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The Mysterious Disease, Crystalscourge (V2)

By Catlover33

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In recent years, everything has been peaceful until today. A new disease was recently discovered that is now known as Crystalscourge. So far, there have only been four confirmed cases. These four confirmed cases manifested in four young males by the names of Bartz Klauser, Tidus, Vaan and Firion. Not much is known about this mysterious disease as of yet but there are some symptoms of this disease that have been recorded.


【Symptoms of Crystalscourge】

The victim’s hair will start to turn white at first however this is only during the first minor stages of the disease. It only gets worse from there as next, the victim’s blood will start to slowly crystalize which will result in the disease gradually getting worse. The victim’s eye color will also change to a paler version of their original eye color and they will become noticeably paler in appearance.

The secondary stages occur when more of the victim’s blood has crystallized. This can be characterized with some difficulty breathing and a slower heart rate as some of the victim’s internal organs start to slow down due to the crystallization of blood in the victim’s body. The second stage is also characterized by a victim having trouble walking.

The final stage of this disease will result in the victim unwillingly enter a death like sleep. The final stage happens when every drop of blood in the victim’s body has crystallized. So far, there is no way to reverse this stage.

【The Final Stage】

As stated before, the final stage of Crystalscourge forces the disease’s victims to enter a deathlike sleep. However, it also forcibly removes the victim’s soul from their body. To help with this, the staff at the Research Facilities have created artificial bodies that are meant to house those disembodied souls while their original bodies are kept in a special location so that one day, the effects that the Crystalscourge had created can be treated. Some of the doctors and researchers at the facilities also call what happened to the victims of Crystalscourge “The worst kind of coma out there” as they have essentially classified the disease’s final stage as a new kind of coma that is also being researched. The crystallized bodies of the victims do not age due to the disease’s nature.

【Victims of the Disease】

Crystalscourge only affects characters from the Final Fantasy series so far. Due to this, only Final Fantasy characters need to take extra precautions when it comes to the disease so that they don’t get infected. Characters from series other than the Final Fantasy series don’t have to worry about the progression of this disease since it doesn’t affect them although this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things that they have to worry about.

【Treatment of the Disease】

So far, there is no known cure for the Crystalscourge disease although the doctors at the Serenity Research Facility are working on trying to find a cure for the disease.


Cloned vessels are the artificial bodies that the disembodied souls of the victims of Crystalscourge inhabit. They are created as soulless entities that are often kept stored in a different location than the bodies of the Crystalscourge victims. Each cloned vessel is created from the DNA of a Crystalscourge victim that currently resides in the Serenity lab hence why they share an appearance with the victim they are assigned to. Once a soul enters a cloned vessel, that vessel is to be monitored for about a month in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong. This also includes checking the vitals of the active vessels as well to make sure that they’re still healthy enough to function properly. Cloned vessels do not age as to not make the souls dwelling within them feel too uncomfortable if they ever return to their bodies.


【Research Facilities】

Also known as ‘Specialized Hospitals’, Research Facilities are facilities dedicated to the research of diseases that have little to no info about what they are, their symptoms and methods of curing them. They specialize in these diseases and are equipped with state of the art technology. They also look like hospitals hence why they’re called Specialized Hospitals.

【Serenity Research Facility】

The Serenity Research Facility is the research facility that has been leading research of the Crystalscourge disease. They are often the ones who take on most, if not all of the patients that have Crystalscourge. The doctors at the facility draw the patients’ blood and check their vitals on a daily basis to track how far the disease has spread. Sometimes, the doctors also perform other tests that let them know the disease’s progress. They are also the facility that handles the creation and usage of Cloned Vessels as well.

However, there are other diseases and maladies other than Crystalscourge as well. This includes the pesky and very dangerous Mana Eater as well as several other maladies that the research facilities are working on.


【What are Mana Eaters?】

Mana Eaters are a snakelike parasite that feed off of a person’s mana. They usually start out rather small but as they grow bigger, they can be a real nuisance and can also cause life threatening harm to their victims. There is also the fact that only one Mana Eater can infest a victim. This means that there can never be two Mana Eaters inside a victim.

【Where are Mana Eater Infestations Located?】

Mana Eater Infestations are located in the chest cavity if the victim is a male and the abdominal cavity if the victim is a female. Either way, they can still pose a significant threat to their victim regardless of gender.

