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Haven For a Troubled Mind [Journal]

Backup thread

No sense in requesting access, this is just a personal journal. I used to have a journal back on the old site, saw it fitting to create a new journal. If you want to follow the endeavors of a simple man and his life, go for it. DM’s not expected, but appreciated nonetheless.
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6EQUJ5     1y ago

So I’m back, and quite a time it’s been. I don’t remember the last time I actually made a post, but I feel it was when I was still in school. A lot of stuff has happened, but I’m pushing through. I’m gonna send Jimmy a message to see if he can pull old files if there’s a backup somewhere, but until I get a reply it might just have to be a new beginning. Stay tuned.
6EQUJ5     1y ago

Found my old account, didn’t think it would really transfer, but Ruska is a god, essentially, given what he’s helped out with. So let’s pick up where we left off. Caitlyn is no more, I don’t want to get a motorcycle license, I have a wife now, a kid on the way, in the navy, hello from the PNW, school was tough, lost many friends to cuts, lost a couple more to bad mental states, I feel bad thinking about that though. Lost my grandma, lost one of the main reasons I joined the navy, my stepdad, COVID struck in force as you all know, didn’t stop me, got vaxed and now I’m good. Mentally I’m doing so much better, it’s crazy how one person can turn your life around for the better. Basically disowned my mom for reasons, it’s best to not get into it. I have a letter in my wallet for that reason, as a constant reminder. I will try to keep active, but I’ve said that the last however many posts. So we will see. To those that read these, you are loved and appreciated, no matter if it’s been a while since I posted, or seconds after. Thank you. If you want to go to the old journal:


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