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Beastars roleplay.( please only use OCs)

By Connor_Hickman
Please at lest know a little bit about Beastars. But small things about it is every one here is anamorphic animals.carnovores and hervores are separated. but please know basic things about Beastars

Also this can be a group role play
Fill this out for ocs
( not needed)Club?
( nor needed) Other
1) 16+ roleplay partners please.
2) only use ocs please. ( but main people can be in it but but just be them )
3) ocs be 17+
4) you can have as many Ocs as you want
5) fill out form and send to me
6) I have a right to add more rules etc
My ocs
Age: 17
Gender Male
Species: wolf dog
Looks:black fur with white around muzzle black fingers and fluffy tail. Tall mostly hunched over to look smaller. Looks very very thin claws always grow dark blue eyes wears grey tee shirt blue jeans and black leather boots also is often. intmdating so not many herbivores talk to him or carnivores
Personality:intmdating.shy sweet caring sometimes bold brave crazy at times hot headed
( not needed)Club? Looking
( nor needed) Other sharp fangs even for wolves
Name Finn
Age 17( almost 18)
Gender: male
Species: deer
Looks short light brown fur with long black antlers white around the tip of his short tail wear a green over coat with the school letters S C on the right corner grey pants and white tee black ten a shoes golden amber eyes he is well keep. Also his coat is a " tail coat" but he don't always wears it.

Personality Intmdating in his own way. Bold darring stern brave an be sweet
Club: theater and looking for more to join



mained wolf

light orangeish red fur with a black fluffy mane around her neck with black fur up to her knees on her legs and hands. And a white muzzle and tip of her tail which looks very fluffy amber eyes. Wears a white tee shirt and red shorts and ten a shoes and a neckless with a flower in amber

Kind happy hyper sweet talkative

Clubs art and garden
Light brown fur with white on muzzle and neck and hands. Wears a light blue dress and hair bow but sometimewears a blue shirt and black shorts. And wears tenashoes or black dress shoes.
Quite calm scared sweet kind
Club art theater

Name: Timber
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Snake anthropomorphic
Looks: she has a long lower body, that of a snake's, and the colors of a ball python. With long shiney hair, a tank top, slitted eyes, and sharp teeth.
Personality: She's not very social, but after a bit can be comfortable in someone's presence, if she doesn't like someone she'll let them know, and if they don't budge she can get violent. She enjoys vocal music, and eating.
Name: Toxicion (Toxi for short)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Sergal
Looks: Green and White fur, Shark like Sergal, He had red markings over his eyes and snout, as well as throughout his body. He stands at 6'0" and has yellowish red eyes with a snake like look.
Personality: Somewhat shy, but outgoing. Not afraid to take a stand against somebody, though. He can be flirty at times for no reason.
( not needed)Club? Looking or N/A
( nor needed) Other: Prehensile Tail
:Akir was walking around hunched over reading a book. Malou was runing over to Akir but stoped short when she saw the theater. Aika was reading off her lines on stage with Finn being impatient. As Akir walked out he sat down.
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Great-Jagras     315d ago

Timber slithers past them with an instrument case.
Connor_Hickman     315d ago

Akir Saw. Timber but still looked down but was walking in the same way. He didn't mean to but he cought up with Timber. " Hi" He wispered still looking down and tring not to ne a bother.
Great-Jagras     315d ago

She looks at him "...Hi." she starts opening the case "You don't have to be scared of me. Just don't do something I obviously don't like."
Connor_Hickman     315d ago

" of course" he nodded " so uh what
instrument do you play?" He ponited to the case his claws sharp but he quickly hid them.
Great-Jagras     315d ago

She pulls it out. It looks like a Violin. "This is a Viola."
Connor_Hickman     315d ago

" Oh" his ears slightly perked up. " I can play a guitar but that's it. " he said in a whisper.
Great-Jagras     315d ago

"That's similar to the Viola, but only the plucking part." She rosins up the bow and plucks on the bow part of the Minuet of the Forest.
Connor_Hickman     315d ago

" yeah" his ears perkered up as they hear footsteps behind them. Malou was runing to them she had a book in hand. Malou quickly went to a stop when she saw Akir talking to someone. " you left this Akir" she handed it off a book of some kind.
" Sorry I'll leave" Malou looked down.
Great-Jagras     315d ago

"What? I only bite some people." Timbers says as she tunes it. She pulls her bow across the strings. "Violas are often used in orchestra, but you can also do other things. I would like to learn the devil went down to Georgia, but it's very.. difficult."
Connor_Hickman     315d ago

His tail wagged but then stoped " I love that song!" He piped. Malou ears perked up " how long have you played the Viola? " she asked as Akir put up the book.
Great-Jagras     315d ago

