee "You can come in mom.."] he called out. He heard the knob turn, and the door unlatched. His mother walked into the room, her fingers laced together. He could tell she'd been in tears, and he honestly felt like a horrible child right now. He watched as she sat down on the edge of his bed, her eyes darting to the shoe box in front him.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [b "Do you have any questions for me sweetheart?"] she asked softly. The male looked up towards her, and all he wanted to do was yell and cuss her out. He couldn't do that though. The woman sitting in front of him, raised him and she was his mother after all. He sighed lightly and rubbed the back of his head. [#b4c8ee "Honestly, I don't know where to even start.. There's so much I want to ask you, but I don't know how too"] he admitted. The older woman nodded lightly. [b "That's understandable"] she said lightly.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [b "If you'd like I can tell you how you came to your father and I, and maybe then we can go from there?"] she offered. What else did Odin have to lose? He shrugged a bit, and put the shoe box aside, trying to forget the contents inside. [#b4c8ee "Alright, then start talking"] he said lightly, his voice a bit harsher than it was supposed to be. He saw the pain in his mother's eyes at the sound, but he didn't care at the moment. He wanted some type of answers.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She took a deep breath, and started talking. [b "When your father and I first got married, we found out we couldn't have children. That's something that haunted us for months. We wanted nothing more than to be parents, and when we found out I couldn't carry a child, we decided to foster children, and hopefully adopt one day. It was like God was answering our prayers, because you pretty much landed in our laps. You came from Arcadia New England as a baby, you and three other's. Your friends and you were all brought here for a reason."]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [b "I honestly don't know why you were brought here, but deep down I felt like it was a blessing that you came when you did. We found out about your birth parents, and how they had killed themselves shortly after your older brother Malcolm was kidnapped, raped and killed. It tore our heart's apart hearing about that. I honestly didn't know how to react. We wanted to adopt you right then and there, and it was a surprise when we could. Ever since then you were ours. You will always be my baby Odin"]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [b "You and the other's did come with letter's pinned to your blankets. We don't know where the letters came from, or anything. All they said was that when you turned twenty-nine years old, was when you had the choice of going back to Arcadia. I've been dreading this day ever since"] she said lightly, tears running down her cheeks. Odin stood and walked over to his mother, and he wrapped his arms around her tightly. He didn't know what to say at the moment. What was he supposed to say? His world was crashing down around him.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He pulled back and looked down at her. [#b4c8ee "I have to meet up with the other's, and see what they think we should do"] he said lightly. The older woman nodded lightly and hugged her son tightly. [b "You do what you need to do Odin"] she breathed out. She kissed his cheek lightly, before she slipped out of his embrace and walked out of the room. The male was alone, and he stood there in the middle of the bedroom, looking down at the shoe box on the floor. It held so many secrets.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 That's when he grabbed his phone and sent a text to Millie, Emelia, and Gregory. His fingers started flying over the keys. [#b4c8ee [i I know you guys got the same thing I did. I think we need to meet up at the cabin in the mountains and talk about what we want to do. I know it's a lot to take in, but it's something we can't put aside. Meet you all there in an hour.]] It wasn't really asking them, but telling them that's what needed to happen. He then grabbed his jacket, and his car keys, along with his phone.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He then slipped out of the house he shared with his parents, and when he closed the door behind him, he heard his mother sobbing. He wanted to go back in there, and tell her that he wasn't going to leave. He couldn't do that though. New England held so many more answers than his parents could. He walked to his car, unlocked it, and slid behind the wheel. He started it up, and backed out of the driveway, heading to the mountains as fast as he could.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 His heart was hammering inside of his chest as he drove. Maybe this was a good thing. Everything was falling into place. Or at least he hoped it was. It took him about a half hour to get to the cabin, and he parked out front. He shut the car off, and climbed out. He walked into the cabin, and plopped down onto the couch, waiting for the other three to arrive. They had a really hard choice to make. Something he wasn't looking forward too.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/2DZCqj7.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#D7ACAC "Daddy, momma? Are you bloody serious? I'm not a Davenport? I'm really a Williams?"] the brunette asked. Her heart was breaking inside of her chest, and her father nodded lightly. [b "Yes sweetheart, you are a Williams. Your parents killed themselves and everyone else in your family when your older sister Cassandra was kidnapped. We didn't want you finding out like this, but it was bound to happen sooner or later"] he breathed. Millie was standing in front of her parents, a newspaper from 1991 between her fingers. This wasn't happening, it couldn't be happening.