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Tales of the Blood Moon

By Catlover33
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For centuries, humans have told tales of vampires and of halfbloods not knowing that all this time, both vampires and halfbloods were real and they lived among humans. To vampires, halfbloods were considered to be valuable due to how sweet their blood tasted to a vampire. Due to the vampiric side of their heritage, they couldn’t age past their physical prime and could live for eternity unless they were killed. Vampires are the creatures that everyone knew and feared as blood sucking monsters that could turn into bats. While most vampires do not attack and kill humans, there are those vampires who go rouge. These vampires normally have to be taken down by humans and vampires who are specially trained to wrangle rogue vampires. These vampires are normally imprisoned or kept under close watch until the reason why they went rogue can be explained. Humans are just simply humans. They’re the most mundane beings in the midst of vampires and halfbloods however, that doesn’t mean that they’re primitive. They have a modern society that is rich in culture and diversity and very few members of the human population are aware of the vampires lurking among them. However, recently, more humans have become aware of vampires and halfbloods which has sparked concern among vampires as they couldn’t stay hidden any longer. With no choice, they revealed that they lived among humans but in their own society which surprisingly didn’t start a war as long as both sides remained peaceful. This is mostly open ended with no specific plot to follow but please follow the rules. [hr] 『Rules』 1. The Site Rules and Roleplay etiquette apply here 2. Nothing worse than sh*t is allowed however if your character does have a potty mouth, censor the bad words. And yes, fandom swears are allowed. 3. There is going to be blood and some slight gore in this. 4. For the love of everything holy in this world, keep this thread rated 16+. 5. There is no character limit! 6. OCs are allowed 7. No homophobia or s3xual content (N*dity is not allowed either) 8,. Don’t be overpowered. 9. Please don’t mention r*pe. It is a rather uncomfortable topic to deal with. 10. Please do not post more than 1200 characters. Long replies can be intimidating for some people and similarly, please post more than one line so that the roleplay doesn’t end up getting boring because someone can’t respond properly. 11. Try to post something at least once a day to keep the roleplay going 12. Don’t change the genre from Modern Fantasy to another setting just because you feel like it 13. There will be SOME dark themes involved since there will be vampires. 14. Crossover characters are allowed 15. Keep romance to a MINIMUM. I will not straight up outlaw the theme immediately but if it’s not kept to a minimum, it will be outlawed due to the fact that it can be rather uncomfortable at times and that there are people out there who do not like the theme. Similarly, it can become overwhelming if it’s the main theme. Please PM me with your character name, if they’re a canon character from a series or an OC and if they’re a halfblood, vampire or human. [hr] 『CAST OF CHARACTERS』 [b Halfbloods] Rain (Catlover33, Originally from Final Fantasy) Bartz Klauser (Catlover33, Originally from Final Fantasy) Firion (Catlover33, Originally from Final Fantasy) Tidus (Catlover33, originally from Final Fantasy) Vaan (Catlover33, Originally from Final Fantasy) Daylen Weston (Cursethewhitecat, OC) [b Vampires] Lyra Nyx (Cursethewhitecat, OC) Grim (batchan123, OC) Dust (batchan123, OC) [b Humans] Dominic Fray (Cursethewhitecat, OC)
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batchan123batchan   1y ago

can i be my vampire oc i have two of them ?
Catlover33     1y ago

((Sure! Just put what their names are in either the real-time chat if you can access it or in PMs))
batchan123batchan   1y ago

ok their names are grim and dust


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