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His Dress (1x1, MxM) (Closed)

By ALonelyOtaku

In a world where Females were the dominant gender, males were seen only as products for their reign. In every family, the eldest child must be female, the youngest a male or they shall be killed. However, Rylee Palter was born a male, he was the first son to be born to the Palter family in generations. His parents didn't want to lose their first child so they declared him female, gave him feminine clothes and a feminine name. Yet, 19 years later when it is time for Rylee to be married to an eligible male from a different family, is he ready for what fate has in store?

Y/C was the youngest of his family and was well respected throughout the home. He had heard rumors of the eldest daughter of the Palter family being a male, but that was preposterous. He had also heard rumors that he was to be wed to her, which gave him an odd feeling. He was rather young to be getting married, the age of 19 seemed rather young to him. But, It wasn't a marriage for love, it was one for status, wealth, and ties to the Palter family... or was it?

~ Rules and Requirments ~
You must be 16+.
Your OC must be 19 for roleplay purposes.
Keep things site-friendly though Cursing and Dark/Mature themes are allowed.
This is a romance-based plot though my OC is aromantic, so it will be rather slow-moving.
There will be heavy mentions of Abuse and Emotional Neglect along with hint mentions of suicide, you have been warned.
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incog_sniper     321d ago

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ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   321d ago


I sat at the edge of my bed, slowly kicking my legs as I peek out my window. My mother had told me to get into my best dress and get ready for the dance tonight, it's where I would meet my new husband. Even though I knew that meeting him would be inevitable, I found myself crying and sitting at the edge of the bed in my nightclothes. I wipe the tears off of my face, shaking my head and letting out a shaky breath as I go to my closet, grabbing my elegant black dress, sliding it on. I then put on a black necklace and black gloves. I finish off the outfit with black heels, but even after years of practice I still struggle to walk in them.

I head downstairs to the dining room, sitting near my mother as our chefs bring us out a fruit parfait, buttered bread, and assorted fruit, yet I wasn't hungry or even interested in anything on the plate. My mother asks kindly, "Well, Rylee... Arent you excited to meet your husband today?" I hesitate before clearing my throat and speaking lowly, "Yes, Mother." My voice was rather soft and high for a male voice, but it would still be very detectable as male amongst the hundreds of women that would be at the party tonight. This is why I never spoke, and this may be the last time I ever hear my own voice again. I close my eyes and hold a strawberry by its leaves, re-opening them as I drop it onto the plate.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   320d ago

Levi would be sleeping in though he was supposed to be doing his daily practices for certain this his parents wanted him to be good at.He would wake silently and look around and jumped out of bed.The first thing levi could smell was the nice cooked smell of bread and bacon along with nice golden brown hash browns.They would yawn and stretch going and changing into his normal clothing consisting of a nice black hoodie and black jeans. Though being royal was great to him it always seemed to be a pain with all the responsibilities.But what could you do?.Levi would go downstairs as the maids would go in and clean his room.

Levi ended up eating a bit from everything and immediately after his parents came down to talk to him."so are you sure your ready son?" his dad said hastily and looked at levi as his mother scanned his outfit."ye-" levi would rehearse the answer but his mom stopped him "go add a tie to this outfit please sweety".That to levi was off the table but his mother was not one to contradict or mess with in the morning."ok but i'm gonna go and practice some sword work" levi said smiling."ok but please don't get dirty!" his mother yelled but levi was already off with a red and black tie and his favorite sword.
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ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   320d ago

(It's alright!)

Rylee had been excused from the table so he slowly got up and walked out to the gardens, sitting down and looking over the rose garden. His parents had turned the bushes into large altar-like shapes for his wedding tonight. He sighed a quiet, sad sigh and he buried his face into his hands. He felt like crying once again, and he allowed himself to sob out audibly, as he wanted to hear his own voice again. Finally, his younger sister, Perrah, came out and sat beside him. She gave a small smile and says kindly, "Don't cry, Rylee! Today's supposed to be special, you get a special man to love you!" She took my hand and I didn't respond, as she did not know I was male. I give a weak smile and she hugs me, then runs off to go pretend to get married under my alter. I bite my lip to keep from screaming, my shoulders beginning to tremble as I whisper to myself, "It isn't special... If anything, it's pure hell." I finally get up and dry my tears, going up to my room due to a maid's request.

