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It had been two months since her Father dropped the ball that they were moving. She had lived in Santa Monica her entire life, and now her Father had up and decided that they needed a slower paced life, so they were moving to Forks, Washington to be closer to her uncle, Charlie. Her Father was also a police officer, except he was a star detective, but now he would be working with Charlie at Forks County Sheriff Department.

Her Mother had went ahead and headed to Washington with her little brother to get their new home somewhat organized, while she stayed with her Dad. [b "I know you want to get Trent and I away from the crime, but I don't see why we had to move all the way to Washington. Bella said it was cold and rainy all the time."] she complained as her Father drove. [b "Not to mention the fact that Bella's graduating and getting married, I mean. I'm literally going to be a loser at school. Do they even have a cheerleading team? And I have to be a bridesmaid? I haven't seen Bella in almost two years."]

The rest of the car ride was mostly uneventful. Thankfully her Mother had hired people to help get the house organized because they only had two days to settle before Charlie was having a cook out to celebrate Bella's graduation.

-two days later-

[b "Uncle Charlie!"] Cameron squealed as she ran up the front porch steps. Charlie was her favorite, she used to come and stay every summer with him, even after Bella stopped visiting for awhile, but then life got hectic. [b "It is so good to see you!"]

[ outfit]
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Jacob was helping Charlie with the grilling. He had brought his dad and fish fry from the Rez. “Bella can you get the rest of the chicken?” He asked her seeing as she was in the kitchen with him. Her Bloodsuc…fiancé would be over with his sister Alice as she was the only one other than Edward that the wolves trusted, not that they trusted him much.

Outside Jacob put the food on the grill to help Charlie out who seemed to be hugging his nephew. He was glad Charlie would have family in town once Bella moved to Alaska for college or whatever she had decided to do. He still was a little salty about that.

He loved Bella, maybe more than he should but she had made her choice and he was trying to respect that. He had even agreed to be a groomsman for them. He was going to be chief soon so he had to put his temper and feelings behind him for some things.

Jacob heard Embry arrive and turned, stopping in his tracks seeing a girl in a yellow tank top. She was gorgeous…and right then he felt something shift and the whole pack knew, Jacob Black had imprinted.

The next few moments were a haze from seeing Charlie and Bella again, to meeting Bella's fiancé, Edward. He and his entire family seemed... very well put together. She sensed that she would be fast friends with Alice as she seemed to be a shopaholic like herself.

[b "Gosh it feels so good to be back here! Not going to lie, I was a little upset when Dad first told me that we were moving because I didn't want to leave California, but I had forgotten how much I loved Forks."] she told Bella as they walked outside so she could be introduced to the rest of the Cullen Family and their friends. [b "I don't remember there being all the cute boys around the last time I visited."] she said, pointing to some dark haired ones sitting in a circle. [b "Who exactly are they?"]

“Quileute from the reservation, the tall one waving is Jacob, Billy Black’s son, you tow used to play together when you visited when you were younger.” Charlie said and Jacob hadn’t moved from that spot. Quil and Embry were beside him, “Man are you okay? Who?”

Jacob gestured to the girl in the yellow top, “Her, she’s…shes… “ he couldn’t find the words as Sam made his way over to them. Jacob imprinting meant there would be another generation of wolves and Jacob was ready for be alpha.

Jacob couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful girl. “Go talk to them.” Charlie encouraged her. Bella looked to Edward, “I’m gonna go check on Jake, make sure he’s okay?” Jacob was acting strange in her opinion.

Edward shook his head pulling her back gently, “He imprinted…on your cousin.” He explained to her.

[b "I don't really remember him."] she said. [b "I remember playing with a little scrawny boy... but there is no way that that boy, is now.. that man."] she told Bella as she glanced over at Jacob. Heat raised in her cheeks as she realized Jacob's eyes hadn't moved from her since she walked outside.

She looked over at Charlie and quickly shook her head. [b "Oh no. I should go see if Mom needs help with anything. Didn't she take over for you in the kitchen?"] she told Charlie as she scurried back into the house.

Bella's eyes were wide as she processed what Edward had just told her. [b "Jacob Black.. MY Jacob Black just imprinted on my cousin?"] she questioned as she turned to look at Jacob.

[b "Ya know, Momma. I'm thinking that maybe Forks won't be that bad after all."] she said as she glanced out the kitchen window, Jacob Black catching her eyes again.

Edward nodded, “He’s not your Jacob anymore, he imprinted and I don’t even think he’s fully processed it yet.”

Jacob was still watching her until Sam stepped in front of him. He had noticed she snuck a look at him too.

Her mother smiled, “Got your eye on one of the Quileute boys? If I remember them growing up, they were all gentleman, and attractive.” Her mother had visited her father in Forks dating him in high school and remembered them. “See Forks won’t be so bad, plus there is a cheerleading squad for you.”

