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Leave Me Alone! (1x1, MxM) (Open)

By ALonelyOtaku

Note: This roleplay is pretty heavily based on my Unholy Love roleplay, but much more abusive, dark, violent, and mature. Please read the full thread and the rules and requirements.

It was the year 5042 and humans had evolved into much more than what they had centuries ago. There had been multiple plagues, wars, natural disasters, and scientific breakthroughs that killed off the weaker humans and created stronger humans. The only problem with these new Superhumans? If they had any problems with their births, it could be a very big problem. Back in the year 5021, a mother had birth to two boys, one with pale skin and black hair, the other with more tan skin and dark brown hair. When the boys opened their eyes, the pale boy had red eyes and the tan boy had blue eyes. This was the creation of the vampire, a singular baby boy.

Vampires would be viewed as normal humans until the age of fourteen when their thirst for blood would finally become present. Schooling would be available to vampires up until the sixth grade, then they were required to either become pets to the human race or move out into seclusion in the countryside. If vampires gave their young teens to possible buyers, they would be paid greatly and viewed as 'Heros' to the human race by protecting them from rabid vampire attacks.

Humans had an odd love for vampires and would normally buy them as pets, so there would always be an increase in the vampire population. There were very specific rules in place for the humans that owned vampires though. There were many but the main rule was: Do not feed your vampire with human blood. It will send them into a frenzy and they will kill you without even knowing it.

Y/C had always been interested in Vampires since a young age, and now they were the legal age to buy one. Y/C was a very cold, heartless person who had little regard for living vampires however, as a vampire had killed their parents a few years back, and they wanted to show vampires the pain they had felt at that young age. Even if it was just one vampire. Y/C goes to the nearest vampire pet store, buying their youngest, cheapest vampire along with a few vampire care items. Y/C assumed that caring for vampires was easy since they wouldn't be doing much 'Caring' for their vampire, up until reading a book given to them by the cashier. It discussed vampire living and how to care for them, which required showing them you were the boss almost right off the bat. One tip the cashier gives Y/C is to not let M/C free roam, as he may try to attack you.

M/C (Lucian Flores) was a shy, emotional, quiet boy who just wanted to be left alone. Lucian had gone through multiple owners throughout the years and he never really knew why they didn't like him. He was a good pet, very obedient and quiet, so he couldn't see why they wouldn't like him. He knew how to cook and clean, he knew how to care for younger humans and older humans, and he also knew how to care for human pets. He learned to ignore his hunger until it became too painful to bear, which it never did due to the fact his old owners fed him fairly well.

~ Rules and Requirments ~
You MUST be 18+, no exceptions. This is going to be a dark, abusive, and mature roleplay. If I find you are under the age of 18 and you have lied to me, you will be kicked from the roleplay and blocked.

Your OC must be above the age of 20, but try to keep their age below the age of 35.

This will not be a romance roleplay! Do not try to turn it into a romance plot.

I require a minimum of 500 characters, there is no maximum amount though I ask you to keep it around 3000. I try to write around 1000 - 1500 though I can write up to 2500 if you'd prefer. I do not want a one-liner or illiterate writer.

Do not give mercy to Lucian, he is your pet to control. You make the choices, you are the boss, not him.

Thank you for reading all of this, I apologize that it was a lot. If you've made it this far, amazing job! If you'd like to join this roleplay make the title of your PM; Bloodlust. and send me your OC's profile at the bottom of your request. This will be a first come first serve roleplay. Once again, Thank You for reading all of this and I hope you have an amazing day.

Warm Wishes, Good Music, and Sweet Coffe from: ALonelyOtaku
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