I sit down as a young woman walks in, a belt covered with different brushes and a bag overflowing with makeup supplies. "Hiya Rylee! I am here to make you look all pretty for your big day!~" She says in an upbeat tone, but I don't say a word in response. She gives a weak smile and gets to work. By the time we had finished, I truly did look amazing, but it didn't feel good on me, no matter how good I looked. "Well, Look at the time! Your wedding is only mere hours from now! Arent you excited?" She asked, but I only gave a small smile and pointed to the door. She gave another smile and walked out, grumbling and cursing once the door closed, making me chuckle.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   320d ago

Levi would take a deep breathe and look around quietly and exhales starting to train.He loved the spot as it was always quiet and levi could think and train on his own.halfway through a swing he would think about the wedding,to him it was bullshit since the other doesn't love nor know him nor does he love or know them.so to levi it was just torture since they will just hate him for marrying them.But levi knew the true reason for this marriage,his parents wanted even better status. It was plainly clear sense there name wasn't really that possible and the others name was one of the most popular.Levi for one absolutely hated this idea since the point of marriage is to be joined together with someone you love and want to be with for the rest of your life.Its sacred and special and should be cherished by everyone.After a bit levi got bored and didn't feel like practicing anymore and headed out into town.It was rush hour for a lot of places and he could see them scrambling to get work done.So levi had decided to go down to the greenhouse or basically the towns garden since it was always calm there.Levi would be going around and looking at all of the flowers smiling."there always so beautiful this time of year..." smiles and bends down smelling one and looked at the time."i can't believe in an hour i've got to go get married..." looks down and sees a bright purple flower."ill just go through the wedding then tell the other they just have to pretend they love eachother,then we can just be friends or something" levi said and smiled.Nodding "yeah that works" starts walking home and picks up his sword and puts it away and sighs going doing his hair and fixing his clothes and his parents check it."you look handsome" his dad said and his mom nodded.
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   320d ago

Rylee laid on his bed, eyes closed as his clock slowly ticked, alerting him of every second of freedom he had left, every second he was wasting in silence. He began to whisper random words to himself just to make sure he was still alive, still a boy, still a human. He finally sat up and ran out into the halls, down into the main room, and out onto the large, elegant porch. It overlooked a large lake a forest, a forest that had a single road that led to the castle. He gripped the railing, the strongest urge pulling him towards the woods, yet he stayed planted in place. His body leaned forward but he still couldn't move. He finally took in a big breath and screamed, a true scream for once. His voice echoed through the empty woods, gardens, and across the lake. He screamed until his throat hurt, then he went quiet, starring down at his feet as his parents ran to his side, enraged he make such a bold move. "Rylee! H-How could you?! What if someone heard you?! We don't have a son, you should not try to expose yourself like this! How foolish are you?!" they began scolding him almost immediately, not even asking if he was alright as they gripped his wrist and dragged him to their chambers, making final preparations as the hours turned into minutes, and minutes would turn into 'Any Second Now' and then, Prince Levi would be here, and he would be married to him... and he had no choice and neither did Prince Levi.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   320d ago

Levi would hear the scream and start running towards it looking around for the person who had yelled it.The scream to him sounded like they let all there sadness and pain out at once and levi was very worried for them and saw a house...the house.it was the house and address of the place he was supposed to get married at,his heart pounding he knocked on the door and waited for someone to come and answer it.When some butler opened the door he would be greeted and told him to come quick."but i heard a scream...it was really loud and powerful i want to know if there ok?" levi said still worried but was ushered to the kitchen.They would tell him to wait as they were gonna get his 'future wife' and then left him alone there."but...the person who screamed must have been real hurt..." levi would look around.levi could see the forest from the window and smiled as he loved the outdoors and woods.It truly was beautiful and natures playground.Levi would hear footsteps but ignored them but then two people came in and he saw rylee and the butler nodded smiling."we will let you to get to know each other before the wedding starts" they would say and leave."ok princess rylee i have a plan,we just pretend to like each other but just be friends?" it sounded good in his head.
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   320d ago