Sam looked to Jacob, “deep breath, your not going to phase and hurt her.” Jacob shook his head, “not even thinking about it.” Jacob had more self control than the rest of them and it showed. “Just wanna go talk to her.” He made a step forward and it felt like magnets pulling him towards the girl.

Bella looked at Edward and quickly shook her head. [b "Thats not what I meant.. My Jacob.. I-. I didn't mean it like that. I've been friends with Jacob for years, and it's just, I've never had to share him before... Now it's just another thing to share with Cameron."]

Cameron looked at her Mother and just laughed. [b "They aren't hard on the eyes by any means, but I really want to get settled into school and with the cheerleading team.. I really have to focus and work hard, I'm the new girl, I know how my old team was... It's not going to be easy by any means."] she said as her Mother handed her chicken to take outside.

She looked up as she walked down the back steps and suddenly Jacob Black was moving towards her. Her eyes went wide as they scrambled around the back yard, trying to find someone to talk to, somehwhere to hide. [b "Shit."] she muttered.

“Hey…I’m Jake…you don’t remember me do you?” He asked the girl as he had realized it was Cameron or as he used to call her Cammie. “We used to play together on the beach…but uh I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out for awhile?”

Jacob was horrible at flirting and everyone knew it so he was mostly relying on the imprint and the pull to help him out here. This girl was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. Damn the imprint gods had been nice to him. Not that any of the other imprints were ugly, they weren’t.

“We’re having a bon fire down at first beach tonight…if you’d like to go.” He said and realized he had just asked her out. Without thinking Jacob Black had asked his imprint on a date. God he was an idiot. “S’mores, tribal legends, the beach…it’s a lot of fun.” He said trying to help his case.

Cameron looked at Jacob and smiled slightly as the memories came flooding back. [b "Charlie used to take us to the beach and you would always splash me."] she said. [b "We used to make us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch."] She couldn't help but giggle. [b "It took me a few moments.. But I remember."]

[b "I'm helping my Mom get all the food ready right now.. Charlie isn't really great in the kitchen.. But I hope we get the chance to talk today again."]

[b "Tribal Legends? I'm not apart of the tribe.."] Her cheeks flushed as Jacob Black just asked her out on a date. [b "I uh. I'm... With just moving here.. I haven't even started school. I really have to focus on that and then cheerleading.."] she said softly. She had told herself that she was not going to rush into a relationship.. But hanging out didn't automatically mean they were a couple. [b "Um. Hanging out tonight... yeah that would be fun. I just have to ask my Dad."]

He chuckled about splashing on the beach, “Yeah sorry about that, but it was fun right?” When she started making excuses he thought she was going to say no.

He nodded, “Okay…if he says you can come, I can pick you up so you don’t have to walk, I build my car two summers ago, it’s not pretty but it runs.” He was going to start his own repair business this summer but an imprint may have just thrown a wrench in those plans.

Edward watched them reading their minds. “She likes him but she’s new and doesn’t want to rush into anything, he’s just screaming at himself in his mind that he’s going to mess up and lose her, might want to nudge her towards him if you can Bella.” Edward suggested.

Jacob watched Cameron walk away and was internally cursing himself. Billy wheeled up next to him. “So that’s her…proud of you son, can’t wait to meet her now that she’s grown up.”

Cameron smiled soflty. [b "Hey, if I remember right, I always found a way to get you back."] she told him. [b "But yeah, I'll ask my dad. In all honeslty, he's probably going to want me to either drive or he's going to want to drop me off himself.. He.. he's really protective of me. Him being a detective and all, it's kinda put a damper on my social life at times."] she explained.

[b "I better get this chicken out... I think Charlie's ready to eat."] she said before walking off toward Charlie and her Father. [b 'Um."] she said with a grin as they were both apparently watching her. [b "So. That's Jake.. We used to play together when I would spend the summer here with Charlie and Bella... Um. Can I go hangout with him? Like a bonfire on the beach tonight?"] she asked her Dad, and then looked at Charlie, prodding him to help her case.

The rest of the cook out went well. She met a lot of Bella's friends, and thankfully some of them were just going into their senior year, so she would hopefully have classes with some of them. She gave her number to Jacob before she left with her parents.

Charlie looked to his younger brother, “Jake’s a good kid, would be nice for Cameron to make some friends and his dad is my best friend Billy, she’s not safer anywhere else, plus I’m sure Jake can have her home by ten.”

That afternoon when the cookout was over, Jacob took her number and texted her so she would have his. “See you at the bonfire tonight.” She had been right, her father did want to drop her off but that was because he wanted to know where she would be.”

