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The Crumb Clan Chat!

By -w
King: Crumb Cuptoast. (-w)
The kings wife/husband: Fletch (Kyleren)
Right hand man/secons in command: Fletch (Kyleren.)
Captains: Timby wolfy (Mr. Wolf), Cas (oKiziguya)
Soldiers under Timby:
Soldiers under Cas:
Civilians: Leah (Novalogic), Nesiah Lejka (Mercuri)
Death sentence:
Currency use: UCC. Other systems count as territory to Crumb Clan.
My weaponry would be a trench guns and dragunov's. And for my artillery vehicles, 8 Leopard 2A7+ - made in Germany. And an HMMWV with a gunner shield.
My planet's main food/drinks are Peppermint Schnapps. Water. Sunflower seeds.
5 Main Materials - Pallidium, Coal, Obsidian Thread, Wood, and Crop Seeds.
Pallidium explanation: Palladium is a rare orange metal which forms in the upper to lower mantle of the planet. The people of the crumb clan use this metal for armour due to It’s durability and resistance to flames. The material has a healing property, which in battle if the wearer is damaged the metal has a small chance to heal all physical wounds, to stop bleeding, heal eyesight partially, fix any hearing damages etc. If not melted down properly the raw metal can explode, causing shrapnel to fly and kill anyone within a ten foot radius.
Obsidian thread explanation: This is a rare type of silk that can only be obtained from the black widow spider. This thread is fire resistant and can provide defense against bullets. With this thread you can weave any everyday clothes into armour, which gifts the wearer with great defense and speed. The fire defense makes lava feel like hot water. And the bullet defense it’s the equivalent to juggernaut armour.

Material/weapon amount: Trench guns = 1.3MA. dragunov's = 1.4MA. 8 Leopard 2A7+ = 213595. HMMWV with a gunner shield = 33450A.
Peppermint Schnapps = 9.3MA. Water = 2.21TA. Sunflower seeds = 9.6MA.
Palladium = 100,000A. Coal = 0.9MA Obsidian Thread = 1000A. Wood = 20MA. Crop Seeds = 15MA.
MA= Million Amount. TA= Trillion Amount. BA = Billion Amount. A= Amount.
Thanks to Mr. Wolf and his 25A of Ruthenium. We now have +60% Production Boost. Higher energy levels
Current song that represents the clan.

The king's theme (crumb.)

Fletch's theme.

Mr. Wolf's theme.

Leah's theme.
MwrahUWLP   15m ago

Well- I needed to have a casualty during that war so im like "Who would be the best char to kill.... Ah Timby!" Because Timby can be brought back. Because James Vincent created him. All James needs is to know that Timby was killed and he needs Timby's DNA. Which can be from Timby's dead body or from Ace of Spades. Then James can recreate Timby but Timby won't have his memories so yeah- But he will have knowledge of Ace. Which James would cut half of that knowledge out. :D

Edit: The story is quite interesting by the way. My question is what does it mean? Is it like some secret background of Luna?
XxNova_LogicxXLeah Luna   25m ago

wait- WHAT
XxNova_LogicxXLeah Luna   24m ago

I wrote something!

 The Lord sated himself.

The three of Moon, Wolf and skull will NEVER deliberately be breaded.

If you were to. He would kill you.

Your a curse, Leah, get that into your head.

When you were born, your Mother was scared of you.

When your Father saw you, he despised you.

The Lord said that Satan himself said there would be a change.

A change of which would be irreversible.

You should never had been born.

You were made to rain hell upon this world.

You don't deserve friends.




Engage with ANYONE

You deserve to be treated like a monster.

Don't run! You'll get killed!

Why are you looking at him?

Stop following him!

You don't want to bother his peace, do you?

Leah Luna whats your problem?!

Don't say hi!

MwrahUWLP   25m ago

Oh- You don't know... Yeah during the war between Crumb Clan and Liberate Loners Timby was brutally killed and a giant metal rod is where he was slaughtered :p
XxNova_LogicxXLeah Luna   26m ago

oop- welp- Crumb does have a lot of people to apologize to, too. *Cough Cough* Leah and Timby * Cough Cough*
MwrahUWLP   27m ago

Oh. Lucky. Ace and Crumb be on edge. Ace been stressing out with everybody starting to take over Sectors and Crumb came very close to Sector E which is where WPM conquered so they are arguing a lot because of so.
XxNova_LogicxXLeah Luna   29m ago

:P me a Kyle rpin XD romance lol
MwrahUWLP   33m ago

Not really me and him be rpin. lots of drama :p
XxNova_LogicxXLeah Luna   34m ago

:P W has been ded for a while XD
Kyleren285Fletch   1d ago


Egh-.. Alrighty-.. as you wish...
Kyleren285Fletch   1d ago

Again, I'll deal with him if he tries anything.

Not him.. His empire or whatever he calls it...
Kyleren285Fletch   1d ago

He's my cousin, you're not killing him, because I'll deal with him if he tries anything..

Ehg-.. I killed off bluegone.. I might be able to handle him if they cause trouble...