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#D7ACAC "I don't know what to say.. I seriously thought I was your blood child! So is Mora not even my sister?!"] she nearly screamed at her parents. Her mother seemed smaller than she was, and her father spoke up again. [b "Millie, sweetheart, you will forever be our daughter. I don't want you thinking otherwise. Mora is your sister, we adopted you when you were a baby, and it doesn't matter if you aren't ours by blood. You are my daughter and I love you"] he said, his voice cracking. Millie's eyes were swimming with tears.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She didn't know what else to say. She wanted nothing more than to just sink into the floor, and just vanish. Her parents had lied to her, she felt like she wasn't even here. She felt like this was some kind of joke, but it wasn't. The clippings in hand, talked about the kidnapping of four children, and how they had been raped and killed. Her parents had then committed suicide, and she was pretty much left alone. [#D7ACAC "Do I have anyone at all on the Williams side of the family that I should know about?"] she hissed.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [b "No baby, there's no one. We have looked high and low. We are so sorry baby"] he said. She shook her head, and then stormed out of the living room. She ran up the stairs, and slammed her door closed. That's when she let the tears fall freely. She felt like her whole life was a lie, and she wasn't even supposed to be here. That's when she heard her phone buzzing, and she walked over to where she had stashed it to charge, and unplugged it, reading the text message.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#b4c8ee [i I know you guys got the same thing I did. I think we need to meet up at the cabin in the mountains and talk about what we want to do. I know it's a lot to take in, but it's something we can't put aside. Meet you all there in an hour.]] So Odin was in on this too? Of course he would be. This had to be some kind of joke, but deep down she knew it wasn't, and she hit reply. [#D7ACAC [i Yeah, I just found out I'm not really a Davenport.]]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#D7ACAC [i I will see you all soon. Xoxo Millie.]] She hit send, and then packed up a couple of bags. She wasn't going to be coming home, at least not right away. Why should she? Her parents lied to her, and she didn't even want to see them right now. That's when she heard a soft knock on her door, and she knew it was Mora. She wiped her tears away, as she jerked open the door, and looked down at the younger child before her, her anger slowly ebbing away.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#D7ACAC "What do you want Mora? I'm kind of busy"] she snapped. Mora looked up at her, and bit her lip lightly. [b "I heard a little bit about what happened... Please don't think I was in on this, because I wasn't... I didn't know anything.. Please don't shut me out though, I need you.."] she breathed. Millie pulled the younger girl into her arms, and hugged her tightly. The two stood there clinging to each other, crying together. Millie loved Mora more than anything, and seeing her little sister like this, broke her all over again.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 When the two finally pulled back, she looked down at the child and shook her head, wiping Mora's tears away. [#D7ACAC "You will forever be my sister, I love you more than anything. Please understand that I might not be home for awhile. I promise if I do leave the country, I'll make sure to call you"] she said lightly. Mora nodded lightly [b "You better Millie.. I can't lose you forever"] she said breaking down into tears once more. The two hugged again, and Millie kissed the top of her head.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 When Mora left, she finished packing, and she grabbed her wallet and car keys. She didn't know if she would need the house key or not. She took it with her anyway. She grabbed her phone and charging cord, and then she made her way out of the house. Her parents were still in the living room, and she stopped and looked towards them. [#D7ACAC "I might not be coming home"] was all she said, and then walked out the front door. Her heart shattering at the sound of her mother's sobs. She couldn't turn back now.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She unlocked her black and white Ferrari, and slid in behind the wheel. She started it up, and threw her bags into the back of the car. She then backed out of the driveway, and took one last look up at her house. She saw Mora standing there looking broken as well. She blew the child a kiss, before speeding off towards the mountains. She didn't care anymore. She was about to find out what her life really was supposed to be like. She wanted out of here, and this was the best way to go. At least for now.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 An hour later she pulled up beside Odin's car and she shut her's off. She left her bags in the car as she climbed out. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and walked into the cabin. Sure enough it was just her and Odin for the time being. She walked over and sat down beside him. The two didn't say anything as they waited for Emelia and Gregory to arrive. What was she supposed to say? She leaned her head back, and closed her eyes trying to keep the tears at bay for a while longer.]]
MourningGloryFORGOTTEN   277d ago
Lady of the Night

