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Serenity Hospital

By Catlover33
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Serenity Hospital is a hospital that is equipped to handle quite a large number of multiversal maladies from common illnesses to mystical poison and the sort. This is due to patients that are brought to the hospital from all over the multiverse by transport staff and EMTs. Once patients arrive at the hospital, the condition they are in assessed and if needed, a patient will possibly have to be stabilized before whatever ails them can be treated.

The staff that works at Serenity Hospital are MOSTLY trained in the field of medicine with them all branching out into different fields as well. Aside from the people who are brought in and work at the hospital, it is generally like a normal hospital with the exception of a lab that excels in biological projects.

This lab is known as the Serenity lab and has been known to conduct experiments on cloning human beings. Several clones live in the lab and are separated from the hospital’s patients to make sure that they don’t come down with any of the maladies that the patients might have.


1. The Site Rules and Roleplay etiquette apply here
2. Nothing worse than sh*t is allowed however if your character does have a potty mouth (looking at you FFVII Cid), censor the bad words. And yes, fandom swears are allowed.
3. There is going to be blood and some slight gore in this.
4. For the love of everything holy in this world, keep this thread rated 16+.
5. There is no character limit!
6. OCs are allowed
7. No homophobia or s3xual content (N*dity is not allowed either)
8,. Don’t be overpowered.
9. Please don’t mention r*pe. It is a rather uncomfortable topic to deal with.
10. Please do not post more than 2000 characters. Long replies can be intimidating for some people and similarly, please post more than one line so that the roleplay doesn’t end up getting boring because someone can’t respond properly.
11. Try to post something at least once a day to keep the roleplay going
12. Don’t change the setting from the Serenity Hospital to something else just because you feel like it. It gets annoying for the other roleplayers.
13. No Godmodding

PM me your character’s name, Series they’re from, if they’re an OC or not and role to join. If you choose a clone character, also PM me what character they’re a clone of.

Yes, there are scientists but they stay within the lab.


Tidus (Cat22, Final Fantasy)
Bartz Klauser (Cat22, Final Fantasy)
Vaan (Cat22, Final Fantasy)
Firion (Cat22, Final Fantasy)




Shio (Cat22, Final Fantasy OC, Clone of Tidus)
Shiro (Cat22, Final Fantasy OC, Clone of Firion)
Hoshi (Cat22, Final Fantasy OC, Clone of Vaan)

Misc Staff
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