"Since fifth grade. I wanted to do the Violin but everyone else got one, and since there weren't many violins left the teacher directed me to the Viola."
Connor_Hickman     315d ago

" Oh that's cool." She smiled as her tail slightly wagged " I've done art since I was In 6th grade." Malou smiled. Akir nooded and looked to Malou " I need to go I'll see you later." Before he left he said " my name is Akir by the way"
Great-Jagras     315d ago

"Nice to meet you, Akir." She plucks the strings on her instrument. "What's your name?" She asks Malou
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" my name is Malou" she replied as her ear twiched. Akir would walk off. Malou listened to Timber tune her viola
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"I'm Timber. Akir seems awfully scared of me, did he have an unpleasant experience with snakes?"
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" Oh no he's like that to most. He just I don't know. He'll warm up to you." She explained " one reason he don't want to scare off others like he did before" Malou sighed.
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"Huh. He scared people? I can't really see that now."
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" some hervores mostly but people say something happened and then he snaped and so he carnivores also but I'm not sure no one talks about it even he won't ." she ponited the way Akir walked as she spoke to Timber. " but hard for m e to believe he snaped" she slightly laughed.
Great-Jagras     314d ago

She nods "I don't find myself that scary. Mostly because I won't bite myself. But still."
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" I think people that don't know you might think your scary. Or anyone really"
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"Well what is it? Sharp teeth? Slitted eyes? Carnivorous attitude?"
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" I think it's the snap teeth but not everyone is scared" she said after a moment if thinking.
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"Yeah. You don't seem to be."
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" well why would I be have I done somthing wrong?" She questioned as she titled her head slightly.
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"I don't know. At this point I expect people to be afraid of me, although that makes me sound like a little edgelord. You haven't done anything wrong. If you did I would let you know. I do warm up to people eventually, and you don't seem too bad." She gives a toothy grin.
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

She gives a sharp fanged smile. " well I'm not like most" she said " but nothing wrong with thinking people would be scared of you." She shrugged
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"Thanks. I uh, I haven't actually bitten anyone before. I've tried, but couldn't. So I have no clue if I'm venomous or not."
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" well if your a rattler then you might be. But I really don't know" she looked around " if your hungry then we can eat. But remember there's no meet but there's so ya and stuff"
Great-Jagras     314d ago

She looked excited when she said food, and less excited when she said no meat. "Ah dangit. Alright."
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" sorry school rules" she looked around " but there's stuff to make it tase that way it's really against the law to eat meat it sucks" she sniffed the air " but anyways we can go eat"
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"Alright then." She says. "Food is food."
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" yeah. SHe lead. Her to the cafeteria. " here we ate"
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"Cool." She says. She looks at the food to see what she wants.
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

The food was eggs hard and soft boiled. And scrambled. There was also soybean hamburger and " meat flavoring. For drinks they had water milk and tea( if you want another drink just put it there). " what would you like?" She asked as her ear twiched as she read.
Great-Jagras     314d ago

"Hmm.. Well some snakes eat eggs, so I'll have some scrambled eggs."
Connor_Hickman     314d ago

" they tase really good. And you can add thungs too it also. " Malou grabed a fresh plate out eggs there was another plate a steaming eggs. " do you want me to help you?" She asked but didnt mean it in a bad way as some might think.
Great-Jagras     314d ago

Connor_Hickman     307d ago

She picked it up and followed her.
Great-Jagras     307d ago

She sits down at a table and looks around "Thiss place isn't too bad."
Kyleren285Toxicion   297d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

(Time to just exist-)
Toxi walked through the hallway now, his backpack slung over his shoulder.
Great-Jagras     297d ago

Timber looks at him "Who's that?"
Kyleren285Toxicion   297d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

Toxi walked over to where the food was at and picked up one of the soybean burgers, sighing a little as he brought it over to a table, alone, and sat down, rubbing his head a little.
Great-Jagras     297d ago

She frowns and asks Malou "He seems lonely. Who is he?"
Connor_Hickman     297d ago

Malou titled his head slightly. " I I'm not sure, maybe he would like to talk?" She asked and slowly walked over to
Toxi. " Hi" she smiled and waved.
Kyleren285Toxicion   297d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

Toxi looked at Malou for a moment, "Hello." He said plainly, then took a bite out of his burger.
Connor_Hickman     297d ago

" do you mind if we sit here?" She questioned and tried to not be annoying. She looked at Timber " if you also want to sit here"
Kyleren285Toxicion   297d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"You can, I don't really care.." He said with a shrug.
Great-Jagras     296d ago

Timber sits down (However a snake sits down) awkwardly.
Connor_Hickman     296d ago

" thank you" she gave Timber her food. " how long have you been here?' She asked him.
Kyleren285Toxicion   296d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"Half a year at most." He said, shrugging a little as he continued eating his burger.


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