Jacob smiled seeing her arrive, “Thank you for letting Cammie come tonight Detective Swan.” He said being very gentlemanly to her father. He was wearing shorts and a t shirt but was being very polite. He didn’t want to make the wrong impression, knowing deep down this man would be his father in law someday in the near future.
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After the bonfire, she went home with her parents. She was already texting her best friend Ashley about Jacob and how they actually used to be friends when she visited Forks as a child. She was slightly nervous, as she had learned that Bella wouldn't be there, and while she knew Jacob would never try anything, she honestly didn't know him anymore.

[b "Be home by eleven right?"] she asked her dad as he parked his truck at the beach. [b "No drinking, no smoking, no making out with cute boys."] she quoted. [b "We're just hanging out dad. I don't want a relationship right now. I need to focus on school and cheerleading.. You know this."]

She looked out the truck window and smiled as she realized Jacob was walking to get her. [b "See. He's nice."] she said as she hopped out of the truck.

[ outfit]

“Charlie vouched for him and I do remember his parents from when I was in school, it’s a shame about his mom.” Her dad said seeing him and soon talking to Jacob.

“I’ll have you home by eleven, promise.” Jacob said smiling, “We can walk or I have my truck.” He wanted to tell her what he was but at the same time he was hoping the legends at the bonfire could clue her in.

“You met Sam, Quil, and Embry earlier but Emily is Sam’s wife and she makes all this food and owns the bakery on the Rez, Rachel and Rebecca are my older twin sisters, they are married to Paul and Alex, Paul is a hot head so stay away just a warning there and don’t stare at Emily, it bugs Sam.”

He was just giving her the run down. He knew she would ask about Emily’s scars and he didn’t want to lie to his imprint, she was already his world.

After Jacob introduced her to everyone that she hadn't met at Charlie's house, she found herself sitting near the fire while Jacob was helping one of his friends grab more firewood.

She and Emily were apparently fast friends, despite the age difference, they didn't run out of things to talk about. [b "Jacob said you owned the bakery on the Reservation.. I'm not great or anything, but I LOVE being in the kitchen, if you ever needed an extra hand or anything, I would love to help!"] she told her.

[b "I hope I'm not overstepping anything by asking, but how is it that Jacob doesn't have a girlfriend? Oh gosh. He doesn't have a girlfriend, does he?"] she questioned quickly. [b "I should not be here. I mean, why would he invite me if he had a girlfriend?"]

Emily giggled, "I would love the help, anytime your free just let me know and I will pay you if you need a job." She said and smiled when Cameron started asking about Jacob. "I guess the right girl never came along, no he doesn't have a girlfriend but I know he likes you but doesn't want to push it, just let it happen, if it happens then it was meant to be." She said and offered her a cookie.

The boys were playing beach football. Jacob currently had the ball. This was the most relaxed that he had been in a long time. "Not fair Seth, that was out of bounds." He said to the younger Seth Clearwater.

Emily looked to her, " You like Jacob too? Hes a good guy, he takes care of his dad on his own.. not that Billy would let anyone believe he needs help sometimes, and school and just started his own garage."
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Cameron quickly nodded. [b "I would seriously love to help out! I'll give you my number. I'm hopefully going to be cheering for Forks, but I would LOVE to help out any other time, Emily."]

She looked over at Jacob and just smiled. [b "I don't really know Jacob.. I mean, I know we were friends when we were kids, but I don't know. We're basically strangers."] she explained [b "I didn't want to move here... I was content in California. I was the star cheerleader.. I literally had it all. When my dad told me were moving, I was sad to leave but excited for a new start.. I just don't think I'm in a place to rush into a relationship."]

[b "I know he's a great guy, Bella wouldn't shut up about how amazing he was.. I just don't know. I really want to take it slow before I start dating anyone."]

"I will text you and you've got the job, and with Jake, just let it happen." She said smiling, "Everyone here already loves you, plus its not often new people move to the area so its nice having someone to talk to." Emily said smiling, "You know Jake plays on the La Push Wolves football team at the high school, hes the quarterback, they play against Forks next month."

Just then Jacob tackled Quil on the beach for the football. The sand exploded around them as they laughed. Soon Jacob was brushing the sand off of his shorts and coming to join everyone around the bonfire.

"Did Emily make sure you ate something?" Jake asked with a smile before he got them each a bottle of water from the cooler. "Some of the tribe elders are going to tell the legends, are you cold?" He asked softly, he was going to get her a blanket or his jacket.

[b "This is so exciting! Emily, thank you! It's so nice to have made a friend already."] Cameron grinned as Emily said she had the job. [b "Awesome! I can't wait to come help out."] she said. She looked towards Jacob after Emily mentioned he was on the La Push High School team. [b "I didn't know he played football, I'm not even sure he knows I'm a cheerleader. I don't know what Charlie and Bella have told him."]

She blushed slightly as Jacob came to sit beside her. [b "Yes. I'm so full I don't think I'll be able to eat for a week."] she said. [b "And I also got a side job working with Emily at her Bakery."]

