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tinymushyMezou Shouji   1y ago

Shouji hummed as he closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of nature around him. His hands were resting in his lap as he drummed his fingers on his legs, being silent and listening while glancing down to the ground. After a moment, he raised one of his arms with an ear on the end, listening to the sounds around him more. He glanced around suddenly, then stood up while putting his hand on a tree. It was a bit dark, but Shouji managed to see through it in order to be better acquainted with his surroundings. He felt like someone might be nearby...he glanced around to look for the threat, eventually noticing someone walking through the forest as well.
lildiamondFumikage Tokoyami   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Tokoyami was calmly walking around, clearing his head and getting a little bit of fresh air so he felt like he could breathe once more. People weren't his strongest forte, and as a result of that, he had to take social breaks every now and again. Asui seemed a little sad to hear him explain he needed a moment to himself but thankfully was respectful regardless, waving him off with a friendly croak. So, here Tokoyami was, walking around a forest while it was lightly dark out, keeping a keen eye out just in case any unwanted guests were out there with him. He dropped his guard slightly when after a few minutes of slightly aimless walking nothing had happened, earning him to let out a quiet sigh, looking over to an apple tree that grew. He wasn't particularly hungry, but he liked apples nonetheless, so he climbed his way up it and picked one, contently eating at it soon after while watching the horizon from his elevated seat. It was a beautifully calm sight with the sun beginning to sleep for the day, something that made him smile a bit to see.
tinymushyMezou Shouji   1y ago

He'd watched Tokoyami go up into the tree, managing to climb up as well as he cleared his throat. "Hello.." He spoke out softly as he perched in the tree behind him, offering a smile behind his mask. "I, um, didn't know anyone else would be out here." He mumbled out, then shifted to be more comfortable on the branch he was perched on. Of course, he was trying his best to be quiet, since Tokoyami never did well with...loud voices. Dark Shadow usually didn't appreciate them either, as much as the odd Quirk creature had a mind of her own. He grabbed an apple as well, looking down at it before glancing over at Tokoyami again. "Did...something happen...? Or did you just need a break?" As much as he was trying to respect him, he did want to know what was going on in case there was a way he could help the ravenlike Quirk user.
lildiamondFumikage Tokoyami   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Tokoyami swiftly looked away from the sunset scene he was gazing at, blinking a few times at the recognizable voice. He didn't provide a response right then and there, still having his mouth- or, rather beak- still full with the apple he was eating, taking a few moments to swallow it down as he slowly thought of an answer he could offer out. "I just needed a break, yeah... Everybody else is so... [i Eccentric] almost, especially compared to me, so I'm taking a breather from the chaos..." Tokoyami muttered quietly, looking down to the apple he held in his hands before back up at Shouji, tilting his head ever so slightly to the side out of curiosity. "Can I ask what you're doing out here though?"
tinymushyMezou Shouji   1y ago

"Same. As much as I respect our classmates, they, um...they get exhausting. I don't want to be the source of someone's fear." He mumbled out, then held the apple up to one of his tentacles in order for it to eat the apple. It essentially ate the whole thing, although it spit out a couple of seeds as another tentacle formed a free mouth. "'s Dark Shadow?" He asked gently, sitting with him as he leaned back slightly. Luckily the tree was pretty thick and strong, able to hold Shouji's full weight. He seemed a bit happy to be there with him somehow, scooting aside a bit to grab another apple from the tree as he yawned gently. Luckily the fabric could stretch enough that he could yawn without fear of it ripping.


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