i am on season 4 episode 4. so i'm not that far but I have been wanting to rp my oc X Catra X Adora. we don't have to it could just be one of them x my oc.

if anyone is interested please pm me with the name She-ra. so I know you are talking about this rp. i will give more details when I figure them out.

update I am finished with She-Ra
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CarolineElliott9     197d ago

Is it on netflix
IzzySanders     197d ago

no it's on https://www.wcoforever.net/
CarolineElliott9     196d ago

(( ah ok))
SinisterSufferingsMitzu   191d ago

(Sorry, ive been stalking this thread a while, She-Ra is on netflix btw. All 5 seasons. Thats where I watched it, 2-3...maybe 5 times? T~T))
IzzySanders     191d ago

(yeah i have finished watching She-ra)
SinisterSufferingsMitzu   191d ago

(Season 5 had me like Ahhhh- u know? XD)
IzzySanders     191d ago

(right but Catra in a suit. fuck)
SinisterSufferingsMitzu   191d ago

(Im dead.)
IzzySanders     191d ago

(right. i now simp for Catra because she was in a fucking suit)
SinisterSufferingsMitzu   191d ago

(Bruh. Same, just same smh T~T)
IzzySanders     191d ago

(so do you want to rp?)
SinisterSufferingsMitzu   191d ago

(Eh, I'm not really into roleplaying canon characters that much but I can give carra a try ifw)
IzzySanders     191d ago

(Alright i'm fine with that)
sinistersufferingsMitzu   191d ago

(Ight, lemme add catra to character list UwU I can play adora as well, though id prefer to only play one canon char at a time))
IzzySanders     191d ago

(that's fine. we can just do Catra x my oc)
SinisterSufferingsMitzu   191d ago

(Alrighty, give me just a bit.)
IzzySanders     191d ago

(Alright i will)

IzzySanders     191d ago

(It is working)

(Okie doke :P U wanna start? Could u give me your Char link btw?)
IzzySandersElizabeth   191d ago

(yeah i can)

(I read her bio ^^ You wanna start? I can if ud rather not. Also whats the setting? XD)

(can you start? also for the setting, I have no clue. I'm bad at fighting scenes so maybe after the war.)

(Alright, after the war, so Imma just do a random setting, lmk if u want it changed.))

Catra waved her tail, a hiss escaping her mouth. She raised her arm, raking her claws down, cutting through...Fabric. She was training with a dummy she had found in the castle.

(this is fine. i honestly think that they would stay in the castle for a while because they still would not trust Catra as much.)

Elizabeth was finally able to get away from everyone. Brightmoon had made a party for the long-lost princess which was her. She didn't like the loud noises. she walked around the castle trying to find a place to be without people who wanted to meet her. She found a room she thought was empty.

Catra growled, she had torn the dummy to shreds and was annoyed. Her ears pricked as she heard footsteps.

Elizabeth went over to Catra. "you alright Catra?" She had thought Catra would have been with everyone else.

Catra turned around, "Yeah, Why wouldnt I be?" She asked easily, shrugging off the question.

"you seem mad at the dummy." Elizabeth leaned against the wall

"What?-Oh that!" She turned looking at the dummy. "Battle training." She said simply.

"Why are you not with the others?" Elizabeth tilted her head

Catra shrugged. "Parties areonly my thing for so long. Theyre not so fun after theyve gone on this long." Her tail waved and she shrugged.

Elizabeth nodded. "it's too loud for me. I wish Glimmer didn't throw the party. I'm actually shocked she remembered me."

Catra shrugged, "Sparkles memory is better than one would think. Its annoying." She said giving a small laugh.

Elizabeth giggled. "I guess your right. just like mine is." Elizabeth gave a small smile.

(Ooo I have an idea. what if Elizabeth thinks that Catra likes Adora? it would add some drama but not much.)

(Sure, great way to keep rp going ^^)
Catra stuck her hands in her pocket, not sure what to say.

(Yeah it would)

"So did Shadoweaver really die to protect you guys?" Elizabeth looked down.

catra looked at her feet, "Uh yeah. shocking right?"

Elizabeth shrugged. "I saw a different side of her most of the time. she always had our best interest at heart even if she didn't show it."

Catra shrugged, "Yeah well, she did always like you and Adora."

"Nah. she liked me more than Adora but she still cared about us." Elizabeth yawned.

Catra nodded, "Maybe." her tail flitting behind her.

"I know she does... or well did. she talked about you guys a lot and your achievements." Elizabeth looked downcasted.

"Oh really? Im sure it was all Adora Adora Adora!" She gave a laugh. (U know the classic catra laugh XD)

(Yes the hot laugh)

"No it was more like Catra did amazing at the training today. Adora finished first in the training. Catra showed good teamwork. etc.)

"Really?" She said, rather surprised. her ears flicked as she heard the party starting to die down.

"Yeah she really did care about all of us but mostly me, you, and Adora." Elizabeth let out a small smile. "She was the one who taught me magic dark and light. She went against Hordax and taught me light magic."

Catra tilted her head. "Huh. well, I guess there was more to her than I gave credit for." She said.

"Yeah. I mean i guess Hordax is not as bad since he found love. also, I think he is staying with Entrapta in her castle." Elizabeth sat down.

Catra gave a laugh, "I bet that's weird, isn't wrong Hordax staying with Entrapta as well?"


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