Rylee had a look of emptiness in his eyes as he silently nodded, his lips pressed together as he lowered his head a bit, going to the dining room table and sitting down, placing his arms on the table and lowering his head in silence. Strands of hair came down as he did this and he focused on breathing quietly. He finally looked over at Levi, looking him up and down and feeling a tang of jealousy. He stood up, near equal to his height as he opened his mouth to speak, then caught himself and pressed his lips together. He then lowered his head a bit and gave a kind smile to the boy. He had hoped that once they were wed, he would be left alone and he would never have to see the man again. His butler had handed him a paper and a pencil so he could speak VIA pen and paper, though he had no plans on speaking or writing to this boy. He was only a pawn to his parent's big plan, and so was this boy. He turned and began to walk towards the outside again, brushing past the boy in a way most disrespectful from a princess... but he was no princess.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   320d ago

Levi would look at the princess and see the sadness and feels bad for them since it must kill the other to go through with this and sighs."i'm sorry you had to do this...i don't want to either...marriage is supposed to be special and for people who love each other and i'm pretty sure you despise me so if my sorry helps a little then...im sorry".Levi got up and followed after her and sighs as they go out first and then follows after her and looks around at all the people who had came to watch the marriage happened.Most were family and other royals as they would watch quietly.His father would be crying since to levis father it was such a 'beautiful moment' and 'time' though it was absolute torture for him.Levi would listen as the princess came out and watched them quietly.It must of been torture for the princess which was clearly stated before by he disrespecting him though he didn't mind it.It was reasonable to disrespect him in a situation like this.Even levi hated himself for doing something like this.The person wedding them would start reciting the traditional wedding stuff and they asked for vows but they seemed to skip over it anyway and then he said i do.Then the thing levi dreaded most happened...they were asked to kiss.
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   319d ago

Rylee stared into Levi's eyes as the person wedding us asked us to kiss. He hesitated as the kiss happened and before he could do anything tears were streaming down his cheeks. The moment they pulled away from each other he turned away from the crowd and forced a smile, playing off the tears on his face as happy ones. People clapped and cheered, then got up and headed to the food table. The moment the attention was off of Rylee he placed to hands over his mouth and sobbed silently. He didn't look at Levi and then gave a weak wave, running out into the thick garden, hiding behind a few bushes before letting out a quiet sob, his shoulders trembling. His dress now had a small tear near his thigh and he covered his face as he whispered to himself, "I-I-It wasn't supposed to be like this...! I-It wasn't..." He shut up, biting his tongue and sobbing silently into his hands. Makeup ran down his face and began to smear on his hands, but he didn't care one bit. He could faintly hear his parents calling for him, something about cake? He didn't care, he was going to stay here for the rest of the wedding and sulk.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   319d ago

Levi didn't kiss back nor did he care to look at the crowd of people after as everyone went to go eat he watched rylee run off.Now levi felt bad and absolutely would have comforted them but then decided rylee wanted to be alone and to be honest he did to.So what did levi do? he did the one thing that would help him cool off better than anything else.Levi went back grabbed a black sword walked into the woods outside of the palters house and started to cut away at trees.Levi would swing tree after tree as he made deep cuts on them and moved on.A fain thump or wack could be heard but just barely.Then levi did something he hadn't done in 7 years...he cried,and cried...no not cried,he sobbed.Levi would start cutting and swinging faster as chips from the trees and limbs would fly off.The first time hes been married and his first ever kiss had just been wasted on someone who wouldn't even talk to him.

