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rp plots storage space cause i deleted my other one on my old account like the stupid fuckface that i am :)
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hikikomori     1y ago

… military and aliens go really well together… too well…

houses of ashes rules over my life right now

really wanna do plot like that with military characters and aliens but not invasions or the whole usa versus aliens thing, nah, just a few soldiers stumbling on alien terf accidentally and having to survive it

the origins of area 51 tho… hmmm
hikikomori     1y ago


Aliens underground that have been on Earth for over a millennia, but couldn’t evolve or adapt to Earth because of a parasite that took over almost the entire colony.

A single alien remained, a sole survivor who cocooned themselves to be protected from the parasite. They finally awake when the alien mother ship is discovered thousands of years later.
hikikomori     1y ago

Jennifer Adams

M O R A L S:

[i Morality alignment]: Lawful Good

[i Sins]: Pride, Wrath

[i Virtues]: Justice, Prudence

T H I S - O R - T H A T

[b Introvert] / extrovert
[b organized] / disorganized
[b close-minded] / open-minded
calm / [b anxious] / restless
disagreeable / agreeable / [b in between]
[b cautious] / reckless / in between
patient / [b impatient]
outspoken / [b reserved]
[b leader] / follower / flexible
[b empathetic] / unempathetic
optimistic / pessimistic / [b realistic]
traditional / modern / [b in between]
[b hard-working] / lazy
hikikomori     1y ago

Full Name: Eleanor-Mae Carter
Nickname: Ellie-Mae, Ellie, Mae
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White-American)
Occupation: Archaeologist
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Family: Ellie grew up in a tight-knit family in Morro Bay, California. Her mother was an actress who worked mostly in Los Angeles whilst her father was a commercial fisherman. She is the youngest to three brothers, all of which were drafted during WWII.

Jobs: Ellie always had an interest in archaeology and old history, including anthropology and architecture, and managed to score a place in the University of California to study archaeology. Before then, Ellie worked at her local museum as a curator and slowly climbed her way to the top, until entering University and successfully graduating. She then got a job as an archaeologist with the San Diego Archaeological Centre.
hikikomori     1y ago

Family: Charlie's family migrated from the Caribbean Islands to England in the 1930s and settled in Crawley. As oldest of five siblings, Charlie had to take responsibility at an early age. His mother was a stay-at-home wife and his father worked in a factory, a job which soon took his life after he had became terribly ill. After that, Charlie had take the role as the "man" of the house.

Job: History had always been something that peaked his interest, but society around him constantly made him feel stupid and inferior, too ignorant to enjoy the complexity of the old world. But after seeing the cruel racism his father suffered from in his factory job, a job that was only fitting for an "immigrant", Charlie swore that would never be him. Adopting a white family member's last name to avoid early prejudice, he grafted hard to get the dream job he wanted. No matter what the world threw at him, the harsh obscenities and disgusting words, Charlie wasn't phased. He successfully graduated from the University of Oxford with a history degree and soon became a historian who worked with the Museum of London. He doubled as an author who wrote history books that centred around old legends and mythology that were popular amongst the education system.
hikikomori     1y ago

Why does everyone avoid me when things are getting bad? Maybe it’s just a coincidence or me just being hyper attentive to this kind of stuff, but it feels like everyone avoids me when my mental health dips below the bar.

Fuck that, I wear myself out thin when people are bad. I’ve been there 24/7 for people and have put my own self on the line just to make sure they’re okay, and I feel like I never get the same energy back.

I’m in the verge, I’ve already done something stupid tonight. And people won’t listen to me or talk to me. I get ignored, thrown out like a piece of trash.

No wonder I feel used all the time.


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