[b "Legends?"] she questioned. As soon as Jacob asked if she was cold, she shivered; she couldn't even lie about it. [b "It's a little chilly, but I'm alright."]

He nodded and draped his jacket around her shoulders. “Yeah it’s something the elders do every year. They tell the legends around the bon fire and we all hang out and relax.” He said trying to play it off. He wanted to tell her that mostly everyone there was a wolf or had been one or was dating or married to one.

Soon his dad started telling the tribal stories. Jake hoped that she would get the hint about the wolves and being descendant from wolves or at least remember it when he told her he was one someday.

After the bonfire he walked with her to his truck. “Hop in.” He said holding the door for her. They had a whole hour before her curfew. “Promised I’d get you home on time.” He said as he got into the truck cab.

It was a short drive out of La Push to Forks and to her house, it looked like her dad was waiting up on her. “Thank you for coming tonight.” He said softly.
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The bonfire was actually really cool. Though she didn't really know what to think about all the tribal legends. But everyone seemed to be really into it, especially Jacob.

[b "Bye Emily! See you next week."] she called as she followed Jacob back to his truck. [b "Thanks for inviting me tonight. I had a lot of fun."]

The drive back home to Forks was realivly short. Which kind of made her sad, her time with Jacob was coming to an end. She looked up toward the front door and could see that the lights were still on in the living room, which meant her Father was waiting up. She looked over at Jacob and wondered if he would have the courage to walk her to the front door.

[b "I hope we can do something like this again soon.."] she said softly.

He nodded, “Would you be free Saturday? I know Friday I have football.” He said nervously. He got out of the truck and opened her door walking her to the front door. “I had a good time tonight too…” he said blushing.

God he wanted to kiss her, hell he wanted to profess his love for her right there. The damn wolf in him wanted it but he was fighting it, he couldn’t lose her, couldn’t scare her away that quickly.

“I…I’m glad you got the job with Emily, I stop in on Thursday afternoons and help her move bags of flour, Sam does too, so I’ll for sure see you then.” He was about to graduate early too. He just didn’t want to mention that just yet.

Jacob wanted to kiss her, without thinking he leaned forward to kiss her, it was sweet and gentle but it was a kiss and he loved it. Right after the kiss the front door opened and her father stood there, “Your even early, thank you for bringing her home Jacob.”

Cameron smiled softly as she realized Jacob
was indeed going to walk her to the front door. [b “As long as they don’t give us an extra practice Saturday, I’m free..”] she said as she hopped out of his truck. [b “Did you have something in mind?”]

She nodded as they walked to the front door. [b “I’m really excited. I absolutely love baking and Emily seemed great, so I’m excited to get to know her better.”] she said.

Within seconds they were both standing on the front door. She didn’t even blink when she realized that Jacob was totally going in for a kiss. Her face was red, it was hot. [b “I..”] she blushed as her Father opened the front door. [b “I’ll see you Friday, Jacob.”] she said softly before retreating into the house.

The kiss was soft and sweet.. it was, it felt like the most normal thing in the world, kissing Jacob Black.

"Was thinking... maybe we could go to Port Angeles and see a movie, Forks and La Push don't have theatres." He said blushing. "Emily will love the help and I'm sure your amazing at baking." he said not realizing he was still flirting with her.

Jacob thanked her father and told her good night before going back to his truck. He sat there for a moment... he had just kissed his imprint, the woman he would spend the rest of his life with, wow.

The next day he was working in the garage outside his dad's house. It was where he was starting his business out of, in hopes to buy or build a bigger garage once he was up and running. "Damn Bolt." He said struggling to get a bolt loose. Even with wolf strength, sometimes things were easier said than done. He wasn't patrolling today, he had patrols all week though.

She had another date with Jacob Black, an actual date it seemed like. While she had said from the start that she wasn’t rushing into a relationship when she moved; there was just something about Jacob.

She ended up texting Emily and telling her about the night and how Jacob was the sweetest. She made plans to go by Emily’s bakery tomorrow to see the place and then Emily asked if she cared to take some food to jacobs house, which she quickly agreed to.

She spent about an hour the next day at Emily’s bakery just talking and even helping her with cookies and brownies. [b “I think I’m going to ask Jacob if he wants to get dinner with me tonight. I seen a diner on my way through Forks that I want to try.”]

A little while later after carefully following the directions that Emily gave her, she found Jacobs house and the shop. [b “Now what did that bolt ever do to you?”] she questioned as she stuck her head through the door, carrying the brownies that Emily sent her with.

Emily nodded, "I think he would like that... he likes you but I know he is trying to respect you as well." When she left Emily smiled as Sam came in, "I expect she will be a Black before long, she is feeling the pull of the imprint, shes on her way to Jacob's now."