【Symptoms of a Mana Eater Infestation】

Those who have a Mana Eater Infestation will have a rapid heart rate as well as having difficulty breathing. They will also drift in and out of consciousness.

【Who Mana Eaters Infest】

Mana Eater Infestations will only occur in people who have the ability to use magic due to the parasite’s strict diet of mana. However, Mana Eater infestations cannot be found in those who have Crystalscourge.

【Treatment of a Mana Eater Infestation】

The only way to treat a Mana Eater Infestation is through removing the parasite with surgery. While the procedure normally goes smoothly, there are those times when it doesn’t go as planned. It is recommended to keep a close eye on someone who recently was relieved of a Mana Eater Infestation to make sure that they don’t get any worse.


1. The Site Rules and Roleplay etiquette apply here
2. Nothing worse than sh*t is allowed however if your character does have a potty mouth, censor the bad words. And yes, fandom swears are allowed.
3. There is going to be blood and some slight gore in this.
4. For the love of everything holy in this world, keep this thread rated 16+.
5. There is no character limit!
6. OCs are allowed
7. No homophobia or s3xual content (N*dity is not allowed either)
8,. Don’t be overpowered.
9. Please don’t mention r*pe. It is a rather uncomfortable topic to deal with.
10. Please do not post more than 1200 characters. Long replies can be intimidating for some people and similarly, please post more than one line so that the roleplay doesn’t end up getting boring because someone can’t respond properly.
11. Try to post something at least once a day to keep the roleplay going
12. Don’t change the setting from the Serenity Research Facility to something else just because you feel like it. It gets annoying for the other roleplayers.

Note: This will not be a combat based roleplay. This is meant to be a thread about a disease that only affects Final Fantasy characters so if you’re looking to join for a combat based roleplay, go to a different thread that actually allows combat based roleplaying.
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Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus, Bartz, Vaan and Firion had recently been transported to the Serenity Research Facility by the authorities after they had shown signs of a mysterious new disease recently referred to as Crystalscourge. Not much was known about the disease hence why the four were handed off to the research facility. While none of them seemed to be all too pleased about it, they also didn’t attempt to fight back out of fear of harming other people. Once the truck they were on had arrived at it’s destination, the four were quickly ushered off the truck and were led inside. From there, several researchers guided them to a rather large room that had been decorated to look like how a teenager’s room would look like.

“Think of it as a long sleepover. We’ll try to get you four out of here as fast as we can but we don’t know how long that will take. Regardless, someone will be with you in a moment.” One of the researchers said before they walked away. Of course, they had closed the door before they walked away.

(Ig ill play cloud XP i dont feel like adding any other final fantasy chars, I could also play a scientist or researcher or something if you'd like. Im also not sure how to start this out, I guess ill make cloud show symptoms as well? XD Sorry I don't want to mess anything up, you worked so hard on the thread OuO LMK if you want me to start out differently and ill delete this reply and make a new one UwU))

Cloud touched a strand of his hair, confused as to why he woke up with a stripe of flaring white. He sighed, narrowing his eyes.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

((Well, looks like Cloud’s going to the facility whether he likes it or not XD. Also, I do need a character that is a researcher as well.))

“I wonder why they brought us here… It doesn’t make any sense…” Vaan said softly. He looked at Bartz and Tidus when he spoke since he wanted to get their opinions on the situation.

“I honestly have no idea either if that’s what you’re asking…” Bartz said softly. He seemed to be a little dismayed for some reason.

(Alr, I'll get to that xd))

Cloud gave a huff, he couldnt figure out why his hair was white, 'I'm not that old...' he thought indignantly. With crossed arms, he walked outside, looking around.
Catlover33     1y ago

One of the authorities that was on patrol spotted Cloud and immediately started to walk towards him. “Excuse me sir but we’ll need for you to come with us.” They said gruffly. They were not kidding around when they said that they needed Cloud to come with them.

“Firion’s been rather quiet all this time…” Tidus said softly before he pointed to Firion who clearly wasn’t speaking.

Cloud stepped back with a growl. "And who are you?" He asked, reaching for his sword out of instinct.
Catlover33     1y ago

“We’re with the Serenity Research Facility and we’re on the lookout for people with strands of hair that have turned white and eyes that are paler than normal. We’ve already transferred four people with a disease known as Crystalscourge to the research facility and we have reason to believe that you have the disease as well…” One of the authorities said.

“I wouldn’t try getting Firion to talk at the moment…” Vaan said softly.

