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Lost in a Game ((novel in progress))((Prologue in Desc.))

By Kitiki_Anemara

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This isn't really a roleplay, more so just a story I'm working on writing with no other place to safely store its file or anything so I'm writing it here. I hope no one intends to steal the story/work because I am working hard on it but I also don't expect it to be stolen cuz my writing's not that good-

I'll also be attempting to put out one chapter every week- possibly every 2 weeks depending on how life goes-


Lost in a Game


I stood with nine cool-gray-colored tails and a pair of blood red and black wings behind me as they glistened with my horns in the fading light of day. Wavy black, dark gray and purple hair sat comfortably down to my waist as I looked up at the sky, watching it turn to violet twilight, my foxlike ears twitched, catching the first chirps of crickets as my tails started to turn a dim blue color and my hair grew to my ankles with the same light blue glow while they ignited with a soft sapphire flame as I watched the world around fall into a peaceful, dark sleep, I ran a hand along my cybernetic arm and closed my eyes.

Moments later, a blue phoenix soared upwards, the flaming wings cutting through the air with silent ease as it rose to the clouds and began to watch over the large islands that were home to small civilizations of mythical creatures and their unaware human neighbors. The phoenix awaited the arrival of one whom the humans have named Khaalida. A name which means deathless. And it only seems fitting for a being who cannot be killed. Not by human means anyway.

The night was calm as the full moon lit the sky, illuminating the sleeping human villages as the lingering lights went out and all fell into blissful silence. I watched attentively, waiting for Khaalida to show herself as I perched on the massive tree in the center of all the islands.
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Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

((not much for a first chapter- I know))
[h3 [b [Lobster Chapter One]]]

A young girl yawned and stretched as she got out of bed and stood, going through the daily ritual of gathering clothes and transporting them to the washroom, preparing a hot bath, brushing her teeth, doing her hair, and getting dressed for the day.

Stepping out of the tub nearly an hour later, she faced the mirror and looked at herself, inspecting the horns sticking out of her head, curved sharply upward as one had been broken many years ago. She studied the demonic dragon-like wings sticking out of her back and nine tails swayed calmly behind her. A hand drifted upward as she hesitantly touched her head and the image faded to show a short-haired girl with unusual colored eyes as they gleamed in the flickering candlelight, the right eye glistened blood red and the left shone a twilight violet. Now with a sigh, she turned away from the mirror and began to dress for the day.

A putrid smell filled her nose as she walked outside and covered her mouth.

“Not again” she growled under her breath as she looked back at the small cottage in which she resided to see brown paper bags broken apart on its walls with brown and green substances oozing down as flies, dung beetles, and other waste-feeding insects flew around and crawled all over it. Rolling her eyes and hissing softly, she grabbed the hose and watched the insects move away before beginning to spray the waste away. “So, disgusting, even by human standards.” she mumbled as laughter arose from behind her. With another sigh, she turned and looked towards the annoying, immature teens.

A boy with shaggy hair stood at the head of the group, all of which were dressed readily for a Halloween party in full costume. Watching them laugh, she looked at how the fabrics stretched and swayed, the fur sewn on and fake wings and tails as they had dressed as Angels, Demons, and Ghouls. Expensive and high quality for sure with professionally done make-up and prosthetics.

“Those costumes must’ve been pretty expensive” she said over their laughter as she continued to spray the filth from the walls. They glared at her when she had spoken in a nonchalant and indifferent tone.

“What’s it to you?” The boy sneered, obviously triggered by her uncaring attitude.

It was her turn to have a little dumb fun. With a chuckle, she smirked slightly. “Oh nothing, I would just hate for those costumes to get wet.” she said sarcastically and, in an instant, had swiftly turned the hose around and sprayed them like the pests they were.

The girls shrieked as the boys swore and seethed with anger. She smiled and turned back to her house, finishing spraying the shit and vomit off the walls and moving to water the grass and plants along the edge which were covered with the stuff from their bad aim and from what came off the house.

“Thanks for the fertilizer.” she stated in a purposely irritating and chirpy tone just to anger them more as she smirked. Finding it fun to mess with them, especially with her title as the village witch, but, as their only healer they had no choice but to put up with her antics when she is the only one taking care of their cuts and scrapes, and the occasional broken finger or arm or leg. Of course, those are easy to heal with simple healing potions and small spells. She was also very used to these dumb, disgusting games of theirs.

Once she finished with the hose, she turned it off and grabbed her bag, which she had sat by the door before turning back around to look at the small group still there. The girls sulking as they stomp away back to their homes, dripping wet as their heels clicked on the cement and one of them fell over. She had held back a laugh as she watched them.

“Didn't your parents ever tell you not to mess with a witch?” She teased, laughing at their response: a series of swears.

“you’re barely our age you little bitch!” one of the girls shouted at me as she stamped her boot with a loud thump on the pavement. The only one to be wearing boots it seemed.

She merely looked at them as she picked up the hose again and pointed it in their direction. Watching most of them go running, carrying their heels and sneakers as three of the boys attempted to jump the fence only to be knocked back by a sudden gush of water- partially enhanced with a bit of water bending. One of them landed on a brown paper bag that burst and released a foul smell as the boy shrieked, his voice raising several octaves as the others bolted off and left him covered in feces as he began to shake with disgust and anger. She sprayed him again to make him leave and partially knock some of the dung from his ass as he stood up and walked away with wilting dignity before she returned to completing her final tasks.

Finally, she grabbed her bag and began to make her way into town a few minutes later as she finished strengthening the barrier and cloaking shields around her home.


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