Jacob was cussing at the bolt when he heard her. "Cameron... Sorry, its stuck so I sprayed it, waiting a couple minutes before I try again, working on this car for someone in town and its a quick fix if that bolt will come off." He noticed brownies, "Did you come from the bake shop?" He asked smiling, "These are my favorite and Em hasn't made them in awhile, she said she needed help... which I am assuming is you." He flashed her a smile and stole a brownie after he wiped his hands."Are you going to like working there? This is my job outside of school."

Cameron grinned as Jacob apologized. [b “My Father is a detective and my uncle is a police officer, I’m used to cursing, no need to apologize.”] she said. [b “I did! I went to Emily’s Bakery to see the place and just talk to her, and I ended up helping her make a bunch of brownies, and then I told her I was going to come see you, and she gave me directions and sent me with these. But she said to make sure I told you to share with your dad.”]

She looked around the shop as Jacob spoke before sitting down on a stool. [b “This seems like a cool little hangout.”] she told him. [b “M-Maybe I can hangout sometimes and you can teach me a thing or two… I don’t even know how to change my own oil.”] she told him.

She grinned as he stole a brownie. [b “Don’t forget to share with your dad.”] She nodded to his question about liking the bakery. [b “I think I will. Emily said I could work whenever, I just have to figure out my cheerleading schedule.”] She glanced around again. [b “So. I seen this diner in Forks on my way over here.. I was going to see what you thought about grabbing dinner?”]

He smiled, "I can make sure your car is in shape, on me... but I can teach you a few things too." he said and finished his brownie, "The old man isn't supposed to have much sugar but I will share."

He raised an eyebrow when she asked him to dinner, "I could eat... I'd love to go, but let me change first? I'm not sure you want me to go out to dinner covered with dirt, oil, and god knows whats on the floor of this place." He went to the bolt again and is came loose right away. "Finally, just snap this new piece in and put it back and this one is done."

It was half an hour before he finished and went to change, "Come in, dad will want to know where the brownies came from and you can formally meet him." Billy was in the kitchen when Jake came in, "Hey dad, Cameron brought brownies before we head out, remember don't eat too many."

Cameron quickly shook her head when he mentioned he would make sure her car was in shape. [b “You have to let me pay you somehow… Even if that payment is in brownies and cookies?”] she questioned.

Watching Jacob, she could she how much he enjoyed working on vehicles. He seemed to love it just as much as she loved being in the kitchen. [b “So. Explain something to me?”] she asked. [b “Yesterday, when I met Edward, that’s his name? Right? Bella’s Boyfriend. Something felt really off? Like he almost gave me the creep vibes. Is he a good guy?”]

While she and Bella were no were near as close as they used to be, she still wanted to make sure that Bella was ok and truly happy. [b “I could tell that Bella loves him more than anything, I just worry, ya know?”]

She followed Jacob inside after she insisted. Even though that she already new Billy, and she had been inside this house before, it still felt a little odd. [b “Hey Billy. Emily and I made these for you and Jake.”]

Jacob nodded, "yeah, hes alright, they have been together... what three years? Hes adopted and his dad is the doctor in Forks, they're nice people, when I got hurt last year his dad made sure I was okay, even came to the house." He remembered how Sam had granted Carlisle special access for that and how Jake had nearly died.

"He loves her like she does him." He said nodding again, "He won't hurt her, if he did I'd kill him." He joked, Bella was still his best friend.

Billy thanked her and Jacob quickly changed, "Ready go to? Want to take my truck or your car?" He asked picking up his keys, "Where are you kids going?" Billy asked and Jacob cringed, "Dad... I'm 18... not exactly a kid anymore." It was true, there were some 18 year olds on the rez that were married with kids already, he wasn't a kid.

They ended up taking her SUV since Jacob had drove all the way to Forks to pick her up last night. [b “So. You and Bella are pretty close then?”] she questioned.

The dinner was a lot of fun. It turned out that Charlie and Billy had brought them all there for a lot of dinners in the past when she visited in the summer. [b “I seriously had forgotten all about this place.”] she told him as she took a bite of her burger. [b “The best burgers and the best ranch. EVER.”]

She looked at Jacob before she spoke. [b “So I start cheerleading tomorrow and I’m super nervous. I don’t know anyone and the only friends I’ve made either go to a different school or are five years older.”] she was a little stressed out. [b “I have four practices and then I’m cheering at the game Friday.”]

"We are, shes still my friend but shes marrying Edward and moving to Alaska in a couple months for college so she won't be around." He said sighing. He wanted to spill it and tell her everything. God he wanted to but he didn't want to scare her off.

At the diner he sat opposite of her and ordered a pizza burger and onion rings. "The burgers are amazing, I don't go out much, too busy usually so this is nice." He said smiling to her. He didn't know if this was considered a date but God he hoped it was.