The blades flat accidently hit the tree and it would bounce back and cut his leg and then another time it hit his shoulder but at this point he absolutely couldn't give a fuck.Levi would eventually collapse tired and his hands would be red but knuckles white and he would put his head in his arms get in a ball lean back against a tree and sob now dirty.
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   319d ago

After a long while, someone had found Rylee and dragged him back to the party. He found himself in a chair, slowly eating a thick chocolate cake. He breathed out quietly and closed his eyes. His mother walked over and hissed lowly, "Look happy and go find your husband. You embarrass us and your dead, do you know that?!" He gave a smile to this, a blank stare in his eyes as she smiles back. "Good... Now go get your husband." He nodded silently and went towards the woods, blood running down his leg. He noticed it and began to question how that even happened. He finally heard someone softly crying and he silently walked over, looking down at Prince Levi. He didn't say anything and just stood there, looking down at his feet in guilt. He finally got down onto his knees, looking at Prince Levi with the smallest smile on his face. He offered his hand to him as he wrote in the dirt with his finger: [i I may not know you, nor like you but... You said we could be friends, so how about we start now? They have a pretty good cake out there?] I smile and look up at you, brushing the stray clumps of dirt away from my message, making it easier to read.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   319d ago

Levi would be thinking about his current situation and then the thought would fall on his parents.He despised them more than the state he was in.Levi would hear someone coming but didn't care,it wasn't like losing his dignity was worse than what had happened today anyway.Then he saw rylee.Levi was pretty guilty but had a plain sad look on his face as he looked at what they were righting.At first levi didn't get it and then took a second look at the message and sighed.Levi didn't take there hand but stood up anyway looking at rylee."you don't have to be my friend,we can act like we never knew each other after this hell hole of a 'party'."ill get some cake act like im having fun make an excuse to leave then ill be on my way" levi would go back."but if you want we can talk,up to you really" he went and got a piece of cake and made a lame excuse to go.Levi would pick his sword up he left outside and go on his way to the greenhouse of a garden with it.

Levi would look at the flowers quietly and take small bites of cake thinking.It really was all he did this week anyway but now it was about now was rylee and how far pretending would take him since his parents would be there.
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   319d ago

I follow you around almost lifelessly for a while. I had taken another slice of cake and ate it rather quickly. He thought about truly speaking to Levi, but he wasn't sure he was ready for that yet. He took out his pad and paper and then placed his empty plate on a nearby table. He then chased Levi to catch up to him. Once he was beside him he tore off the page and it read: [i I'd rather be your friend. If we just ignore each other after this, it will only make our lives worse. I'd much rather us learn to tolerate each other and learn to be friends than lie to our parents about our 'amazing relationship' when we actually haven't seen each other in months.] He then smiles at this and bit back a laugh. He then placed his hand at the edge of the table, leaning his weight against it as he let out a long breath, a wide grin on his face as he met Levi's eyes.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   319d ago

Levi looked up at them walking towards him and continue eating his cake as he saw her sit down at the table as the other took a piece of paper and sat down across from her.Levi would take the paper picking it up and reading it.Some of it levi could get,it was really the parts where she talked about how they didn't know each other and it would definitely suck having to lie to his parents about a great relationship he had with her though they were now just starting to be friends.He would ponder it for a second and nod casually.But the parts he didn't get were wear she wanted to be good friends though he thought she probably absolutely hated him.But this was generally what he wanted anyway so there was no complaining or bad judgment in this compromise.

"well i agree,and it would be great to be friends with someone for once that isn't one hundred percent fake" levi said and shook there hand."so what do you like to do anyway?"
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   319d ago

He opened his mouth to speak, a small noise indicating he was going to speak escaping his throat. He caught himself and shut up, flushing red, and then began to write, [i I like to read and write, I play music sometimes, I am good with a sword and bows... I also like to roam the woods.] He gave a nervous smile and slid it to you, swallowing hard. He let you read the note, and as you did he stood up and took his hair out of the fancy mess it was in, letting it fall down to his waist and in front of his face. He let out a soft sigh, trying to make it sound as feminine as possible as he moved all the hair to his left side, over his left shoulder. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, reminding himself to stay silent. He then gave a warm smile and turned around, sitting beside you again with my lips firmly pressed together, my hands pressed onto my lap and somewhat gripping my dress.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   319d ago

