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What Lurks Within (1x1, Closed)

By ALonelyOtaku
A young boy/girl entered an ancient castle, seeking trouble that lurked in the shadows, unbeknownst to him/her, a Vampire rested deep within the chambers.
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"Who dares enter my home?" A booming voice echoed within the walls of the castle. Thunder and lightning were striking outside, but the voice overcame these noises.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

Jaiden had been dared to go into the old castle at the top of the hill at the edge of town. He wasn't scared of the idea and wanted to show off to his crush of the week; Leah. He heard the voice and jumped, his eyes widening as he stumbled back. "W-What?! Someone lives here?!"

"Leave, now. Vhile you still have the chance..." Dracula then appeared behind Jaiden, swooping him into the air and out of the castle.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

Jaiden screamed and suddenly felt his feet lift off the ground and he found himself outside. Within seconds of touching the ground, he began running back to town while he still could. His heart pounded in his chest and he thought he had gotten off freely. A smile formed on his face as he began to head down the hill.

Bats screeched into the silent and holy night (Ayyy), distracting Jaiden from his fleeing. Afterwards, Dracula took on his original form, walking up to the young boy. "You have entered my home, disregarding the varnings around the town. Now you vill suffer the consequences!!"
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

For mere moments he didn't know what was going on, then he realized what the male had said. He whimpered out and stepped back, his hands in front of him in a defensive manner as his eyes were wide with fear, locking with the males. "H-Hey, Dude! I'm sorry, 'kay? I-It was just a dare, I-I'll leave you be! H-Honest!" He stammered out, almost disgusted by his own fear.

(Sorry it's short)

"You are now cursed to never leave the castle ever again!!" Dracula snapped his pointy fingers, teleporting them both back in the medieval manor. "You vill now spend eternity in my home!" Drac's laugh was worse than a witch's cackle.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

A small, petrified whimper escaped his throat as he said in almost a whisper, "Y-Y-Your joking right? I-I can't stay here! I-I have my parents and friends and p-p-people who will look for me!!" Tears began to form in my eyes as I stumbled back and tripped, landing hard on my back. I sit up quickly and crawl backward stumbling back onto my feet and gripping a wall, looking for an exit.

"Not anymore, you dull intruder" The exits were nowhere to be found, due to Dracula's magic. "Maybe you shouldn't have entered my house and disturbed my slumber" His grin was full of fangs, ready to suck the life out of him, literally.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

A sob formed in his throat as he saw this and the strength in his legs gave out. He collapsed to his knees and his hands were shaking terribly as he forced his back to the wall, unable to tear his eyes from the male as he whimpered softly, tears streaming quickly down his face.
(Sorry it is short)
Animal_lord69Count Dracula   330d ago

"Dad, what's with all the noise?" Asked a young girl, walking down the stairs. "I can't sleep with all thi-" She paused, staring at the boy inside of the castle.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

Jaiden swallowed hard, hands still trembling as he saw a younger-looking girl at the top of the stairs. His face was pale and he felt sick. Sweat rolled down his forehead and he began to silently beg for help in his mind, not caring how childish it was... Finally, he noticed himself whimpering in fear again, eyes locked on the large male.

"Ophelia!! Go back upstairs, Daddy has some business to attend to, honey" Ordered Drac, wishing not for his daughter to get attached to the boy. "I vill be upstairs in a moment" Said to his daughter.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

He then looked at the girl, desperate for her to stay now. His choices had become clear. [i Either die alone like this or do whatever you can to live past tonight... just long enough to get away.] His eyes closed tightly and tears hit the floor as he struggled to bring himself to stand, using the wall for support. He then slowly tried to inch away from them both, chest heaving.

Drac used his magic to return Jaiden to his previous position. "Not on my vatch, fool. Now, please return to your room, Ophelia!" He pointed toward the stairs, demanding she moved now.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

He flinched once he was returned back to how he was and he finally lost all the calmness that remained inside of him. He was on his hands and knees now, sobbing and begging for mercy and forgiveness. His tone was thickly coated in fear and the moment he stopped talking, he was gasping in air.
Animal_lord69Count Dracula   330d ago

"Fine..." As Ophelia returned to her room, she secretly used her magic to teleport Jaiden onto her bed, sitting with him. "Who are you?" She had asked.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

He yelped softly when he found himself somewhere else again. When he reopened his eyes he saw the girl, and what looked like her room. He stammered out, "J-J-Jaiden Kuriou..." He swallowed hard, wiping the tears from his face as he inched back from her, clearly scared of her.
Animal_lord69Count Dracula   330d ago

"I won't hurt you! I promise, I just want to be friends," She had explained to him, "my father won't allow me to go outside and talk to humans" She grabbed his hand, resting it upon her lap. Her eyes stared into his soul, looking if he's a sinner or a saint. "It's nice to meet you, Jaiden Kuriou!~"
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

He trembled at her touch but didn't say anything. After you had greeted my I slowly nodded my head, whimpering out an 'M-M-Mhmm.' He then said slowly and softly, "S-So, what will happen when your dad sees me in here? S-Still alive?" His heart thudded against his chest until it hurt and he tried to calm his breathing, but he was too scared and anxious to even attempt that now.
Animal_lord69Count Dracula   330d ago

"He might gobble up your soul, but I'm unsure as to what he'll do exactly" As she spoke, she licked his fingers, testing his taste. "You'd make a wonderous meal!~ " She said, jokingly.
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   330d ago

He went pale again and he weakly shook his head 'No'. Sweat rolled down his forehead and he began to tremble again. He swallowed hard and tried to meet your eyes again but lost his confidence quickly and looked away. Suddenly, he perked up and pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Damnit! No Wifi... I cant text anybody, but I can call! Yes Yes Yes...!" He pressed his finger against his older brother's contact. It rang for a while before it began to make loud static and seemingly power off. He had a hurt look in his eyes as he said in a soft tone, "T-That was...my only way... to talk to... anybody outside."

Ophelia began to inch closer to Jaiden when Dracula kicked the door down and eyed the two of them together. "VHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!!" He grabbed Ophelia by the arm, dragging her away from the boy. "Ophelia, you know better than to do this!! You cannot be hanging vith these pathetic mortals!" He yelled at her, "Vhat vill you doo vhen you fall in love vith him?!!"
ALonelyOtakuJaiden Kuriou   329d ago

He immediately backed up against the wall and felt his heart thud against his chest once he saw the large male walk in. I then hear him bring up 'Falling in love' and I couldnt help but laugh. "Fall in love, with me? Hah! Please~ I'd like to see someone fall for me." I roll my eyes at this, clearly amused by the sentence.


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