"I'll be at the game, we're playing against Forks... so I guess there goes the hope you would wear my jersey... opposing team and all." He said blushing. He just wanted to see her with BLACK sprawled across her back. "Want to get milkshakes after the game? The diner stays open on game nights for everyone."

Cameron’s eyes went wide as what Jacob had just told her registered. [b “Bella is moving to Alaska?”] she questioned. [b “Does Charlie know? Bella is his world.”] She couldn’t believe her cousin would just up and move like that. [b “I guess I really don’t know her anymore.”]

She nodded in agreement when Jacob spoke about the food. [b “Maybe we can make this a weekly thing. You know, if you’re not too busy with football and the garage.”]

She blushed when he mentioned La Push playing against Forks. [b “Umm. I don’t think that would be the best idea. Ive heard Forks team can be a little… extra aggressive.”] she said. [b “But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ever wear it.. you know. Later on.”] she didn’t know how to explain to him what she felt. She didn’t even understand it.

[b “So. I kind of promised myself that I wouldn’t rush into anything when I moved here.. but for whatever reason, I feel some type of weird connection to you.. Like we just clicked?”]

He nodded, "Charlie knows, not happy about it but she got a full ride to the University of Alaska and Charlie can't afford to pay for college for her... he was hoping she would stay local and go to Port Angeles at the farthest but she decided on Alaska." He said shrugging.

He nodded smiling, "I can make time for weekly milkshake and burgers." He said and flashed a smile towards her, "But I am not letting you every pay for me fixing your car, speaking of your car, I'll be over after school tomorrow to give it an oil change." Jacob said not letting her argue.

He nodded, "How about this... I give you my extra and you decide if you want to wear it and when, you call the shots?" He asked knowing not to push her but when she spoke he nodded. "I feel it too... just didn't want to push it and scare you off... most beautiful girl I've ever seen and somehow you want to hang out with me."

Cameron grinned when Jacob said he could make time for weekly milkshakes and burgers. [b “That sounds like a great time.”] she said. [b “I’m looking forward to it. Butttt. If you fix my car and do all the things with it, dinner is on me.”]

[b “I’ll take that extra hoodie.”] she told him.

After the dinner, they ended up driving to the overlook and just sat in her Jeep. [b “I’m not ready to explain to you why I’m not ready or why I don’t really want a relationship right now.. I just, I can’t. But I need you to know that I really want to continue to get to know each other again.”] she told him as she glanced over. [b “Jacob. I’ll tell you that I come with a lot of baggage, and I just want you to know that before you decide you’re all in and you’re willing to wait for me.”]
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Jacob sighed and turned towards her, "I'm all in, I come with baggage too but I won't overload you with that now.... just know that I'm here when your ready but until then.. I'm your Jacob... thats all the label it needs." He said and looked to her, "but I do have to ask, Will you go to homecoming with me next week?" He meant Forks Homecoming as La Push was too small of a school for dances so the schools cooperated for them.

He had never asked a girl out, unless you count Leah but that really wasn't...going out. That was a lapse in judgement. She knew it too. "I'll give you that Jersey and Hoodie when we get back to my place." He promised her. He wanted to pour all the secrets out right there but he could hear Sam in the back of his mind, "She has to accept the imprint first or she will run." He knew he was right.

Cameron looked at Jacob and smiled softly. He was too understanding, he had a big bad boy edge about him, but he also seemed as gentle as they came. He had the heart of a teddy bear, or so that’s what Bella had to say about it.

She hadn’t even given any thought to homecoming, she had heard that the schools merged their dances since La Push was small, but that was about it. She didn’t think she would meet anyone or have friends this fast, so she hadn’t planned on going honestly. [b “Homecoming..”] she repeated. [b “I heard some of your friends talking about it at the beach, I thought you guys were going in a group?”]

[b “I’ll go to homecoming with you… But it’s as friends. I can’t handle a label right now, I really hope you understand.”]

She got back home around eight that night, as they spent hours at the beach just talking and getting to know each other all over again. [b “Jacob asked me to homecoming.. and I said yes.”] she told her parents who had waited up in the living room.
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"Friends I will take, we were going in a group but Embry is taking Angela, I think shes on the squad with you?" he said smiling.

Jacob had given her a hoodie and his extra jersey before he dropped her off and walked her to the door. "Jacob is a nice boy, but if he hurts you, you tell me and your uncle Charlie, we will take care of him." Her father said and Jacob almost chuckled sitting in his truck. Wolf hearing had its perks. He couldn't hurt her if he wanted to, the imprint didn't allow it.

The next day was Sunday and Jacob was back in the garage again working on cars, bikes, trucks, and today a golf cart. He had ran patrols after he dropped Cameron off and he made sure to loop around her house to make sure she was safe, he did it unconciously, just trying to protect her. His wolf knew.