Levi would watch her silently as she tried to talk though was very confused when just a small noise came from her mouth.Levi would ponder why she stopped herself but disregarded the fact when she started to right.levi would enjoy reading what she wrote as the words were very neat and had there own little touch to them.Levi would see that she liked swords and bows and music things he also liked and enjoyed."do you have any bows or swords? cause if you want we can go spar or duel,its my favorite pastime and how i relieve stress so i have some to" levi would smile and look at her as she got up and sat next to him.Levi really didn't mind or give the sigh any attention as he unsheathed his sword and put it on the table."it was my grandfathers on my father's side,it's one of my favorites" levis mother didn't want anything from his father's side so it was past down to him.Levi would look around at all the many flowers that were different colors
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   319d ago

Rylee couldn't help himself and blurted out in his true voice, no attempt to hide it, "oh my gosh yes! I have a sword that I have had for years now! I-" His eyes went wide and his face paled out as he stepped back, almost in a stagger. He made a soft whimpering sound and collapsed to his knees, his eyes blank as he whispered to himself. "F-F-Fuck... I messed up. Oh my- Oh my god..." Tears formed in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks, his shoulders trembling and his chest tightening. "I-I'm sorry, Prince Levi! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to lie to you, I-I don't want to die! P-Please doesn't tell anybody!" He yelled, sobbing as his eyes were wide in fear, locking with yours. His chest was heaving as he struggled to breathe, becoming overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.
incog_sniperlevi ocho   319d ago

Levi would watch them and smile as everything was going rather smoothly and then they spoke.No complaining on his part from hearing there voice,though it was masculine it sounded very good.but on his part it was a big shocker to hear it not be a girls voice but a mans.Levi was very confused though on why they dressed and looked like a girl though he couldn't judge."I don't know what to say..." he looked down at them hearing the rapid sorrys and how they broke down panicking.Yet again levi could feel a rush of sympathy for them but yet again didn't know how to express it.

"I...its ok rylee...not like i got to know you much anyway" levi would give them a small sympathetic smile and held there hand out for them."now i can get to know the real you..." levi gave a bigger and friendly smile to them."also im not telling anyone so you can calm down" he was not sure how the would react but then levi didn't really care.Levi would pull them into a warm hug.
ALonelyOtakuRylee Palter   318d ago

He froze for a minute, a few tears hitting the floor as you said this, and then he found himself in a hug. He didn't make a single noise as he wiped the tears off of his face and smiled, closing his eyes and whispering thank you a few times. When they finally pulled away he stood there for a moment and then he said, "Well... The real me is a dude, and well... I was the eldest in the family so I didn't really get a choice for all...this." He says, moving his hands in front of his body to symbolize the dress and feminine look. "I-I'm kind of glad I messed up though... I didn't want to stay silent forever... As you can tell, it probably wouldn't have lasted... But, at least you know now... S-Sorry for kissing you earlier, we didn't really get a choice." He looked away after saying this, flushing red then smirking. His face went back to normal quickly and he cleared his throat. "S-So... Sword fighting, right?"
incog_sniperlevi ocho   317d ago

Levi would nod along and look at them quietly "the kiss was definitely an annoying factor to my life" he said and looked down blushing lightly and then shrugged looking back up "but yeah we had no choice".Levi wouldn't move past the fact as it wasn't the worst thing that had happened to him in his life."yeah,the only thing that keeps me sane at this point" he said and chuckled half heartedly looking at the sword on the table and glancing around."you can use one if you wan't,i have a bunch of them" levi said and started walking out towards his house his sword in hand.He looked around at the town going towards his place and down towards a shed near the forest and he opened the door.There were a bunch of swords that were different sizes shapes and colors.Levi would put the sword he had up and take his regular sword,the sword was relatively long and thin but pretty light.It would be a purple color and the butt would be black."you can choose any of them that you want".


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