Cloud narrowed his eyes, "I'm not going anywhere with you." He said through a slight growl, tightening his grip on the handle of his sword, ready for combat.
Catlover33     1y ago

“You don’t have a choice in the matter. We’ve already had to apprehend a blondie who was being rather loud and he said the same thing until he got knocked out by one of my comrades.” One of the authorities said.

“Oh… I guess that makes sense…” Tidus said softly.

"A loud blonde...Tidus?" He said, recognizing the description though not lowering his arm. He narrowed his eyes at them.
Catlover33     1y ago

“So that’s the name of the blondie who was being loud. Regardless, he and his friends are already at the facility to minimize the spread of the disease. It would be wise to go to the facility if you have the disease.” One of the authorities said.

Firion had walked over to one of the beds in the room and fell asleep on it.

Cloud dropped his hand with a growl. They had taken Tidus and the others if He was correct. If not, he could simply fight his way out. He narrowed his eyes at them, anger bubbling just beneath the surface of them.
Catlover33     1y ago

“Please come with us if you want to see them. They have all been rather cooperative so we ask that you do the same.” One of the authorities said before they spotted Ramza who hadn’t been inflicted with the disease yet. They then went up to him and then immediately got him out of the area while the rest of the authorities stayed next to Cloud.

“What are you doing? I just wanted to see an acquaintance of mine!” Ramza said in protest to being moved. He didn’t like being pushed out of the area however, he didn’t attempt to sneak back in.

Cloud sighed, "Fine. Try anything and I kill you." He said blankly, eyeing the authorities.
Catlover33     1y ago

The authorities started to escort Cloud to the Serenity Research Facility while making sure that people steered clear from their path. They walked for what seemed like around a few hours until they eventually reached the facility. “Here we are.” They said.

Tidus had flopped onto his back and then stared up at the ceiling. He was rather bored and wanted to run around but he also didn’t want to break anything.

Cloud raised an eyebrow looking at the building. "Where exactly is here?" He grumbled, looking from the building to the authorities who had escorted him. He crossed his arms.
Catlover33     1y ago

“This is the research facility that your friends are at. They’re all in room 32-B if you want to stay with them while we figure out just exactly what Crystalscourge is and how we can effectively treat it.” The authorities said.

“Tidus, you look like you’re rather bored…” Vaan said when he looked over at Tidus.

“That’s because I am bored!” Tidus growled softly.

Cloud sighed, "Fine." He said through a huff. He uncrossed his arms, waiting fr further instructions.
Catlover33     1y ago

“Go to room 32-B. It should be down the second hall to the left. The others are in that room so it would be more effective to keep you all together. The room is rather large as well.” The authorities said. They walked away after they spoke since they didn’t want to linger for too long.

“Just let him be bored. He’ll go to sleep eventually.” Firion said. He had sat down on the floor and ended up yawning softly after he spoke.

Cloud sighed and followed the instructions. He walked down the hall, looking at the doors. Upon arriving at room 32-B he opened the door, Walking in quietly.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

Bartz looked at Cloud and then walked up to him. “I’m glad that you’re safe…” He said softly. He had a small sliver of white in his hair which was the reason why he was in the research facility.

“Bartz, can you get Firion to not sit on the floor? He’s not being cooperative with me about it…” Vaan said. He was trying to get Firion off of the floor.

"Yeah, They said theyd gotten you guys here as well." He said through a sigh, crossing his arms. He looked at the white in Bartz's hair, "So that's why they brought me here too."
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“Yep… We all showed symptoms of the disease but someone should come here in a moment. We were escorted into this room and were told that someone would see us shortly.” Bartz said softly.

“Firion doesn’t have the streak but his eyes are paler than normal which was why he was brought here with us…” Vaan said before he started to pat Firion on the head which the eighteen year old didn’t take rather well.

Cloud tilted his head, "So they think we all have some new disease?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“Yep. It would make sense with the sudden change in hair color and a paler eye color.” Bartz said softly.

“So far, I think that it’s only the five of us who were brought here…” Vaan said. He stopped patting Firion on the head and then walked over to one of the beds before he sat down on it.

Cloud shut the door behind him, which he had left open. He looked between them all. "Right, and it's apparently contagious?" He tilted his head slightly.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Yep but none of the workers here have developed any symptoms of it even though they are around us so it might only be contagious to a specific group. It also explains how it spread from Tidus to the rest of us.” Vaan said softly. He was still sitting on the bed.

