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M/c is a new student at y/c's high school, a hybrid at that! Will m/c and y/c become friends, enemies, or pay no mind to each other? Will their relationship, whatever it may be, die off or blossom into newer things?
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Connor_Hickman     1y ago

( Hello I'm make the profile in a moment)

(Alrighty, when ur finished You can start unless you'd prefer I started. Please be patient, my replies may be slow, im currently involved in 8 other active roleplays right now XD)
Connor_Hickman     1y ago

( um could you start? And I'm okay take your time.)

(Alright) -Its about halfway through the last class of the day, All the students around y/c turn their heads as the door squeaks open.- Yanza took a step into the classroom, his tail-tip waving nervously behind him. He looked to the teacher who thankfully didn't make him introduce himself, instead pointing to a seat behind Y/C. He walked over, sitting down in the seat, his ears twitching nervously as the other students eyed him. "He's a hybrid." "Hyena mixed with something.." Multiple mutters came from the students before the teacher cleared their throat, drawing the attention of the class.

(Btw, someone named amyumino asked me to tell you to answer your messages))
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

Akir was writing Some thing when he heard foot steps his ears was down. Even sitting down he was talk so he hunched over. When he looked up his ears went up as he saw a hybrid. But then fell when the whispers started. He rembered when they would do that to him. Some still do that. As he would see him walk by he would wave a small wave. But then he would wait for the teacher to tell all of them what to do.

-The teacher gave out an assignment, dismissing the class shortly afterwards. - Yanza stayed in his seat, preferring to wait until everyone was gone to get up, though some lingered, their stares piercing his back, they eventually wondered off, following their friends. Yanza ears were pinned back, he hated being the new guy, and being a hybrid between two "Dangerous" carnivores helped very little.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

Akir would wait also and saw Yanza face. "I-im sorry a-about them" he would say his voice was slightly dry and deep. He would pick up his stuff and sigh. His ears and tail went down. " where are you going next?" He said during his face to look at him. But he was still hunched over.

Yanza looked up at him 'He's tall..' was his first thought. "Uhm, Im supposed to go to the Canine dorms and unpack.." he said quietly, standing up and grabbing his bag. 'He looks like a wolf, it seems we might be in the same dorms..' He thought, his tail flicking nervously.
Connor_Hickman     1y ago

" I can show you if you'd like" he offered. He looked down ' he nervous of me' e thought. " I'm a hybrid to wolf a German shepherd" he said in a lower voice a almost a whisper. He walked to the door and held it open " rest when you are"

Yanza walked out the door, He was suprised to meet another hybrid so quickly, though the other canine was a hybrid between two canines. He tilted his head, awaiting the wolf-dogs directions as he didnt know the way to the dorms.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

He would nod. " this way" he would lead him to the dorm. When they was outside Akir seemed to hunch even lower. " so how long have you been here for?" He asked his ears falling as. Some deers ran by him. He iches the back of his neck as his rail twiched ' what do how do I talk about?' He asked himself

Yanza followed him, he wasn't as tall as the wolf-dog in front of him, though he tended to crouch a little lower when around herbivores, hiding his claws. "Uh, a few days. we just moved here last week, though my information hadn't transferred over, so i couldn't come to school yet." His long tail flitting back and forth behind him. He glanced at the other canines tail when it flicked, 'Am I making him nervous, maybe he's shy? God I suck at social cues.' he thought to himself.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

" uh uh" ' God speak say somthing. What do I say. ' his tail flicked " my name in Akir" he said. He turned his head. To face him ' I must be boring him' e ponited to the building " it's right there " he walked over to the door. But then started taking shorter steeps. " I have nothing to do so I could show you around after if you would like."

