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A 1x1 roleplay search thread :)

By lildiamond

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Alright, so, admittedly I never thought it'd ever need to make a thread for this, but lately I've been thinking about both the anime and the manga a little too much, so here we are.

If you know of TBHK/JSHK, have watched TBHK, or read JSHK and would like to roleplay it with me, please PM me with some basic information listed below and title your message "TBHK/JSHK Roleplay"; thank you kindly in advance!
(I will not respond to anyone who doesn't follow this simple direction!! ^^)

!- remove anything in parentheses when filling this out, it saves my slightly dyslexic self from getting confused -!

Character: (who would you like to play?)
Ships?: (do you have any ships for this series, and if so, what are they?)
Anime or Manga: (did you watch the anime? did you read the manga, and if so, how far are you in it?)
Timezone: (what timezone are you in? this helps smooth over any regional time differences!)
Preference for who I play: (do you have a specific character you'd like me to play as?)
Roleplay example: (please write more than two/three sentences at least; preferably semi-lit to lit writers, but I'll accept workarounds if need be)

!- we will decide on our plot once we message each other - this can also easily turn into a group roleplay, so if you'd like it to be in a group, I can arrange that :) -!

If we decide to turn this into a group thing, I will list out the characters down below and who's playing them (or who's not) so that we can keep track!
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Arro     1y ago

[i I heard mentions of Amane-???]
[b >.>]

[i Also, I may or may not wish to play as either Tsukasa or Sakura. Shijima-san would also be a possibility.]
chuuyas_fabulous_hat     1y ago

Character: Mitsuba,kou, nene, or akane maybe?
Ships?: Hanako x nene, Kou x mitsuba, Aoi x akane, natsuhiko x sakura
Anime or Manga: I have watched the whole show and read all of the manga, I am waiting for new chapters currently
Timezone: EST
Preference for who I play: You can play whoever, its not up to me!
Roleplay example: What we think could happen at the end of the series, for example if hanako comes back and he and nene reunite. Another one could be if akane went looking for aoi and he found her alive somehow and she didn't get sacrificed by the reaper afterall.
I love tbhk I hope that we can rp!


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