Cameron smiled softly as she listened to her Father. She nodded in agreement. [b “Jacob seems like a really great guy.”] she told her parents. [b “He isn’t anything like.. Ryan.”] she said. She hadn’t said his name in months. She had been walking around pretending like that situation didn’t happen, but it did, and she couldn’t hide from it.

She had texted Emily that night and invited her to come dress shopping with her as she literally didn’t have anything to wear to homecoming. She was excited that Angela would be in their group, from what she understood, she was friends with Bella, but she was hoping to get in the friend group. Of course she had Emily, but Emily wasn’t in school with them. [b “I think I’m going to drop by Jakes when I take you back to the bakery.”] she told her with a smile. [b “I like hanging out with him.”]
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"I think he would appreciate that, he doesn't leave that garage much but it is his income and hes expanding to full time there when he graduates." Emily said as she got out at the bakery, "I have some bread you can take to Billy." Everyone in the tribe took care of everyone else and Billy Black was an elder so everyone made sure they had what they needed, no one talked about Jacob's mother.

Jacob was reaching for a wrench when she got there, "Hey, whats up?" He asked smiling to her. He felt like she was the only person in the world when she was around him, not that that was a bad thing.

He had finished the golf cart and was working on one of the cars now, he had a few parked outside and two inside. Parts had came in that he ordered so he was trying to knock out the projects as fast as he could.

[b “Hey Jake.”] she said as she walked into the garage. Her arms carrying a basket of goodies from Emily’s Bakery. [b “I went shopping for a dress, Emily went with me. She sent me with these for you and Billy.”] she explained as she sat on the stool. [b “How’s it been today?”]

Charlie was having a family cookout the day after homecoming, so she was planning on inviting him. Sue would be there, along with Bella and Edward and her parents. [b “So. Don’t make any plans the day after homecoming okay? Charlie’s having a big cookout and then him and dad are watching the game. I’d really like it if you and Billy would come. I’m sure your dad knew about it anyway… But I wanted to invite you to come with me. Bella and Edward will be there as well.”]

[b “And I wanted to make sure you had khakis? Emily and I found a shirt to match my dress, but we just didn’t know about the pants.”]
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He nodded, "I'd love to go with you, dad hadn't mentioned it yet but he went fishing with Charlie earlier so I didn't see much of him today, you just missed Bella, she asked me to be in their wedding." He said smiling, "I said sure, but yes I have Kakhis." He said chuckling. "Dad made me buy them for Rachel and Rebecca's graduation last year, haven't worn them since but still, have em." He said finishing up adding a part to the car he was working on.

"Am I allowed to see your dress or know what color it is? Since I have to match?" He asked flashing her a smile, "Embry said Angela made him go and shop with her, he was less than excited but thats what happens.." He almost slipped up and said when you love your imprint but he didn't, "When you have been together as long as they have, I think 4 years now."

Cameron turned to look at him when he said Bella was here. [b “Hm. She didn’t tell me she was coming over, I seen her this morning.”] she said. [b “I don’t really think she likes that we’re hanging out… if I’m being honest. But it’s cool that you’re in the wedding! I’m her Maid of Honor.”]

She quickly shook her head when he asked if he was allowed to see her dress. [b “Nope. You can see it next week when you pick me up for the dance.”] she told him with a grin. [b “I have your shirt in my car though. You can wear your boots.”]

She was actually excited now. She hadn’t had an excuse to dress up for anything in awhile, and Jacob seemed like he was pretty much just going with the flow and whatever she said. [b “Did Bella say what you were going to be in the wedding?”]
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"I am the best man so looks like we walk together." He said chuckling, "Will be nice to have you there to get away from bridezilla Bella, shes been...a nightmare, no worse than blondie of course." He said meaning Rosalie.

Jake smiled, "I'll be there at six next week to pick you up and I'll be wearing the shirt, kakhis, and boots." He had planned to get her a bouttionere as well and making her one of the traditional Quileute beaded bracelets. Like a friendship bracelet but they were given at special events and Jacob thought homecoming with his imprint was pretty special, he was hoping she would accept the imprint that night so he could spend the weekend telling her everything and showing her..he loved this girl already.

"Want to get pizza and hang out here and help me with these cars? You know... after I graduate I'll need a receptionist here at the garage since I will be doing this full time... I turn people away now because I don't have the time... but then I will."

Time seemed like it was literally flying because before she even realized, she had been in Forks for almost three months.

She and Jacob had become the best of friends, and then somehow, it became more. Even though she promised herself she wouldn’t date, she couldn’t help but falling in love with Jacob. Their homecoming dance has been one of the best nights of her life, Bellas wedding was in just a few weeks and since she was the maid of honor, and Jacob was the best man, they would be together for that. They were both excited.

Emily had actually asked her to help with Bellas wedding cake, which she was so excited to help. And she had been helping Alice with last minute wedding details.