[pic https://th.bing.com/th/id/OIP.nK4yB4t3GEjnArNjQSoeCgHaEo?pid=ImgDet&rs=1]

Nails tapped on the table as she stared down the man and woman whom she had known all her life, twenty-eight, ALMOST twenty-nine years as her mum and dad. The young blonde with the grey-blue eyes was still in complete and utter shock. They had JUST told her that she had been adopted when she was a baby. And JUST told her that her older sister (a sister she had NO idea she had even had) Elizabeth had been kidnapped and...well she didn't want to think about the rest. [#f9061c "So tell me again? I am not a Gordon...? I am a Kingston...who you adopted when I was just a babe. And all these years the both of you have lied to me? Does Ashley know about this?"] Came soft and very near broken words as she could not wrap her head around it all and again glanced to the old shoe box that was set on the table not long after her "parents" had told her the truth.

[b "Emelia, we lied to protect you. And honestly, we never thought of you as anything but our daughter. We loved you since day one as our very own. Yes, Ashley knows, but that never changed her view of you either. You are her sister and her best friend."] Her father said as he took his glasses off and was cleaning them. Her mother had yet to speak. Seemed to be choking on tears that she was trying SO hard not to let fall.

Emelia bit her lip as she was trying to swallow what her father had said. And she sighed and looked down, her hands moving from the wooden table to rest in her lap. [#f9061c "You and mummy should have told me...I...I wouldn't have thought any differently. You...this family is all I have known and loved."] Again the blonde was choking on her words as she stood abruptly and all but ran from the dining room and up the stairs to her room, slamming the door before she slid down against it and hid her face in her arms and finally let her tears fall.

"Sweetheart...open the door please. Talk to us and don't lock us out." Came her mother's soft words as she knocked on the door. Em lifted her head but that was all she did. The young woman refused to speak to her mother and father after the bombshell they had just dropped on her. And she continued to stare ahead at the wall as the knocks continued on her bedroom door.

Only a soft buzz was able to cut through the cloudiness that was starting to overtake her mind. And quickly her head turned in the direction of the floor where her phone had fallen from her nightstand. Still ignoring her parents and the soft pleads she crawled to her phone and looked at the part of the message that had just popped up. Odin's message and so she opened it and inwardly groaned. It looked like he was wanting to meet at the cabin. And it also looked like he had gotten the same bombshell dropped on him and meant business.

[#f9061c [i 'Yeah...I...I'm gonna pick up Greggy on the way and meet you guys soon..']] Her fingers had been trembling as she typed and it took her longer than she had meant to even send the message to begin with, but she did. And once she had, Emelia used the bed and nightstand to pull herself up and let now red-blue eyes take a final look around the room she had known all her life. She knew deep down in would be a long time before she returned "home" IF she decided to come back at all. So she pulled out a pen and piece of paper and wrote a letter to her parents...the letter was her way to tell them goodbye and that she still loved them but was VERY hurt and needed to do this to find herself and learn the truth of who she was. She also asked them to tell Ashley goodbye for her since the older girl (by five years) was off with her new husband on their honeymoon somewhere in Europe. With the letter written, Emelia left it folded on her pillow and packed a backpack with some clothes and her favourite stuffed bunny that she had had since forever, and grabbed her phone and keys and was out the door, slipping as silently as she could past her parents who had retired to the dining room once more to make sure she did NOT have to face them again.

[#f9061c [i 'Greggy, I know you got the last message from Odin too. We all did. I'm gonna be there soon and be ready when I get there..Because once I get you...we're going to the cabin.']] She sent the message before she made her Sudan purr to life and all but peeled out of the long driveway and off down the street. Gregory lived a few blocks away and she knew that he would be more than willing to ride with her and keep her calm on their way to the cabin.

Within maybe fifteen minutes, Mia was pulling into the driveway at Greg's family home and gave the horn a quick honk to let him know she was there. It wasn't even two minutes later and the man came rushing out of the house with his duffle thrown over his shoulder and was getting in the passenger's seat. Neither man nor woman said anything as the music was turned on and they began on their way to the cabin.

A couple hours later, Emelia was pulling up beside the other two cars that were already outside the cabin and without realising it, she was squeezing the steering wheel until her knuckles turned white. It was only Gregory's hand on hers and faint smile that told her she needed to let the wheel go and they needed to get inside. And with a brief nod to the man, Mia let the wheel go and grabbed her backpack and both made their way inside.

[#f9061c "I see the two of you got comfortable while waiting...good to see you guys.."] She said and tried to offer a smile, though it did not reach her eyes as she took a seat, leaving Greg to be the only one standing.