"Ok, that sounds great." His tail flicked. "My Names Yanza by the way, im a Hyena, snow leopard hybrid." he matched his pace with Akir's. He stuck his hands in his pockets, walking toward the Canine dorms.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

Akir looked down inside of what to do with his has he just crossed his arms. " I'm sure your like your roommates" he said tring to break the silence. His ear twiched. " I'm sorry I'm not the" ' shut up Akir' he thought " best at talking" ' Really anyone can see that' he thought as he nervously laughed. He opened the door as they got the and soon followed after Yanza walked inside.

"I think you're ok." Yanza replied before walking into the dorm. His tail swayed with caution, a force of habit when he walked into unknown rooms. He gripped the straps of his bag, his ears flitting nervously.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

" you can take out your shoes." Akir said. From outside. He wacthed and saw hiw he acted. " Oh it's okay No one is there at lest not yet" Akir tried to sound cheerful. As he waljed in he would put some of his binders up and grab difrent ones. " if you want I can leave" He offered " or help" his ears went up as he stood a bit taller now that they wasnr around anyone else but still clear not very straight.

"I don't mind If you stay, I don't have much to unpack." Yanza relaxed a little, he could tell no one else was in the room because the scents were dull, slightly faded. He sat his bag down, pulling the textbooks and binder the school provided out. "Uhm- where exactly do I put this stuff?" He tilted his head up at Akir, who was easily half a foot taller, probably more.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

" right there" he pointed there was a empty book case " and " he bent down and pulled out some storage spots that fit under his bed" there if you need any more tell me i can figure out something" after a moment he paused , oh and your closet is right there" he ponit to one near him. " almost forgot that"

Yanza nodded, putting the books on the shelf. He turned and grabbed a few school uniforms the school had provided. Along with a couple hoodies and three normal outfits. He put them in one of the storage spots under the bed. Lastly, he pulled a picture frame out that contained a picture of a beautiful snow leopard holding a small cub. This, he sat on the empty bed, unsure what to do with it just yet.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

Akir looked in the mirror and started to fix his hair.he took a school uniform out of his closest. Soon after he would go to the bathroom to change. He came back out in his uniform. He would see the photo. ' is that his mom?' He would as himself. " so is that your mom?" He asked as he picked up his bag. And soon after he started to clip his nails. Quietly

Yanza flicked his ear, turning around to look at him, "Uh yeah.. That's her." He smiled at the picture, his tail flitting. He looked at Akir, watching him clip his nails. 'Wait, canines actually have to do that often?' He thought. "Uh.. Do you have to clip your nails often?" He asked, tilting his head.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

He stoped looking up " I mean not all canines do this all the time. I just do I mean at lest clip them twice a month or at lest file them" he continued to clip them after he fished he cleaned up. " S-so if you want I'll show you around." He said looking up at him because he was sitting on his bed. ' dont scare him off or be awkward.' He fittled around his his hands.

Yanza nodded, "Makes sense.. I didn't know anyone had to do that." He smiled at him, holding up a paw. "My claws are semi-retractable." He said, his claws retreated halfway, sheathing them. He looked from his paw to Akir, "I'd like that." He said, replying to the comment Akir made, He had grown comfortable around the wolf-dog.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

" That's cool wish I could do that." He ponited to Yanza claws. He stood up " well follow me when your ready" he nodded .

Yanza put his hands in his pockets, "Alright... So how big is this school?" He asked, his tail flitting with nervousness.
Connor_Hickman     1y ago

" I mean it's pretty big two story but its really easy after a few weeks" as they walked out he hunched again. " but I' way be able to help...i mean when I can"

Yanza nodded, 'He hunches over a lot..' He thought, tilting his head thoughtfully. He followed him, staying close to the Tall Wolf-dog.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

He was quite. " So uhm what classes do you have?" He asked. As one of his ear turned to a group when they begain to talk. His ears twiched. ' in slouching' he thought as he straightened up again.