She had went and picked up their bridesmaid dresses from the shop in Port Angeles, along with Bellas wedding gown. Jacob was working after his classes but they had plans for a late dinner. [i “Heading back to Forks.”] she texted him after she had gotten everything loaded in her car.

The drive back was only about an hour and half, it wasn’t a bad drive, but today it was rainy and cloudy, so it was darker earlier.

It began to pour as she was driving the winding roads. She slowed down but it wasn’t any use, her SUV had over corrected. The last thing she remembered was a howl.
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Jacob didn't know why or how but he felt a pull. It wasn't long after he had gotten a text from Cameron, his girlfriend. The imprint was pulling him towards her. "Damn it." He said needing to go and Embry looked up. "Go man, I got this, I'll close and follow." Jacob nodded without another word. Embry had imprinted last year and now his girlfriend, Angela, was 7 weeks pregnant but they had only told friends and family, pack included.

Jacob ran, he didn't know where he was headed but he was just following the pull of the imprint. He was a wolf... an animal and he had senses he didn't even understand. Knowing his imprint needed him was one of them.

He saw the car and howled, he knew Embry wouldn't be far behind but he had to let the pack know, put them on alert. They would have to phase to hear him. He knew her car would immediatley dial 911 and get help but he couldn't hear any help coming and the car was smoking and he could smell the engine, it had minutes before it was in flames. He didn't hesitate and got her door open, taking her sweater in his mouth and pulling her from the wreckage.

An hour later he stood in the hall of the hospital, "Can I... see her now?"

Cameron’s eyes fluttered, the lights were almost blinding. She groaned slightly as she fully came to. Her parents were sitting in chairs, close to her. Charlie was in the corner with Bella. [b “Mom.”] she muttered. [b “What? I- What happened?”] she looked down and realized she was hooked up to monitors and she had an IV in her hand. [b “Why am I in the hospital? Where is Jacob? I was supposed to meet Jacob for Dinner.”]

Moments later, she watched as Jacob bellowed through the door. Her Father had explained that she had been in an accident. Her car was gone, burnt to a torch. She didn’t remember what happened, she just remembered it was raining… She had heard a howl right after the impact. But she didn’t dare mention it to anyone.

[b “I’m ok.”] she said softly as Jacob sat beside her legs on the bed. [b “Dad said I’m ok. They’re keeping me for the night just for observation. I have a concussion. But I’m okay.”]
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"I know." He said softly and kissed her forehead, "Your okay, thats what matters." Her car didn't matter, the dresses didn't matter, dinner didn't matter. She did. He was gently with her. "You have a concussion and bruising and your supposed to take it easy, I already talked to your dad, I'll take you home tomorrow but everyone is waiting to see you if your okay with visitors." He said and held her hand. He was just happy she was alive. His wolf had known and saved her. She wouldn't have been alive without him, the pack and their imprints knew that. He just... he couldn't tell her.

"Emily, Sam, Embry, and Angela are here and Embry of course brought food... not sure he can go anywhere without eating." he said chuckling. "We are all just glad your safe." He had already talked to her father, Jake had been given the task of finding her a new car, well a new to her car. A safe one at that, a mechanic would know these things.

[b “The dresses.”] Cameron muttered as she realized that the dresses burnt along with her car. [b “I’ve ruined Bellas wedding…. Is my face going to be bruised for Bellas wedding?”] she asked.

Her Mom had went home to be with her siblings as they were worried. Her Father would leave soon, as they knew Jacob would never leave her side. She nodded when Jacob mentioned the visitors. [b “Tell Embry he isn’t allowed to come in unless he brought me a cheeseburger.”]

She smiled softly when Emily came in, before anyone else. [b “How bad was he?”] she asked. [b “Charlie said he almost punched a doctor.”]

She knew Emily wouldn’t think she was crazy no matter what. [b “So. I remember running off the road and over correcting, but right before I blacked out, I swear I heard the most sad howl. Like, it was a painful howl…”]
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"You didn't ruin anything baby, Alice already called the shop, they can have duplicates made by next week. its alright." He said and chuckled, "I am sure he brought you one too. I'll go get them, I love you." He said softly so her dad didn't hear him too loud. He knew Jacob loved her though.

Emily giggled, "He did almost punch a doctor and it took Sam to calm him down." She said softly, "He was worried about you."" She listened to her and nodded, she noticed her dad had left the room and it was just them. "Promise you won't say I am crazy when I tell you this?" Emily asked but continued, "You did hear a howl... it was Jacob.... the guys.... the ones in the tribe you know...they are the spirit warriors, the shifters... wolves... Jacob had a feeling and found you, good thing he did too, pulled you out of the car just before it went up. You wouldn't be here otherwise. Hes been here since the moment you have. He followed the ambulance."


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