[center [b [#ff0066 ~~~+++~~~+++~~~+++~~~+++~~~]]]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/8b/74/fe/8b74fe80fddd080f52a3ab1a418f707e--beach-hairstyles-short-hairstyles-for-men.jpg]

[#4cb106 [i 'Gregory Alexander Drake.. D-R-A-K-E....Yeah, no. Doesn't sound or feel right... Nicholas is who I am...it's who I have always been...']] Though the words in his thoughts sounded so damn sure, Greg wasn't. Not anymore. He had been literally told that morning that he was NOT a Nicholas and was actually a Drake and had been adopted when he was just a baby. He was also told that he had had an older brother, Nathaniel who had been kidnapped, raped, and brutally murdered which had caused his biological family to all but off themselves. What a lovely thing to wake up to...But in some ways, it made sense to him now. He had always felt like there was something different about him and that though his parents and brother Timothy loved him, he just wasn"t like them. He was what would be called the black sheep.. Not that he had really cared but he DID wonder where those feelings came from. Now he knew.

[b Gregory, honey... you said that you would be coming back down to talk to us in about an hour... It's been more than an hour."] Came Lisa's soft words from the other side of the door as she knocked lightly to try and get his attention. Though feeling like the black sheep of the family, his mother was the one he was closest to. She was essentially his best friend because he sure as hell didn't always see eye-to-eye with his father or brother.

Dark brown eyes were pulled from the window and soft grey in the sky he had been staring at. And when he looked to the clock, the twenty-nine year old cursed under his breath. The woman was right. It HAD been MUCH longer than the hour he had promised them he needed to TRY and at least make some sense of things. [#4cb106 "Yeah..be right there!"] He called softly as he stifly stood from the window's sill and stretched.

After stretching and a few "sick" pops that made him feel better, Gregory left his room and met his parents back in the den where now an old shoe box sat on the small table. "Before you say anything. Just take a look at what we brought out for you to see. A lot of it is what we told you...this way you know your mom and I aren't full of shit. Also shows the address where you and your friends lived before." Matthew, or the man he had known as "dad" muttered as he waved a hand towards the box.

With a soft sigh, the man of twenty-nine nodded and took a seat on the edge of the couch abd began through the news articles and old pictures. And when done, dark eyes returned to his parents. [#4cb106 "Let me ask the two of you this. What are you expecting from me? To just have everything go back to normal? To sweep this all under the rug?"] Came softer and harsher words than were meant. But what hell could they expect from him? They had literally made his whole world come crashing down and took EVERYTHING he had ever known away from him.

[b "Gregoy, sweetheart.. You know it's not like that. We don't expect you to just forget about this. Your dad and I are only telling you now because we think it is time you knew the truth...and we promised we would all those years ago. It doesn't change the fact that you are our son and we love you. We don't love you any less than Timmy.."] His mother said as she stepped slowly towards him, only for him to flinch back before he stood. [#4cb106 "I'm going back to my room...It...yeah again too much."] And with those words he brushed past both his parents and made his way back up the stairs.

It was when he got back to his room did he notice the screen on his phone was lit up and flashing with two messages. One was from Odin, telling the group that he wanted them to meet at the cabin. The other message was from Emelia and said she would be there soon to get him. It was seeing the time of Mia's message that made him his out a steady stream of curses. IF the time was right, which he was sure it was, Greg had maybe five minutes to pack the essentials and to get his ass outside. With that in mind, the man grabbed his duffle from the closet and just threw clothes in it, a couple books, his journal, and his old stuffed dog. He was JUST zipping the bag when he heard the honk and grabbed his phone and keys, rushing down the stairs of the only home he had ever known.

[#4cb106 "BYE MOM! BYE DAD! DON'T KNOW IF I'LL BE BACK!"] And with those shouted words, he was rushing out the front door and soon in the passenger seat of Emelia's Sudan. Both of them were silent during the drive to the cabin, but the music and just the company of someone who understood what he was going through was nice. And a couple hours later, Em pulled up beside the other two cars and had her knuckles turning white as she gripped the steering wheel. Without thinking, Greg's hand moved over hers and he gave a faint smile. After that, the pair grabbed their bags and were making their way into the cabin where the other two were already inside and waiting.