Yanza looked up at his ears, "I have Geometry, Biology, Carnivore behavior, and Animal languages." He said softly, flicking his tail. (Just made up a few, hope that alright XD))
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

( yeah that's great XD) " I know where they are. I have Animal languages and Biology also. But I also have algebra two and Behavioral science and creative writing. " he added " and I'm in a few clubs" his tail wagged as he spoke now but he seemed not to realize it. " this way., he nodded and opened the door.

Yanza smiled, noticing Akir's wagging tail. "What clubs are you in?" He asked him, following Akir.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

" I'm in the gardening club, art and I was think about theater or some writing group. " he slightly smiled " but there's other clubs also." He looked behind him and saw his tail. His tail slowed down wagging as his ears slightly embarrassed.

"I wasn't aware the school had clubs." He said, his ears flicking curiously. 'Is he embaressed?' He thought to himself. "Do you- uh Enjoy gardening club?" Yanza preferred landscaping, though it pleased him that Akir was in a similar club.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

" yeah! This afternoon the club is going to start a beautification project for the school. " he added happily " anyone can help though". He paused " what do you like to do?" He questioned.

Yanza tilted his head at him, "I like landscaping, And reading." He smiled, his ear flicking with delight. (I hv to work between 2 and 10 tmmrw, so i may not be active)
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

" Oh I like to read to.. So what all do you do with Landscaping?" He would question. ( thats okay (

"I dont get many jobs anymore, since we moved, but it just depends on what the customer wants. It was mostly small jobs, fixing or building gardens, though I did reshape an entire yard once.." He would continue to smile.

(I gtg, sorry. Ttyl, Night)
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

( okay night) " sounds like fun!" He smiled " well here is the science poad , he ponited to the first group of class rooms " this is the biology room" he ponited to the one I. The middle. ( I making it up where the rooms are if that's okay)

(Is all gud) Yanza nodded, mapping the school out in his head as Akir talked, one of his traits he was actually proud of was his great memory.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

( alright) " then down this way is the English poad and Math poad" he start walking straight. . " Oh and the cafeteria and downstairs of the library." He added.

Yanza followed close behind Akir, looking at each area as the wolf-dog pointed it out. His ears flicked as he listened, though he averted his gaze to Akir's back when they passed any other animal, especially herbivores.
Connor_HickmanAkir   1y ago

( also do you mind if every now and again I have another person. But they quickly leave? It's okay if you don't want that) Akir would fall quite when others would walk by. Them. They walked to the math poad he ponited to the closet door " that's the geometry room. By room is two doors down. I think you'll like the teacher. " he looked around but then back to Yanza.

(Completely fine, it may happen with me a bit as well, I enjoy background characters as they help keep the rp alive XD) Yanza nodded, looking at the room. "I-is the teacher an herbivore?" He asked, he got rather nervous around herbivores, afraid of hurting them or even giving them a small scare.
Connor_Hickman     1y ago

" ( me to and its great and sorry it's so long) " I mean yes but no. She a raccoon" he said poniting to the door. " she very nice " there was running behind Akir and Yanza. A small Gazelle girl with a book in her hand. When Akir saw her her tried to make himself look smaller" Akir are you coming to the Garden-" she stoped " sorry " she said looking at Yanza. " I interrupted again." She still wasn't scared though. " Yes Aika I am." She smiled at Yanza " I'm Aika by the way" Akir looked around.

Yanza nodded, feeling a bit better, though that meat she'd be quite small compared to him. "Ok.." He said. He jumped when Aika approached, his tail flitting back and forth nervously. He put his hands in his pockets, lowering his head. "I-im Yanza.." He said, the nervousness leaking into his voice. (Is all good ^))
Connor_Hickman     1y ago

Aika tilted her head " its okay no need to be scared to me " her little tail twiched happily. Akir tail twiched every time she moved. She turned to face Akir " you forgot this at the club" she handed a book to him. " Thank you" hhe said bending down to grab it. " nice to meet you Yanza" she would say holding out her hand to give a hand shake.


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