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Recently, a group of scientists in a lab wanted to see if they could transplant a human soul into an artificial body. To do this, they brought in a rather uncooperative 17 year old human male and then restrained him to a cold metal table so that he wouldn’t attempt to attack them while he was being transported to the location where a specialized machine meant to extract souls was located.

When they arrived at the location of the lab with the machine in it, the scientists seemed to be overjoyed at getting to start the first part of their experiment. They brought the metal table over to the machine before they left the room and started the machine after every scientist involved in the experiment was out of the room. When the button was pressed, the machine hummed to life and then started to do what it was designed to do which was to extract the souls of living beings. The human continued to display hostile behavior however, he ultimately couldn’t stop the process of his soul being extracted and in the end, he was taken out of the room by one group of scientists while another group of scientists brought a recently created android for the extracted soul to inhabit. They then used the machine to put the soul within the mechanical body before they brought the android to another room. This room was decorated to look like a teenager’s room so that it didn’t look like the rest of the lab. The scientists then gently placed the android on the bed before they restrained it to the bed to keep both themselves and it safe. They then left the room and waited for the android to wake up.

As for what the scientists did to the soulless body, they simply stored it for later use but not before cloning it to see if they could replicate the soul of a human being.

I need someone who can play a character who is a scientist for this roleplay and there are a few rules.

1. Follow the site rules (this means no s3x or s3xual themes.)
2. Do not mention r*pe. N*dity is also not allowed in this roleplay
3. Please try to post at least once a day
4. Please try to write more then one line.
5. Do not use asterisks
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