Mia spoke her words and sat and he stayed standing. [#4cb106 "Nice to see you guys...just wish it wasn't for this... So Odin since you called us here.. Wanna get to it?"] He muttered with a sigh as he took a seat as well. Somehow he figured it was best to just get it out there.
Starless-ғorgoттen   266d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Odin was getting more and more anxious for the other's to arrive. When they finally did, his eyes moved towards the blonde and knew how what she was feeling. He felt alone, pissed off, broken, and most of all felt like he was betrayed. He knew his so called parents had done it to help protect him, but he didn't really believe it anymore. That's when Greg spoke and he was pulled out of his thoughts. He reached up and ran a hand over his face. Where was he supposed to start? He didn't really think this far ahead.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He sat there rubbing his chin lightly as he tried to gather his thoughts together. [#b4c8ee "Well, considering we've all gotten the same news, we aren't who we always thought we were. I just don't know what to really think about all of this. There's so many emotions running around in my brain, that I can't really think straight"] he admitted. He meant it too. He was at a loss for words, and wondered how well the other's would take his idea. He looked towards his own box he had with him, and opened it up.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He pulled out the newspaper clippings, and read them over slowly. Would it be wise to go to Arcadia? Would it be wise for them to leave everything behind and chase ghosts? He let out a small sigh as he looked down at the picture of his family. The family he didn't know, and would never know. He touched the picture lightly and blew out a sigh he'd been holding. He looked up at the other's and thought about it a little while longer. Maybe it wasn't that far of a long shot.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#b4c8ee "What do you guys think about going back there? Seeing what really happened? That's if the town is even still there. I mean I am curious as to what happened to my family, what made this monster kill our older siblings, and make our real parents kill themselves"] he muttered lightly. He then fell silent letting the other's speak up. He didn't want to be the only one talking, and the silence was helping him think a bit straighter. He looked back down at the picture in his hand. It was all he had of his real family.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#b4c8ee "If ya'll don't want to go, you don't have too. But I have to know what happened. There's got to be something more to this than the article's we have. I want to know everything, I want to see our old home town.."] he breathed out. He was nervous about speaking about this, but he was curious after all. He took one last look at his mother, and then placed the paper back into the box and closed the lid. He then realized that Mia and Greg had bags with them as well. He raised a 'brow slightly towards them.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#b4c8ee "What's with the bags? I wasn't planning on staying here over night.. But if we do plan on leaving and chasing after the truth, then I need to go back home and get my own things."] he admitted. He then fell silent once more, letting someone else speak for the time being. He was confused, hurt, and wanting this whole nightmare to end already. It was wishful thinking on his part, because it was just starting out, and he knew there wouldn't be an end to it right away.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/2DZCqj7.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Millie's head was spinning, her heart was breaking inside of her chest, and she couldn't do anything to stop it. She wanted so badly to just curl up and cry. She knew it wasn't the time or place for that. When Mia and Greg walked in she looked up and smiled sadly towards them both. [#D7ACAC "Hello to you both as well.."] she said lightly. Then Greg spoke about Odin explaining everything, and that's just what Odin did. She sat there listening to the whole thing, fingering her own box as well. She was scared to look inside of it.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She knew sooner or later she would have too. As Odin kept speaking about the idea of going to their hometown, she opened the lid and looked inside. There were newspaper's talking about the accident, the murder's and the families commiting suicide, leaving her and the other's alone. Her whole world felt like it was crashing down around her, and she couldn't do anything to stop it. Tears filled her eyes as she started going through the contents of the box, and the secrets it held for so many years. She chewed her lower lip lightly.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 As she was going through the papers she felt something small and pulled it out. It was a letter, and inside of it there was a necklace. She pulled the necklace out and looked at it. It was a small locket, and when she opened it her breath caught in her throat. There were two pictures in the locket she held. One was of her real parents, and the other was of her and her older sibling. Her heart felt like it was shattering all over again. She didn't know if the other's had something like she did.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She was scared to read the letter and slid the necklace back into the paper. She then lifted her eyes to meet the other's. [#D7ACAC "I think we should go. I don't know if you guys have a letter, but I do. I'm not going to read it quite yet, but inside of my letter was a locket with pictures of my family.. I don't know what to really think about it, but I feel like we should go. I feel drawn to this place, and I want to know the truth as well"]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#D7ACAC "I know our whole lives are falling apart around us, but as long as I have you three I think I'll be able to handle all of this. If we do go, we need to get a move on now, and get out shit handled"] she muttered. Her fingers were itching to read the letter, but she felt like she needed to be alone to do that. She looked back down into the box, and put everything back inside of it. She then closed it and placed it on the table in front of her.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#D7ACAC "I think we should make up our minds now, get the ball rolling and leave tonight. I see you two have already packed, but I haven't. I didn't really think about that right away.."] she admitted. She then looked towards Greg and her heart seemed to melt at the sight of him. This was a really shitty way of meeting up, but she had wanted to see him anyway. It might not be the best time now, but she hoped she would be able to get him alone, and talk to the male about what was on her mind, and her feelings as well.]]


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