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Flowers Are In Bloom. (1x1, M4A)

By ALonelyOtaku
The year was 2028, The world had just recovered from a past pandemic that drastically affected everyone. Some people believed it was gone forever whilst others beleived it would be seasonal, like the flu. The moment the world calmed down, however, a new sickness arose... The people were terrified and all countries shut down again, keeping diseased people in hospitals and non-diseased people inside. But, What was this new sickness and why was it so bad? It was HanaHaki disease, A supposed fictional disease that would form in people that had an unrequited love. Well, it began to spread through America at alarming speeds, normally through teenagers and young adults. In under two weeks, almost half of the young adults and minor population had dropped and hospitals were near overflowed with people coughing up flowerpetals. They had no cure for the disease and every time they cut the plants out, they would regrow twice as bad.

America was in shambles and was panicking, no other country had it half as bad as they did. Soon, the cases began to slow down and more people got together out of fear. One day, however, a young boy was spotted in the park of New York, coughing up flowers. He was only twelve, yet he was coughing up rose petals. It wasn't an infectious disease yet nobody got near the boy and he ended up suffocating by himself in the park. This sent all of New York into an upgrade and people broke up with each other and cheated on each other, making cases skyrocket once again.

It has been two years since then and M/C hadn't gone outside for only the most urgent of problems, he normally talked to his parents for social interaction and was becoming increasingly more scared of people. It was a warm day outside, clouds littered the blue sky and flowers bloomed in the parks, yet nobody was there. M/C goes through a store, buying a surplus of food when he finds Y/C, an Aromantic person who was looking for a friend in these 'lonely times'. M/C feels something he had never felt before and finds himself agreeing. The more he hung out with Y/C, the more his chest hurt.

One day, He was sitting alone in his living room when he started violently coughing, a single purple petal in his hand when he reopened his eyes from his coughing fit. Y/C hadn't known of M/C's feelings and M/C planned to keep it that way, but he was terrified he might die if he stayed silent. But then again, what was the use?

Will Y/C find out M/C's true feelings and save his life, or will they just let them and lose themselves to a fruitless love?

~ Rules and Requirments! ~
Age requirement: 16+
OC age requirement: 21+
There will be Romantic Themes, Try to keep the roleplay Site Friendly. No mentions of R*ape, N*dity, or s*xual themes.
Y/C must be aromantic for the plot
16+ for Blood, Mentions of Suicide, Panic Attacks.
Try to stay on the plot.
Character requirement: 500+
PM if interested!
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