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~The Beginning Of The End - Apocalyptic Roleplay~

By MapleShadeSugar

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What?: Zombie Apocalypse
Location?: A small town, Maple City, that's isolated on an island. Cold and surrounded by woods. Snows.

OC Types:
-Human; (Kid-Adult) You're waiting for help or helping others get to safety. Once everyone is safe, then, it's time to organize attacks on zombies.
-"Guardians"; (You're a human who's protecting other humans) You're job is to protect the people of Maple City!
-Zombie Sick; (You're a human who's been infected/bitten by a zombie) Symptoms will include skin rotting around the wound within the first 6 hours. When the 7th hour comes, the infected human with break into cold sweat and receive headaches, and the rotting skin will spread to the rest of the body. The 10th hour is when you're a zombie.
-Scientist; (You're a scientist, trying to find a cure for the Zombie Sick!)

This is not a fandom roleplay. This is a roleplay with OC's ONLY.
No magic, it ruins to danger.
Swearing is allowed, but please no s*xual actions.

THANK YOU! Let's have some fun!
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The small girl has neat blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She wears a faded purple plain dress and carries around a plush collie dog, which has white fur and blue patches. She's the daughter of the mayor, Andrew Ainsworth, who left is his helicopter with his husband. She is in the abandoned bakery, nibbling on sweet bread, to calm her cries.

(Matthew looks like the pic for the entire time btw)

A man stumbled into the building next door. With the ruckus he's making, the zombie in the building was alerted and shambled in his direction. But Matthew had fighting experience, so the zombie was flung through the wall and over the counter where the cash register would be.

The girl watches with wide eyes. She wanted to scream, but decided that it was probably best not to. She crawled towards the man. Maybe he could help her? She hides from behind a case of pastries. The pastries were still fresh.
Animal_lordMatthew Smith   1y ago

(Gotta warn you, I may not give you too many words)

"I have still got it!" The strange man said to himself. "Alright, now I need to find some food, and I'll be in business" He searched the building, looking for all sorts of foods until he stumbled upon Lyra. "Oh my God, are you okay, little girl? I won't hurt you" Matthew offered his hand outwards to her, attempting to gain her trust

(It's fine, don't sweat it!)

The girl looks up at him, then at his hand. She hugs her plush tightly, and takes his hand. "..." She says nothing, but she's obviously terrified.


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