Cloud nodded, uncrossing his arms. "So what now?"

(I gotta add my researcher, i fell asleep yesterday and forgot about it :P give me a minute.))
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

((That’s fine.))

“We simply wait until we’re called. Think of it as a large sleepover.” Vaan said.
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

Rune shifted nervously, He had been informed about the disease and reassured that he probably couldnt get it but that didnt ease his mind.

Cloud nodded, "Ok then." He leaned against the wall.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus rolled off of the bed that he was on and then started to run around the room without warning. He ran past Cloud several times since he was being a bit too energetic.

“And there goes Tidus! He’s always so energetic.” Bartz said cheerfully.
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

Cloud shook his head, making sure all his limbs were out of the way of Tidus's path. "I see he's still energetic as ever."
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Nothing can actually hinder him from being energetic. It’s in his nature and it’s both rather adorable and annoying. He will even bug Firion when he’s hyper and you always wonder if he’s had too much sugar or not.” Vaan said before he ended up laughing softly.
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

(Wrong char in last reply smh XD Is Rune the researcher their waiting on? Or do you have one already))
Catlover33     1y ago

((Rune is the researcher that they’re waiting on.))
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

(Alrighty :P))

Rune opened the door, walking into the room. He eyed the infected male specimens cautiously as he shifted nervously on his feet. He held a clipboard and had a few pens and such in his coat pocket.

Cloud stood up off the wall, narrowing his eyes at the meek looking researcher.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus was still running around and didn’t notice that Rune had entered the room. He still had a lot of energy to burn and had knocked both Bartz and Firion over while he was running.

“Would you not run so haphazardly, Tidus? It’s annoying…” Firion muttered softly.

((Tidus is going to be rather difficult to deal with.))
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

Rune stepped back with a small squeak, jumping out of Tidus's path. He almost dropped the clipboard as he did so, scrambling to hold on to it.

Cloud raised an eyebrow at Rune, though said nothing.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan got up, walked over to Tidus and then smacked him on the back of the neck. “Chill out. You’re being way too hyper…” He said softly. He had knocked Tidus out with a swift chop to the back of the neck and then picked him up before carrying him to a bed and placed him on it.
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

Rune watched with wide eyes. "Uh..Im uh Im Rune, I just need to check your Vitals.." He said nervously, looking between them all.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Oh.. Okay… I can understand that. Also, sorry about Tidus being chaotic. He’s normally like that and we won’t make it difficult for you.” Vaan said softly. He walked back over to his bed and then sat on it.
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

Rune nodded, making his way to Vaan, which seemed the most friendly out of the group. Given that he's only gotten a reply from Vaan and Tidus was a chaotic bundle of energy.

Cloud continued to stand, though he did walk over to an empty bed, his arms crossed.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Well, Firion isn’t being very talkative today. I think he might be angry but I don’t know for certain and how are you doing today.” Vaan said softly.

Firion got up off of the floor and then walked over to a vacant bed before he sat down on it. He was still being slightly grumpy.
sinistersufferingsRune   1y ago

"I-im fine, thank you for asking." Rune said, surprised at the question. He began taking Vaan's Vitals, writing on the clipboard as He did so.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“I’m glad that you’re fine.” Vaan said softly. He then looked over at Firion who was still being somewhat grumpy.

“Fi… I don’t think that you want to be grumpy… Please cheer up.” Bartz said softly. He walked over to Firion and ended up hugging him in order to attempt to cheer him up.
sinistersufferingsRune   1y ago

Rune turned, walking to the sleeping Tidus. "This one's particularly energetic.." He said quietly, beginning the task of taking his vitals, writing on a second piece of paper. He had one for each of them attached to the keyboard.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

Bartz walked over to his bed and then sat on it. He yawned softly before he ended up smiling softly. “That’s just how he is…” He said softly.
sinistersufferingsRune   1y ago

Rune finished with Tidus, happy he didnt wake up. e walked over to Bartz, "Your turn...Bartz?" He said after looking through the papers.
Catlover33Bartz   1y ago

“Yes, that is my name. Is anything the matter?” Bartz asked Rune. He looked over at Firion after he finished speaking only to realize that the silver haired young male had fallen asleep.
SinisterSufferingsRune   1y ago

"Oh nothing, I was just confirming that you were the right one." He said, beginning the same task he had done on Tidus and Vaan beforehand.


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