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By ButterflyRose

This is the OOC thread for Will Love Find Me? If you aren't MourningGlory, SmileBright or myself, kindly fuck off. Thank you.
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ButterflyRose     198d ago

Okay, so I have a feeling we [i might] have our first official couple Willow & Isla. But still gonna play the field with that one xD But I think those two would be fucking adorable.

I see they are all kind of pairing off already as well. But I think we should talk about whom we want to really end up with in the end. Considering I'm playing four characters, I don't wanna end up coupling with myself lol. So the other three are pretty much up for grabs for sure.

I saw it mainly as they all kind of paired off as well:
Kat and Caliber and Emil and Kitty. With now known interest between Callum and Dante.

But I am free to let them all fuck around with eachother, considering both Callum and Dante are not the types to settle down easily. But I am kind of okay with whatever happens.

I also love Willow and Isla together, very cute lol
ButterflyRose     198d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing Kitty and Dante together though. I feel like he wouldn't be able to handle Kitty alone xD Callum is pretty fucking chill, and doesn't care who he ends up with, as long as he gets laid every night pretty much.

I think we should somehow plot something to do when they get to the house. Like when they pair off with their roommates, and maybe do some sort of task list they have to do. But that's just me lol.

I think they'd be fun to put together too, they'd be pretty nuts. I feel like everyone else, sans Isla and Willow, is still very open to getting to know the others.

Oh that'd be cool, maybe they have to discover the different parts of the island with their roommate, or current pair?

I was thinking it would be a little like the bachelor or a dating show, where they plan dates for certain couples or group dates, and it helps people get to know the other people on the island and see if they click?? Just a thought
MourningGlory××Find××   198d ago
Lady of the Night

All of them seem fun. I know Kat and Emil don't really help things (I am still learning who they are as this goes too...so sorry)

But maybe should have it be like the bachelor... Or play like scavenger hunts with clues where for each they have a different partner?

Oh, I like the scavenger hunts too! Maybe they all filled out a questionnaire of sorts before they came, and all the clues are based on them as people? So maybe they have to learn stuff about eachother to find the next clue?
MourningGlory××Find××   198d ago
Lady of the Night

Oh that could be fun! Don't figure out the "right" thing about their partner and they don't find whatever they are supposed to.
Butterflyrose     197d ago

I love it! Maybe add in some sort of battle of the sexes too? Or something along those lines. The scavenger hunt is perfect though!

OH I love a battle of the sexes thing! I could also see some times of separating boys and girls to talk, or making pairs that aren't interested romantically spent time together would be interesting too. Like maybe they send random pairs on dates sometimes ?
Butterflyrose     197d ago

Yes! I think so for sure.

Like I could see some of these pairs being SO wrong for eachother but the encounter being so funny XD
MourningGlory××Find××   197d ago
Lady of the Night

It would be comical!
MourningGlory××Find××   187d ago
Lady of the Night

Sooo do they have the roommates? Or will they kind of be like "fuck it" and just everyone kind of does/goes as they please?

I don't think we ever officially decided. I think I'd be interesting whether or not they had roommates. More tension if they were assigned/more sexual tension if they pick them themselves. We could also just say there are a bunch of rooms and anyone can sleep anywhere too
MourningGlory××Find××   187d ago
Lady of the Night

That is true! I just wondered after the last set of posts
ButterflyRose     184d ago

I was thinking they should have roommates. Like there's only 4 bedrooms but they are [i huge] as shit, so that's where the roommates part comes in. They can choose whom they want, and they can always change up as well, as long as there's only 2 per room.

That sounds great to me!
MourningGlory××Find××   184d ago
Lady of the Night

That sounds fun!
SmileBright     176d ago

Hey! Before I work on my post, I was planning on adding a bit of the guy whose driving the boat to tell them to make pack up and get ready to dock on the island, but at the end of my post. Does that work for you or do you guys wanna do boat stuff for longer?
MourningGlory××Find××   176d ago
Lady of the Night

I want to see some more of truth and dare xD Maybe add the boat guy when something "wild" happens and he tells them to pack up? But that's just me
SmileBright     176d ago

I'm up for whatever but I'm down to keep going with truth or dare, but I assumed they would continue off the boat.
Butterflyrose     176d ago

I think we should do at least one more round on the boat, and then move it to the island. The island is where everything gets turned up pretty much, more personal things could happen, and it could turn into strip truth or dare?
SmileBright     176d ago

That works for me! Love it!
MourningGlory××Find××   134d ago
Lady of the Night

I am SO sorry gals! I have been busy with work and trying to very slowly catch things up... I promise I haven't quit!

I was also wondering what you two think they should do first when getting to the island? Maybe have one of those films of the rules and such of the island? Ooor keep their game up??
SmileBright     133d ago

I think they'll pick rooms and stuff, maybe theres like a small sheet of rules in each room?  But I think some booze and the game will continue :)
ButterflyRose     133d ago

I'm with Bright on that. They will most likely pair off in rooms, and there could be a sheet of paper with the rules in the rooms, but I was gonna set it up to where it was in the main room when you first entered the house.

For sure keep up the game and get a bit more interesting for sure on that one.
MourningGlory××Find××   133d ago
Lady of the Night

Thanks you two! I was just wondering
ButterflyRose     80d ago

I will be posting soon my dears. I had to take some time for my mental health. So I do apologize for the wait.
SmileBright     80d ago

No worries at all!  Always take care of yourself first! (:
MourningGlory××Find××   79d ago
Lady of the Night

No worries!
I am sorry to the both of you for being so behind...school, work and mental health >.<
ButterflyRose     59d ago

I'm about halfway through with my post. Kitty and Calum are all I have left to get done. Thank you both for being understanding.
MourningGlory××Find××   58d ago
Lady of the Night

No worrie!
Can't wait to read them when you have them done :3


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